I want you in my life…….. AGAIN..!! part 3

Hey guys..! Heshine here…!!sorry fa being late….and without any delay let me start the epi…!

Dear Dev..
I knw u would search fa me and our prince once u woke up but I’m really sorry we would not be around u from the very moment. I knw it would really hurt u. U would be angry on me. U thoughts would be waver. U would think of breaking up all the relations with me. Ur mind would say to forget the memories and precious moments with me. But I have to do this. For our Dhruv. He deserves a very better life than us. I don’t want my child to go and at from me. U can think if he can go away from u. Seriously I don’t have an answer fa this. I really don’t. But remember Dev….u r the one and only love of my life. I don’t want to lose u at any moment.

But now its fa our son’s sake. Pls forgive me if u can. I will surely return to u once every problem comes to an end as u came in my life to end my problems. I know I’ve committed a sin by taking ur son away from u. But that’s my only choice to keep my son with us.. I again remind u I’m not going away from u permanently. I knw Dev u would hate me fa wat I have done today. But pls understand my situation. I LOVE YOU DEV. U are my love forever. I would always live only in ur thoughts. Though our thoughts and ages change ..my love fa u will never change. I hope u understand wat I was abt to say. Dev, thank you…thank you so much fa being in my life , fa entering into my life, I really mean everything and u knw that. U knw that u r my only life..world..love..everything. U would always say that I’m ur second me St important woman in ur life next to Ma thank you so much fa giving me such pure and valuable place in ur heart.

I knw u would love me even now. And I also knw that u would hate me as much as u love. But as I, u , and everyone knw that I’m at the fault. Its my mistake. But pls don’t worry. Surely I would return to u anytime to rectify it. I will surely come back into ur life if u allow to. Thank you Dev. I really love you. When Dhruv born I was really happy that I have my OWN FAMILY. But that does not last long. Its my fate Dev. I’m sorry fa ur state too. I think fate prolongs. I want u to be happy in your life always. I want u to never change urself. Pls Dev at least fa the sake of our love. I want u to remain like this forever. Ur care, love, power, talent, should not be changed ever. Take care of everyone. Ma, Nikki, Ria, Mamaji, and Mamiji too. And Dev I don’t to say u where I’m going. But stay happy. I didn’t do anything intentionally. It all had a reason. U will come to knw abt this later. I love you Dev. I’m sorry.

With love,
Your Khargosh Sonakshi.
Dev’s POV.
After I read letter I was completely break down. I can’t figure out the reason fa sona’s sudden leave. She disappointed me. She cheated me. This is what I thought but when I again saw the letter. I could see her words, “ Dev, pls don’t change urself. I LOVE YOU DEV”. I knw she really mean it. I knw abt my sona she would not do or take this huge decision without any cause.

There might be a reason , a valid reason fa this. While I was thinking about the reason I heard Neha screaming against sona to Ma. I controlled my anger as I knw sona has a reason fa this otherwise she is not an illiterate woman who can easily snatch the child from his father. I believe my wife. I have faith in her after all she is my love..life..and everything. She cannot do this but now she has to fa some reason. But I’m unaware abt that. Neha yells sona that she is useless and cannot handle any situations in the family. She does not have any qualities a woman could have. My anger reached high as she said those words. I asked her to shut up while my right hand hits her left cheek. Everyone shocked by my reaction. Ma stood up from the sofa. Yes I slapped Neha. I slapped her because she have no rights to talk against my wife. I knw she is not at fault. I warned Neha not to utter a single word against sona. She gets raged. Everyone present there were hell shocked due to my action. But they all knew that I can’t tolerate anything against my sona.

They all knw she is life. All were left quiet fa sometimes while Neha runs to her room crying. Ria comes to me and asked the reason fa sona’s leave. I saw her eyes where she is eagerly waiting to knw the answer. I haven’t seen my sisters in such condition. They both have an amazing bond with sona. I knw they too have the same feeling that I have. It was around 4 when Ranveer(Neha’s husband) reached our house. He entered inside the house screaming. He enters saying, “ how dare Mr dixit u raise ur hand upon my wife. Ur wife is in fault and Neha says that sona was wrong. Is there any mistake in Neha. Ma u say is Neha wrong in saying about sona.” Ma couldn’t answer his question and stands silently. When Ranveer completed, I asked him to shut his mouth as he does not have any rights to talk abt my wife. Then again he added further, “ if I don’t have any rights to talk about ur wife then u don’t have any rights to slap my wife.” I further add on, “she is my sister before ur wife”. Neha reached the living room when there is an argument between us. Neha screeched, “enough bhai, enough, enough is enough. This is too much, though I’m your sister u shouldn’t slap me fa ur wife. She cried loudly. I asked Ma to say something.

She was silent till now but she started now. She said, “ Dev u shouldn’t have slapped ur sister fa that girl who left u, who left her sasural, who left her family.” I was shocked to hear Ma sating about sona because she had a great bond with sona fa past one year. I couldn’t believe Ma talking like this. I started, Ma, how could u think sona would leave this house and me forever. She can’t do that and she will not. Her dream of having her own family is fulfilled because of this family. She will not do this mistake in her life forever. But there would be any valid reason for this. But I can’t fig…before I could complete, Ma warned me not to take her side here after as she is not a suitable bahu fa this house. Ma completed when j was shattered. I don’t knw the reason fa sona’s sudden depart. Many questions pondered in my mind. Why did sona didn’t inform me about her sudden vacate. Why she mentioned about dhruv’s life in the letter. Do Ma or anyone knw the reason. Oh…! Why couldn’t I figure out anything. By the time Neha left the home with Ranveer.

Mamiji started her usual trauma. Nikki, Ria went to their room weeping. I reached our..sorry my room. I touched the portraits hanged in the wall. I can’t control myself and I burst out crying. I took a portrait of me, sona and dhruv. I looked them and cried a lot. Nikki , Ria entered my room. They sat beside me and tries to console me while they couldn’t as they even have no choices other than crying. Bcas more than me sona was with them all time. Now they will be missing their bhabhi fa their whole life. They took another portrait having sona and dhruv and cried seeing the photo. I annoyed myself fa following my heart. I haven’t gave a heed to my mind. If so at least there would be chance of finding them.
Hey guys..! I’m so sorry fa being so late. Actually was stuck in some school celebrations.

So coming to this epi…! How was it.!? Hope I didn’t bored u all and it was long enough. I tried something to fit the epi. Pls give ur views through comment in below comment box.

And thank you fa everyone who have commented fa the last epi. My joy doesn’t have any bound to read all ur cmnts. Thank you guys.!
Read and cmnt fa the epi. And silent readers, if possible u also do cmnt..! And thanks.

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