I want you in my life…….. AGAIN..!! part 2

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Episode 2
Sona’s pov
Carresseing dhruv’s head..
I knw how a child will feel when he r she was away from their parents. I’m not separating dev and dhruv fa life long but fa time being as it is needed… I knw Dev would be angry on me. But I don’t mind bcas my son’s life is more important than this. I’m sorry dev. When I was convincing myself fa the mistake I committed I saw dhruv playing wit a couple sitting beside us. They were middle aged couples who had expected to have at least children of age 20-25. I passed a smile to them as they were playing with dhruv. She asked me abt my trip to Australia and abt my husband. I stood numb. I stammered to answer her. At last I composed myself and said that I’m going to Australia to visit my friend. But they didn’t believe my silly answer. They didn’t gave a damn to my answers although. They kept playing with dhruv. I was looking at them while they introduced themselves as Asha Bose and Bijoy Bose. I gave dhruv in their hands while I said my name Sonakshi dix..then I corrected as Sonakshi. They asked about my husband. I lied that he was staying in Australia. I felt embarrassed to answer them. I turned to the window. Only blue sky and white clouds were seen. I beamed myself as I related my life to those everlasting skies and clouds.

Though I and Dev have no misunderstandings…we cannot be together. I smiled at my fate, a very terrific fate. Suddenly a thought popped into my mind. What will be my answer when dhruv asks about his father when he had grown. Tears started flowing from my eyes due to situations. I knw that I would really regret fa what I have done today fa each and every day of my life but my answer will be still unfilled. I was worried bcas as I said earlier I knw abt those feeling of being alone without parents. Yes…! I knw..bcas I was the one among. Is this the fate of my life. I broke down when I came to knw that my parents were dead. I grew up in an orphanage where all helped me to overcome my hurdles in life. That part of my life was juz a killing time (suspense). I hated myself. I thought to die and attempted fa a suicide fa once but I was saved. I reprimanded everyone fa saving me. I was mentally stressed. At that time I came to knw that my parents were dead and they joined me here before their demise. I broke down completely. I was cursing god fa not taking my life away. But I was wrong I shouldn’t have done that. I made a mistake. I weeped more nights without sleeping thinking about my life with my parents. I would cry a lot when I see children enjoying with their parents. I dreamt of having one but I knw that this was juz a day dream. I hate this life. But every problem has a solution. As a solution fa my problem ..I met my man…yes I met Dev.
Sona’s POV ends.

Dev’s pov
I don’t knw where is she. Ma said that she was not at home since morning. I remained tensed as dhruv was also not at home. I called sona fa n number of time. But she did not answered fa even once. Upto me ..we don’t have any problem or tiff between us but why is she not picking up the call. I composed myself saying that she would return. I asked Ma to inform me when they both returned. I reached office around 10. I was damn angry on sona fa going out without giving any msg. Simultaneously I was missing her. My mind says that I would miss my wife and son forever. I was shattered. I couldn’t think of a reason fa this unimaginable thought of mine. But my heart says that they will live forever in my heart and will never go away from me. At that moment I believed my heart. I didn’t gave a damn to my thought. Juz then Ma called me at 2 (noon). I was happy to pick up the call as Ma would call me only to inform that sona and dhruv has reached home safely. But I was wrong. Ma informed me that both of them have not yet reached home. I rushed to home. I could see Ma crying and sitting in the sofa. Juz then Nikki and Riya came running to me and hugged me and gave a letter in my hand. I couldn’t get that ..but I was to. I gathered up all the courage and started reading the letter.
Dear Dev..!

Hey guys ….how was the episode …I knw it was not long enough. But pls forgive me…will try to post a longer one from next. Pls give me ur suggestions fa this epi….eagerly waiting fa ur cmnts..
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And yeah….!! I’m really wondered after reading all ur cmnts fa my previous epi. Thank you so much dearies…!!!

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  1. Awesome as ever..

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Farhat..!!??

  2. Manya

    Awesomeeeeeeee ???
    Waiting for the next epi
    Post soon
    Love love❣

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Ayushi..!will post soon dear..!??

  3. Heyyy this is not fair yar…I was damn prepared for reading the letter..But you kept it in suspense zone.. Please please post soon..I m dying to read it

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Priya….???wil post soon dear…!!?

  4. Alka

    The update was veeeerrrryyyyyy good ????
    Post soon ??

    1. Heshine

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  5. Aarti32

    It was really amazinggg..N your dp is mesmerizing

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  6. Priya12

    Wat di, ended with suspense….eagerly waiting 4 nxt epi…..and ths epi was awesomeeee

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Priya…???wil post soon dear…!??

  7. Firstly, you’re dp is simply?????
    Episode, I must say, was splendid!
    Post the next one soon, please!
    Sorry for the short comment; I’m really busy right now.
    Love you loads!???

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Anshita…!???wil post soon dear..!?? and yeah…no sorry’s dear…short cmnt or long cmnt doesn’t matter…!!I’m really glad that u liked the epi…!!???

  8. Rj12

    It was so terribly good??
    Please post soon

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Rithika…???.!!will post soon..!!??

  9. Amazing episode. Plz post soon.

    1. Heshine

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  10. Awesome episode dear plz try to post episode soon and long one also nd sorry for late comment.

    1. Heshine

      Thank you so much Princess…!!??? will surely post a longer from next and so soon….!!!no sorry’s dear….!!bcas late cmnt doesn’t matter…!!I’m glad u liked it…!!thank you once again dear…???????????

      1. Please post next episode soon

  11. Super amazing….. Heshine !!!! U did it superb yaar….. Loved it to the core…. And even u r good at keeping a suspense mode on….. Like the end was surely a cliff hanger….. What’s written in that letter..??? Why is sona leaving Dev…?? And many more questions….. Really eager to read more….. Post soon

    1. Heshine

      Haha thank you Maleeha…!!??not more than you dear..!! U
      increase the curiosity in me through ur amazing and suspense posts….I should say…!!??and thank you so much fa the cmnt…!!well u would cum to knw the answers soon.. !!!wil post soon dear. !!!????????

  12. Niki645

    Heshine di!!!!!! The episode was just AWESOME!!!!
    I loved it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!
    Lots of questions; Why did Sona leave Dev, what is in the letter…..
    Pls post asap becoz I can’t wait to know the answers???

    I am really very sorry for my late comment….

    Loads of love ❤️❤️?

  13. Erina

    Hllo dear nyc 2 c u again nd I read ur ff in 1 go n trust me it was awsum ???????????????
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