I want you in my life…….. AGAIN..!! part 5

Hey guys, I’m really sorry fa being so late. And I knw I didn’t keep up my words being posting it before as I was stuck up I something. So pls do forgive me if u can…! And this episode would be short and I will try posting a longer one from next…! Now enough of my story and let me continue the epi.
Recap: sona left to Australia with their son dhruv while dev was still craving fa the reason behind his love ve’s sudden departure.

Sona’s pov
It was almost 4 years I left Delhi, better to say anything India. Yes I haven’t been to India even once in these long four years. It was a weird feeling that I couldn’t let it out or juz ask fa reason to myself. But my heart being so strong tries to get off those things out of me unfortunately it fails. My heart fails as so my mind. Both my mind and heart left me alone in these years. I knw dev….dev….(smiles). The name which I always wanted to say in these years but couldn’t as someone will discover my weird feelings, my love still that happens to be with him. Yes, I don’t want anyone to sympathise me yet I want someone to be with me all though. I tried a lot to keep dev as a secret from dhruv, my four year old little champ, and I’m succeeded. Yes, dhruv, at least once have never enquired about his father in these years but I suppose that he always had a feeling of being with is father. Yes, he is. He was. He would. I knw that. I knw, I’m at fault to discrete a father and a son. But I have no other option left. I knw though I left a letter to dev. He would still be angry on me.

While I was thinking about my past, present and was about to judge my future there comes a voice soothing me from my thoughts. “Ma” it called out. Yes it was none other than my son. He was the only reason fa my life. ‘Ma’, he called out again. ‘Dhruv, come to balcony’. I said him in the same pitch. There he comes, my boy, with his paws seems to crawl over the floor running to me. I would surely sink my thoughts if I have been with him. I would do. Yes. ‘Ma, ice cream please, it was already been a week fa my ice cream and u r still making me wait over it. This is not fair’, he juz pondered. ‘Dhruv, okay I knw that today u won’t allow me to resist ur offer. So go get ready. And ask dadu , dida, mashi, mamu to get ready. Its time fa our outing too right, so c’mon go.’ As soon as I complete, dhruv pecked my cheeks for more than a second and left saying, “thank you so much, mumma, u t the best, life be you”……”love you too dear”.
Ice cream……..when I thought of ice cream I could only think of him. Yes only him. ( guys from now past will start. Will quote them by ###)
I think it was almost 5 years after that incident. Yes the first day I met my valentine but I think that’s no note now. I’m alone. Yes exactly 5 years. I could only cherish those by those memories. Wish could once again come back.
Sona POV ends

It has been 4 yrs since she left me….SHE left me. Yes, she is at fault. I knw there would be some reason fa her sudden departure but at least she should have informed me abt something in these years, but no. She parted from our life. She was the one who first promised me that she won’t leave me though I proposed her first. But she broke the promise and so my heart and life. She didn’t even show my son to me in these years. She didn’t even thought how would I be without seeing her and our son.
After I rebuked sona, my subconscious popped while a fake smile appeared on my face. “this was ur routine all these years, dev”, it said. I thought yes, this was……
Nothing have changed in these years except those who missed her. Yes, before she would encompass the whole house running fa something or someone. But today there was nothing except Nikki showing her antics.
That was the only thing I could feel.
I stopped thinking abt her and started to make my way to office getting ashirwaad from Ma, Mamaji, Mamiji. I left.
Even while driving she always engaged my mind by her trailing thoughts. I thought of our first meet.

It was a fine Saturday when I left the office soon only to reach an ice cream parlour to be landed again fa a meeting with some delegates. As they requested me to meet up in some public place. I agreed to their request and addressed them to come to an ice cream parlour. As soon as they reach, within 15 min our meeting gets wined up. While I set them back to their leave my phone rang. I asked them to carry on and they left saying that they would send the file the next evening.
While I was walking out of the parlour to attend my phone call, I was stopped by 3 girls making me get inside by their sudden thud.
One girl from the group gathered the attention of everyone there. Those two girls who were juz blocking the entrance letting no one out entered in to help the other. “Elina”,called someone. I turned to the direction of the voice juz to notice a mesmerising beauty standing in front of me asking me to move. I didn’t hear anything she spoke. I stood numb there. My jaws fell down looking into her beauty. Her eyes, her hair, her lips, her hangings, everything was breath-taking. For a second I thought, who is this beauty who made the dev dixit go weak down. She snaps her fingers before me juz to get me out of my trailing thoughts and she was succeeded. I moved juz to let her inside. Still now I couldn’t find the reason fa the girls sudden thud but more I worried fa not knowing the girl name who made my jaws drop. Juz then someone called her, ‘Sonakshi’, I felt weak down my knees. I couldn’t stand. I felt relished. I turned up again to see the parlour owner calling her. I was confused but others kept doing their work a long before which seemed unnoticed by me as my eyes were fixed on her. Sonakshi. By the time I forgot about the phone call which made to me but sat in the corner of the parlour to notice her.

She and her friends, one named Elina, if I’m not wrong came in the middle of the parlour and started.
Hey guys, this is sonakshi, as many of u knew us we weren’t going to introduce us again. So its this week’s collection. Hope u all will co-operate. And here we keep the box. U can offer at least a minimum amount u could afford. Huge price doesn’t matter at all but the pure heart does. So hope u all could comprehend wat I say.
As they were continuing I couldn’t understand a bit of their talks. I juz stared at her to which I didn’t mind. But a man stood and spoke, “y should we offer u girls money. Though u didn’t say any reason fa it.”…..Sona continues, “sir, I think that u r new to the parlour. Never mind, we will explain to u. Actually, we r here fa a legitimate reason. We are doctors,. We help children who were been in the orphanage. As our payment does not heed the need of thousands of children there we do this extra work with the permission of the shop owner. And with the concern of the customers. So its absolutely ur wish to drop ur money if u wish. And we seriously don’t mind fa not”. As soon as sona completed the man who raised question walked straight to the box and dropped some amount of money he could afford. I was really taken aback by the real reason she juz revealed fa her sudden thud. Satisfying curve appeared in my lips making me more addicted to her. I stood firm the table, made my way towards her as I see her friend whispering something to her. As soon as I reached her, I signed a blank check handing it to her. To which she gave a confused look. I started,” have this, u would fill up how much amount u were in need”, and handed my visiting card to her and “claim me fa any help u need.” I said at last. She gave a blunt smile. And genuinely returned the check and my card back to me. I was surprised at first but later she said, “ sir, u can give the minimum amount u could afford we don’t want the check. And yeah if u r willing to help us u could come to the same parlour every Saturdays. That would be a great help despite these stuffs. Sorry if I hurted u but this is our opinion “, she completed pointing out all. I was astonished to see an amazing girl of my sort to share my whole li……wait wait. . it doesn’t took even an hour we met but I have decided her to be my life my love. How could this be. I juz left the place after dropping down some money in the box. I made my way to home without going to office. I juz wanted to share everything to Ma.
I entered my home and saw empty. As I was about to call my Ma, Nikki rushed to me and asked fa shopping. I strictly said “no” to her to which she pouted. I couldn’t help but juz laugh at my cute sister’s cute antics then I agreed to her demand and asked fa Ma. “ bhai, Ma went to temple. And she would return so early so till that u could share wat u r gonna tell Ma.”

Though I hesitated, I said everything yo my sister who is more than enough to convey it t my mother.
After everyone came to knw about sonakshi they were desperate to see her. Ma told, “dev, when r u going to show my bahu. We all are waiting to see her. And yeah don’t worry she will not only my bahu she will also be my 4th daughter and I will take care of her. I will talk to her parents. I will…”…before she could complete, I interrupted…”Ma, wait…I only knw her name and nothing about her. She is a doctor but I don’t knw in which hospital. So pls wait until I knw everything about her ..okay?” I said to which my Ma agreed.
As I was thinking, an unknown tears fell from my eyes, I don’t want to wipe it. Because I juz want to cry my heart out but I couldn’t….!!

Hey guys..! Hope it was gud…
I’m extremely sorry fa the late as I couldn’t manage up withy studies and this. So pls forgive me if u could.
And I swear I will be regular and posting the epi alternatively.
So pls read and give ur reviews through cmnt.
And thank you everyone fa ur cmnts fa the previous epi.
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