I want u in my life (kaanchi os)

Hey guys I’m back with another os. Thank u all for ur continous love and support. I had never expected that I will get this much love and support. Silent readers pls do give comments because it really means a lot to a writer. I was also a silent reader 2 months ago.

Pls do ignore grammatical mistakes.

Let’s start the story.

Station scene.
There is rush as always.
A boy was talking on phone, suddenly a girl came running nd due to collision the phone from boy’s hand and paper file from the girl falls. Due to misbalance they both fall down and now the girl was on the top of boy. and they both share an intense eyelock. The paper was falling on them like a movie scene was shooting. The boy was completely lost in the innocent face of the girl.??
(Background music plays
Tujhko dekha to dil hua milkha
Bada tej bhaage re……..
Manma emotion jaage re. .
Manma emotion jaage re. ..)

G – hey mister what happened nd she waved her hands.
( He came out of his dreamland ).
G – leave me
B – oh sorry nd he left her.
A lady helped saanchi to get up.
Lady – r u both alright.
Both – yes.
G (While collecting her papers ) some people don’t have manners at all. They just stand anywhere nd start doing their works as if the place is owned by their dad. Nd see that don’t even bother to help.

B – O hello miss nakchadi the fault was urs. Why u came running. Infact see u broke my phone.
G – what u said me? ? Just tell again.?

B – miss nakchadi
G – Mr. Manerless

B – what u said. ?
G – mr. Manerless .

B – I hate u.
G – even I’m not dying to love u , I hate too.

And they both showed fingers to each other
Nd left the place in opposite direction.

( So the boy none other than our hero kabir nd the girl is our beloved saanchi. )

The scene shifts to train.
Kabir is standing on the trains gate. The train starts moving. As he was looking outside he saw saanchi running. She asked him to pull her (just imagine the scene same as kajol and srk )
He forwarded his hands nd pulled her up.
Due to this she landed on his chest ( like shraddha landed on tiger’s chest in baaghi ).

S – thank u Mr. Manerless.
K – O wow I helped u nd u r calling me Mr. manerless .
S – u r.
Saying this she headed towards her seat.

There was a family of 5 people present there. A child of 3 years, his mom , dad and grandparents.
Saanchi smiled seeing the child while adjusting her luggage. The child too smiled back.
Saanchi sat down to drink water as she was thristy. Kabir came and sat infront of her.
Saanchi coughed seeing him.

Grandma – what happened beta.
Saanchi (While cleaning her face)- nothing aunti Ji I’m ok. ( While kabir giggled).

In between their talks they came to know that the family was going to jaipur nd kaanchi were going to Delhi.

Kabir went to the upper berth while saanchi was playing with the child.

Kabir was mesmerised to see saanchi while she was playing with the kid.

Night time.
As it was difficult for the parents to sleep in the upper berth so kaanchi gave their seats to them. (Aakhir yhi to hota h ?? humare saath bhi)

They both were facing each other. Nd giving dead glares to each other.

Saanchi’s pov – kaise ghur ghur ke dekh rha h jaise aajtak koi sunder ladki nhi dekhi.

Kabir’s pov – kaise dekh rhi h mujhe jaise aajtak hot ladka nhi dekhi.

After that the lights were off nd all slept.

Next morning.

All woke up early but saanchi was sleeping peacefully.

Saanchi woke up nd as she was coming down her dress stucked into the seat. Saanchi was about to fall just then kabir catched her. (Same as when kabir catched her in record room in the show).Again they were lost in each others eyes.

Background song plays (khabar nahi from dostana )

Kis Taraf Hai Asmaan
Kis Taraf Zameen
Khabar Nahi Khabar Nahi
Jab Se Aaya Hai Sanam
Mujhko Khud Ki Bhi Khabar Nahi
Khabar Nahi
Hosh Gul Sapno Ki Mein Bandhu Gull
Aankh Kab Khuli
Khabar Nahi Khabar Nahi

Hoo Hoo
Kis Taraf Hai Asmaan
Kis Taraf Zameen
Khabar Nahi Khabar Nahi

Mere Maula Maula Mere Maula
Maan Matwala Kyun Hua Hua Re
Maan Maula Maula Mere Maula
Mere Maula

They came back to their senses when the kid clapped.
Kid – ale wah mere hero untle ne meli pyaali si aunti to bacha liya ???

Both were embarrassed after listening this.

Kabir made saanchi to stand while the elders laughed slightly.

Now the train reached Jaipur and the family was going just then kid holded saanchi’s nd kabir’s hand and said untle jab aunti mere liye mera chota sa baby layegi to aap mujhe bulaoge na.
Kaanchi were shocked ??
Then his mother told him to shut up and apologised behalf of him.

Saanchi got teary after listening this .
Kabir noticed this ?

After the family went kaanchi were alone there.
Then they heard an announcement that the train will be 3 hours late due to crossing.

They both were busy in their own.
Now the Internet connection was also not there.
So finally saanchi broke the silence.
Listen may we be friends just forgetting what happened in the past.
K – I don’t want to talk to u.
S – ?? she started seeing outside the window.
K – btw why r u going to Delhi.
S – I think few minutes ago somebody told me that he don’t want to talk with me.
K – ??
S – actually from tommorow I’m joining kapoor industries as PA of company’s CEO.
K (was shocked ) – now don’t tell that u r saanchi mishra.
S – yes I’m but how do u know.
K – bcoz u r going to be my PA.
S – (shocked ?) I’m really sorry sir . I behaved very rudely with u. Hope u won’t mind whatever happened yesterday.

K – oh god, kaha fasha diya mujhe, ab ise mai kaise sambhalunga.
Kabir went away from there and called someone.
K – veer ye tune mere liye kaisi PA chuna h.
V – bhai bharosa rakh wo bohot talented ladki h. Tu bohot jldi samajh jaayega.

Kabir came back to his seat. While saanchi was busy playing candy crush.

Kabir (in mind ) – oh god she is not less than a child. How will I handle her.

Train reached delhi.
While departing kabir told to saanchi.
Tomorrow come early in office. There’s an important meeting. We need to discuss the things. While saanchi nodded.

Next day in office.
Kabir explained saanchi about the case.
After meeting kabir was impressed by saanchi due to her excellent performance.
Day by day she proved him wrong with her work.
In between these they became very close to each other Nd even they started feelings for each other.
They became very good friends.

One day saanchi didn’t came .
He was restless whole day . Infact he was dying to see her coz his day started and ended with her only.
So in the evening he decided to visit her.

Saanchi was alone in her house. When the doorbell rang. When she opened the door kabir was mesmerised to see her in hot pants and a sleeveless top.
S – are sir aap. Koi problem thi to mujhe call kar lete.
K – now it’s only kabir for u. It’s not my office.
S – ok kabir, ? come inside.
K – how r u.
S- m fyn.
Their conversation goes on. Then kabir said it’s very late. Maa might be waiting for me.
And kabir went home.

Both were not able to sleep whole night thinking about each other.

Kabir’s room.
K – O god what’s happening with me. Why every time she comes in my mind. Why I feel restless when she’s not with me. Why I feel jealous when she talks with another guy.
A voice comes from his inner mind – u love her Mr. Kabir kapoor.
K – yes I love her, I love her. O yes kabir kapoor is in love.

Saanchi’s room
S – why everytime I feel strange when he is around me. Why I my heart beats fast when he sees me. Why I feel jealous when he talks with other girls.
A voice come from her inner mind – u love her miss saanchi mishra.

S – yes yes yes I love him…………..
But another moment she become sad no I can’t love him nd she starts crying.

K – tommorow after office i will propose her.

Next day in office.
K – saanchi do u have some work after office hours.
S – no sir. .
K – ok then be ready we have to go somewhere.
S – ok sir. ?
She left the place

Kabir blindfolded her and took saanchi to a beautiful decorated hall which he specially booked for them.
When she opened her blindfold she found kabir on his knees.

K – I LOVE U saanchi. Will u marry me. Will u give me the chance to become ur life partner, will u accept to become Mrs. Saanchi kabir kapoor. ??

S (excitedly ) – I LOVE U TOO kabir. I will marry u. I will give u the chance to become my life partner nd I will love to be called as Mrs. Saanchi kabir kapoor.

He removed the ring nd made her wear.
She hugged him very tightly.

Next moment only she became sad nd she pushed him.
K – what happened saanchi? ??
S – no kabir I can’t love u. ….I can’t marry u.
K – but why saanchi. ….u only told me that u love me nd now u r saying that u can’t love and marry me.
S – will u accept me after knowing my truth ??????
K – in any condition but pls first tell me what’s the matter.
S – i can never become mother. When I was 18 years old I met with an accident nd after my operation doctors told that I can never become mother.
Saying this she turned to leave but kabir held her hands and pulled her towards him.
She landed on his chest.
K – what do you think I won’t accept u just because u can’t become mother.
No saanchi u r wrong I want u in my life. .. not a baby producing machine. When u will be with me I will be more happy.
Saanchi got teary.
S – thank u kabir for accepting me after knowing my truth. I love u kabir.
K – but I love u more ??

Before saanchi could say anything he sealed her lips with his. Nd they both share a passionate kiss ?.


Guys how was it. I hope aaplog ko pasand aaya. Agar nhi mujhpar kuch v phek sakte h. ???? mai inka intejaar karungi. Or haan kuch logo ne mujhe ff start krne ko kaha tha par mai ek baat batana cahungi ki ff likhne ke liye dimaag naam ki chiz honi cahiye jo mere paas bilkul nhi h. Mujhe short stories bohot pasand h. So I will continue to write os , ts or , fs for u. Because ffs ke liye meri pyaari behene moonlight, abhilasha, khamoshi, niyaa,ashanita, trisha, riyarocks. ……h.
After this I will complete my fs “we were meant to meet like this ” nd then I will think about another os nd fs. If in future mere chote se bheje me koi idea aayega to mai zaroor ff suru karungi but abhi aapko mere short stories se hi kaam chalana padega ??.
Bohot ho gya mera bakbak. ..I know aaplog ko bak bak pasand h par aaj ke liye itna kaafi h.

Keep laughing.? coz laughter is the best medicine.
Take care.

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  13. Priyu….u again nailed it sweetie…..well described everything……especially emotions….love this & u to bhot saara ……a big hug for my lil sis …..post next one soon.

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