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Epi 8
Sona’s POV
It was around 2 months again. I’m still wondering what’s in my mind and regarding dev. I don’t know even though we were separated a long years ago, I still feel something is going to happen. I always wander my thoughts around like a humming bird which doesn’t care abt any1 but sticks to it’s environment. In these months I couldn’t even concentrate in my works. Dev please…please stop making me go weak again. Why do u do this always only to me. I know I can’t be without u but this is not permanent dev. I would surely come to u please ..please stop making me weird with ur thoughts.

Dev’s POV
It has been 2 months I ever met Natasha. She is so friendly to me that I have shared my sorrows with her. She knows everything about sona except my immense love to her….yes.. No one can imagine how much I love my Sonakshi…..my dhruv. They both mean a lot to me…! But I don’t know what Natasha thinks. She is very different to me in these months. Though she is friendly there is something going in her mind.
My thoughts were disturbed by someone calling me. That’s none other than Natasha.

She came to my room with a thud making me come out of my thoughts. She rushed to my desk with her face with mixed expressions…! I signalled to relax first and made her to sit in the couch. Then I went near her closing my laptop. She was happy yet confused. I handed her a glass of water and asked what. “ Natasha, what happen?” “ Dev, something I thought for long years had become true today.” “ what do u mean” “ Dev, I got a promotion in my job as senior secretary in MGH International council. This council leads many companies in many countries. This is a huge offer to me that I couldn’t think of letting it go even in my worst dreams.” “ Wow..! Natasha I’m very happy for u” I congratulated her to which she hugged me tight. I felt awkward at the moment bcas no one except sonakshi hug me like this but I controlled myself not even reciprocating to her. She continued “ But dev, there is a problem in it” “ what..? Okok…Listen Natasha…..no pain no gain is it..!?” “ I know dev but this is beyond something.” I gave her confused look and she resumed again, “ Dev, there are many candidates selected for the post and I’m one of them. The candidate should submit his or her presentation to some leading companies.” “ Natasha if u don’t mind ..y don’t u present in our company. Even I can help u is it.” “ No dev I can’t do this bcas I should submit it to some international companies” ( I don’t know whether something like that is included in the rules…! But this is juz fa the story..?) “ What..? Then Natasha u should browse for some best international companies. So come I’ll help u” “ yes dev thank you so much….” …. We both browsed for more international companies but those did not suit her. Either the company’s popularity or the country matters to her. So at last we both were exhausted and took a break. We both were thinking something as sonakshi always occupied my mind.

I called Sonakshi after 2 days she gave me her number. She picked up her phone and addressed me “ Hello Dev..! I’m lil busy so I’ll call u later OK bye.” And she disconnected the call without sparing me some time to reply. But later I wondered that how did she know my number as I didn’t gave my number to her but she found me as dev…how..?? I was questioning myself when I heard my phone beeping. I answered the call and it was none other than my lady love… A broad smile crept my face. “ Hello Dev..! I’m sorry I was busy in attending patients. So u wanted to talk to me ryt…is there something…?” “ Should I have a reason to talk to my friend” I asked sarcastically to which she smiled softly yet I heard it. “ OK baba fine say can we meet tomorrow..?” as soon as she planned a meeting I was taken back first but I could not resist and agreed to her. “ OK dev tomorrow by 1.30 lunch at XYZ restaurant OK..?” “ teek hai”. Then I was waiting for the next day desperately.

Sona’s POV
I don’t know what had happened to me. I asked for a meeting with him. I know that he would not resist. And I’m very happy that he accepted. What I’d he thought something about me.
Later the next day we had lunch together and enjoyed a lot. We were in terms of friendship fa the next few months. We came to know about each but still i didn’t say him that I’m an orphan bcas I don’t want any1 to feel pity abt me.
On one fine day, dev asked me to take a day off. Though I was reluctant I agreed as he said that there is a surprise fa me. I don’t know what but I went with him bcas I trust him more than myself though this is love at first sight….oh s I haven’t said ryt…I’ve fallen fa dev the first day I met him…okok not the first day but after his continuous visit to the ice cream parlour.

I sat in his car and went along with him. The car halted before a big mansion. I loved the way the house had been designed. I signalled him what but he asked me to be quiet and took me inside by entwining my hand with his. We both went inside when a girl came running to me and said, “ wow sona di…! Bhai have said abt u but u look more beautiful” I thanked to her complement and went inside. Within few minutes I came to know that this dev’s family. He introduced me to everyone and I was happy to mingle along with them. I’m very happy to see such a lovely family who supports every1’s decision. Neha, Nikki, Ria every1 were unique in their own way. And Dev’s Ma …..oh my god she is very sweet…and his mamaji Mamiji…every1…!
And suddenly the lights went off… I was scared and shouted.. “dev, where r u…!? U know that I’m scared of dark is it….where r u dev…?? Dev..” I screamed.

But I didn’t get any answers. My eyes became wet due to the fear of dark. I held on to the same place clutching the sofa tightly. Suddenly the lights turned on. All these while I was weeping in fear that this dark is the only thing that separates me from the one I love. As soon as the light was turned I took a long steps and ran towards dev hugging him tightly. “ y did u leave me….u know that I’m afraid of dark ryt..? Then y did u leave me idiot.? Pls dev don’t ….don’t leave me ever” I said but parted away from him after I realised what I said. I looked here and there to hide my embarrassment but later what I have seen is such a feast to my eyes. All the members in the family arranged themselves in order standing in the either side equally. Dev who stood at the beginning starts walking in the way lined up by his family. He passed each and every1 collecting the rose they extend to him. His eyes was fixed at me. But his hands done the work. He collected the red lavish rose which attracted me. He came near me. He went on his knees. I was taken aback by his sudden gesture.

He extended the bunch of rose to me and started….
“ Sonakshi…! I don’t know whether I’m right r wrong but my decision is absolutely right I know that. It was only 5 months u were in my life but in these days u mould me into something ever that my family always wanted to see. I feel something special when u r next to me. I feel something special when we go out side alone. I felt something special when u introduced me to ur colleagues and friends. I felt complete when u hugged me right now. This may feel weird to u but according to me, I don’t know how to express it. Sonakshi……!
Will u love to be my lady love..?……….

Will u mind to be mine forever..?……..
I was literally shocked…..no shock is just a understatement for my condition. The person whom I love had proposed me oh my god….I feel like flying now….I seriously can’t express my feeling to him but he did…but again I heard him continuing…
“ Ms Sonakshi…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY..! I juz thought to make ur day more special than ever but I’m sorry if…” o yes it’s my birthday today but how could I ever forget this day. The day my parents left me. But the day I got my love.

Dev’s POV
I wished her a birthday and I apologised to her if I had made it worse …before I could do so she made me stand and hugged me tightly saying “ Thank you dev ….for coming into my life… This is my best birthday gift ever. I would always love to be in ur embrace. I always wish to be ur lady love and I promise I’ll be urs…..urs…..forever” saying so she hugged me even more while I was enjoying the moment utmost….! We parted when we heard every1 clapping for us. Sona bent down to cover up her embarrassment but I didn’t …..every1 wished us a good luck when we heard…. “ HAPPY BIRHTDAY SONAKSHI..!” we turned to look Elena, Ritvik, and Sheetal ( Sona’s frnd) standing at the door step. Sona was much elated to see them and she looked towards me and I gave her a ever broad smile and I know she understood that I’m the one who invited them.

We had a great party today. Sona enjoyed a lot. She was always special to me but today beyond its being her day she was mine. She will be mine forever. This thought make me feel so happy that I couldn’t express it.
We all had our lunch at that time while Ma served us every1. It was all normal until, “ Sonakshi..! We all agree for urs and dev’s relationship but what abt ur parents. Do u need me to talk…..” that’s all Ma said…Sonakshi took a stand and ran to the garden weeping loudly. First I couldn’t understand later I ran behind her and consoled her but she is not ready to. Then I pushed her into my embrace consoling her and I slowly asked for the reason of her sudden action. “ Sonakshi what happen why did u cry.?” “ Dev, when aunty spoke about my parents I couldn’t digest it dev” I gave her a confused look and she resumed, “ Dev, I’m an orphan. I lost my parents in this same day but I’m happy that I got u today but when aunty..” she cut midways as words fail to come out of her mouth. I was hell shocked that she didn’t even shared this with me. “ sonakshi, y haven’t u said this to me before. U would’ve said me. Y…..don’t u believe me..” “ No dev it’s not like that but I don’t want any1 to feel pity on me. So”…she hugged me tightly and I parted cupped her face and said, “ don’t u ever think that u r an orphan from now. U r not. I will be there for u. I will be there for u as a mother as a father as a friend and as everything. U r mine as u promised I will promise now I will not leave u at any cost. And don’t u ever do so.” I said and hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead. I took her to the dining hall while Ma came near her and apologised and accepts her as her 4th daughter.

I kept my promise but she didn’t, I came out of my trance when Natasha shouted “Australia”. “ What” that’s all I managed to ask. She said, “dev, Australia would be the right option ….I would claim any one famous company which is under MGH INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL. We searched for the companies in Australia when we identified the leading company named ‘Bose group of Industries’. Natasha’s choice was good as that company was very good in all terms. Then Natasha sent a mail to them and they have approved Natasha’s offer and asked her to arrive Australia within 2 days. She was panicked as I said that I would accompany her. She didn’t expect this but yet I needed to go there…..I’m desperate bcas my sona’s ….

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