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Hi friends I am Phoenix. I am a silent reader of all your krpkab fan fictions. This is my first OS please tell me whether it was worth reading or not…….
Dev and Sona love each other from college times but couldn’t confess and even didn’t let each other notice that loved each other and ignored each other. After completing the college Dev went to USA for 10 years for higher studies. They both still have love for each other in their hearts. Shravan, Suman, Preeti, Pushkar and others are their friends who organized a reunion party for their classmates. All were invited including Dev and Sona. Sona was happy that Dev was coming to India after 10 years
At the party-
Shr- Hi, how are you all?
All- we are good. How about you?
Shr- I am just fine. Nice to meet you all after so many years.
(Sona enters.)
Preeti and Suman- Hey Sona (Hugs SONA) you are looking very beautiful today.
Sona- You both are also looking too gorgeous.
Pus- Everyone’s here so let’s start the party.
Sona- No someone’s missing.
All- Who?
Sona- Arrey Dev! (Realizes what she just said)
Pus- You are much excited to meet him. Any reason? Or dying to meet him?
Sona (Gives an angry look) – Just shut up ok.
(Just then there comes a tall handsome guy with NAVY BLUE BLAZER, WHITE SHIRT, and BLACK PANTS)
Shr- Hey see someone’s coming. It might be Dev.
Sona- (In mind) – At last he came.
Dev- Hi everyone! I am Rahul Singhania, Dev’s friend. Dev just missed his flight. So he told me to attend the party. He said that he might reach the party at any time. Till then he told me to make new friends.
(Friends Dev is playing a prank on them and pretending to be Dev’s frnd and not Dev)

Pus- Oh Hi Rahul. Let me introduce you to all.
(Pushkar then introduces everyone to Rahul. Dev then shakes hands with everyone)
Dev- I have a rule while making friends. The person I am making my friend must tell his/her feelings about a person I ask him to. I became friend of Dev in same manner. And he told me his feelings about you all. But don’t worry all these feelings will be kept secret. Now everyone tell me you feelings about ….Ummm… about Dev in my ears.
(Everyone tell their feelings about Dev in his ears. Now it’s Sona’s chance.)
Sona- (In low voice) – I love him.
Dev (slowly) – Really?
Sona- Yes but why are you shocked so much?
Dev- Because he too loves you. He said the same feelings about you when he told his secret.
Sona- You are kidding right?
Dev- No. Not at all. I am saying the truth.
Sona- Then why didn’t he propose me?
Dev- you know na he is very shy. He will never say that he loves you. You yourself need to propose him.
Sona- Ok then. Today I will surely propose him.
(Party continued)

****Its dancing time***
(Shravan goes with Suman, Pushkar goes with Preeti. Sona is left alone. Dev asks her to dance with him. With no option left she goes with him)
They dance on the song Love me (Singer- Justin Bieber) [Sorry guys I couldn’t put any romantic song coz this is my favourite song and Bieber is my favourite singer] (suddenly Dev comes on stage and announces that he just received Dev’s call. He has arrived. Goes to Sona and tells her to propose Dev as soon as he comes.)
Sona- No I can’t. Whenever I look into his eyes I get lost. So I can’t.
Dev- We will do one thing. We will switch off the lights. I will make Dev stand on the stage and make you stand in front of him. As lights will be off you both will not be able to see each other. You can propose him at that time without any stress.
Sona- Yeah. Good idea.
(Sona goes and stands on the stage. Dev switches off the lights, goes on the stage and himself stands in front of Sona)
Sona- I love you Dev. I love you so much. I loved you from the first day I saw you. You are my life. I just wanted to say that I cannot leave without you. Do you also love me?
(light switches on. Sona is shocked to see Rahul aka Dev in front of her)
Sona- What are you doing here? Where’s Dev?
Dev- In front of you.
Sona- What do you mean?
Dev- I mean that I am Dev. Your Dev.
(everyone shocked Dev rocked)
All Why did you play this prank?
Dev- To get to know your feelings about me and especially Sona’s feelings about me.
Sona- Who gave you this idea Mr. Bookish Worm
Dev- I have an IQ of about 180 which is greater than that of Einstein ok. I don’t need ideas of others. I make my own ideas.
Sona- Yeah I know that you are smarter and I am happy that I love an idiot intelligent like you.
(Sona laughs. Dev looks at her angrily. Sona hugs him and Dev hugs her back)
Dev- I love you Sona.
Sona- I love you too Dev.
Then they tell about their love to their families and they happily agree and Dev and Sona get married happily.

*******After 5 years****
A child is shown playing with Dev and Sona. He is son of Devakshi. His name is Rohan. Dev and Sona live happily hereafter with their cute son.
How was that friends? And yes one more thing. My real name is hidden in this OS. Try to find if you can…. Please tell your views about this OS…

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  1. HarSHaN

    Guddd OS.!!.Write more soon..Ur name strts with R1/R15!..I think it’s R15?

    1. Pheonix

      Thnx my name is Rohan

      1. HarSHaN

        !!I got ur name correctly!!

      2. HarSHaN

        Rohan..Just write n present..Here we,Friends of U ‘ll support U..Bcoz We know U made the stories by Ur precious thoughts.So it ‘ll be come as very gud one…Improvise it by some modify.. .

  2. Sharica

    It was very nice and worth reading.

  3. Awesome one

    1. Pheonix

      Thnx a lot

    1. Pheonix

      Thnx I read your ff’s and OS they are just amazing

      1. Angel20


  4. I didn’t liked the os at all. There were no emotions, romance, suspense. Nothing. It was a really boring one and had nothing in it. Please try to write like Esme and other ff writers. It was horrible

    1. Pheonix

      Sorry . I am not a romantic person and have never written anything romantic ever. If it would have been any science laws or maths Formulas i would have surely reached your expectations. Once again Sorry for wasting your time.

  5. Pleasant one to read.

    1. Pheonix

      Thnx a lot

  6. Balachitra

    Good one

    1. Pheonix

      Thnx a lot

  7. offfoo ..really it was wndrfl…..plzz write more n more as u can…..dear luved it/

    1. Pheonix

      Thnx I love science and maths a well as Krpkab and edkv

  8. Aaru

    Superb OS..I think your name is Rahul..

    1. Pheonix

      Thnx a lot No my name is Rohan

  9. Tara

    it was very good..btw i loved ur status

    1. Pheonix

      Thnx a lot

  10. so good and ur name is preeti

  11. Its so good ??????? loved it

  12. Good one.. your name is Rohan

    1. Pheonix

      Thnx you guessed it right

  13. Varsha94

    Actually it was pretty good.. Really worth reading… And I’m confused with gender to predict ur name.. But ur work s seriously good…?

    1. Pheonix

      Thnk btw my name is Rohan and I am male OK!!

      1. Varsha94

        Yeah gotcha ?

  14. Manya

    It was a cute one ?❣??❤️???❣??

  15. Wow so nice what an idea #prank #proposal superb
    Expecting more OS
    Maybe Rohan

    1. Pheonix

      Thnx and sorry I can’t write more bcoz I am not able to write good OS or ff

    2. Pheonix

      Thnx and sorry I can’t write more bcoz I am not able to write good OS or ff and ya you guessed it right.

      1. Frist one is amazing u can write dear
        Don’t take any ones comment to heart
        U have the capability
        They are just to improve yourself
        So waiting for another OS
        ?? ROHAN

  16. Wow it was really awesome!?

  17. @pheonix pleez try to dear as much as u can ..ur r writng prfct ./we all luved it ..

    no sadness plzz try to write more n more…..

  18. pleez try to post * //correction

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