I want your suggestions guys


Hello Guys It’s Me Princess
actually I’m thinking to write a new story the story is about hate that will turn into love because Soon I’m going to end the first story
” Love Is All I Need ” and before ending this story I want to know that do u guys want me to write the second story or not
Here is a small intro of the new story

Our Heroine
nature:sweet,cute,caring,beautiful, bubble,fun loving she is open minded but shy also she think that girls is equal to boys and can do whatever they like she live in orphanage because her parents died in a car orphanage and her relative refuse to take care of her and mother(who take care of orphanage) took haya with her in orphanage she love haya a lot because she don’t have any daughter and haya is like her daughter she completed her study and she is a painter and every kid in orphanage call haya as didi.

Our hero
name:Arjun Mehra
nature: hot,handsome,arrogant and proud of himself he think there is nothing like love in this world it’s just that people want physical pleasure and that’s what people called love he had many girlfriend and physical relationships and all girls are behind him because of his money that’s why he don’t believe in love and if he like something he want it at any cost no matter what happened but he love his family a lot on a name of family he have only 2 sisters his parents are dead and he is a big successful businessmen his business is of making jewelry

arjun’s sister
sona and rubi both are of same age 18 and both are cute and sweet and love there brother they like painting and they are learning how to paint
there are more people like Arjun’s office stuffs and his sisters frds I will tell u about them on upcoming episode if I will write this story
and this is just a dp of manmarziyan this ff is not on manamarziyan
till then bye take care love u guys a lot an do tell me about intro that u like it or not

Credit to: Princess

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  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    It is nice

  2. seem to b a really nice story.

  3. It’s is nice I have read your all parts of love is all I read I loved that story too nd if you can write than write swaragini swasan ff too as I think u r really very very very gud writed

    1. thanks anu u made my day ??

  4. Nice intro dr but can u plzzzz change our heroine name radhika plzzzz yaar…. dont mind

    1. thanks ?? actually I like the name haya a lot that y my heroine name is haya I hope u don’t mind dear ?

  5. I am waiting 4 this story princess…..

  6. Waiting to read ur next update on this story

  7. Plz continue princess.. I totally loved ur other story and want u to continue ur this new story…

    1. thanks a lot ananya ?

  8. yes i love the intro. u can write it in mmz ff. just change the heroine name radhika if u hav no prblm with it. plz.

    1. right now I will write this one
      I will think about writing ff on mmz hope u don’t mind dear

  9. Nice start dear !! Please continue.. Update soon

    1. thanks I will continue ??

  10. Nice intro and continue ur story

  11. Nice introduction yaar continue

  12. Nice looking forward

    1. Deepak cntr u plzzz continue arjuna RashidA crazy love ff I really like date plzzz cntr u plzzz continue plźzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxxxxxxxzzzzzzzzzżxzzzzzzxzxxxxzxxxxxxx

    2. deepa plzz read aditi’s comment ?

  13. It should be Radhika instead of haya pl change it

    1. Its not radhika because I like haya and when I will write De on mmz then surely it will be radhika hope u understand dear ?

  14. Its nice. Pls do continue

    1. thanks and i will continue ?

  15. fabulous intro ! !!
    yes, want to read further…
    plzz continue it.

  16. You should carry on , continue 🙂

  17. Hi if possible just change d heroine s name to radhika

    1. hello this is not mmz ff when I will write mmz ff then surely it will be Arjun and radhika ? hope u understand dear

  18. Awesome story continue did I will miss or other story and @DEEPA r u the writer of Arjuna radhika crazy love plzzzzz continue DAT i am a damn fan of DAT off PRINCESS can u plzzz give did message to her

    1. thanks and why not ?

    2. Aditi sure yaar i vll update as soon as possible as far nw its difficult yaar becos am busy with my exams and for sure I vll continue it atf my exam its for sure

  19. It’s cool… You are amazing writer… I’m one of your Silent Readers…!!! Do accept me…!!!

    1. thanks a lot for telling me that I’m an amazing writer because u r silent reader and u comment on my ff n your this comment made my day dear so thank u so much ????

  20. realy nyc yaar…. keep it up

  21. Mmz fans our Monica Sehgal (RADHIKA) now acting in chakravartin ashok samrat show of colors.. As kichak’s wife. A small role…

  22. Hey princess intro s gud…..cn we still nt persuade u to change te mmain female char to Radhika???????

    Hey Anaya tanks 4 te information……I have left a msg 4 u in Nisha ‘s horror story…..plz check it…..

    1. I’m really sorry aastha I can’t I have already started to write sorry hope u don’t mind dear?

      1. Its ok….i dnt mind

  23. hey princess dear , I know its a dare to start a new story here for arjun a new heroine but who said it difficult you prove it that its not impossible even its damn easy .
    YOur words are magical just like this name haya .

    Hey princess jiske naam me hi haya ho
    uske liye hum kya kahe
    Wo jaanasheen banegi teri kaahani ki
    jise arjun ki hone ke liye hum dua kare

    love u dear jiske naam me hi haya ho wo character to khoobsoorat hoga hi and its not that difficult to find rads in haya isn’t it .

    I am sorry for my bad shayeri dear when came to comment box I can’t control my fingers and heart to experess it loved ur story so much dear Wecome to manmarziyaan dear. Live ur manmarziyaan fully here. and we are here to read ur story and always like a friend for u dear.
    Its a pleasure to be your friend princess .
    Love u by heart
    and yeah I may not visit tomorrow dear . so Merry christmass to u dear lots of love to u .
    May god bless u so much and give u lots of happiness and yes in ur new story as You started it I want ur suggestion dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    You get bumper comments and always likable to fans here dear I pray for it . Aahmeen.
    Love u dear always by heart
    Once a friend always a friend.
    Keep smiling always.

    1. thanks a lot nisha your comment made my whole week
      Love u a lot dear thanks a lot for this comment feel like I’m on cloud nine ???????????????????

  24. hey zara meri jaan how r u dear . Love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and miss u loads dear.

    YOu are running and I am here dear Merry christmass zara . Dear god will give u lots of happiness to u and your family members dear meri jaan. how r u . Miss u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. dear. love u always by heart.

    Keep smiling
    Once a friend always a friend.

  25. I loved the intro…plzz continuee…..
    One lovee?


  26. Heyyyyyyy princess…the intro is awesoooooooooome..continue this story

    Well…it would b amazing imagining our favourite Radhika as Haya…soooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeet name…loved it
    kEEp SMiLiNG alwaaaaayzz dear…

    Love u loads?

    1. tthanks and don’t forget to read 1st n 2nd episode 1st is posted and im posting 2nd

  27. Hey princess !!
    Nice intro !! Waitimg to read !!

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