I want you in my life…….. AGAIN..!! part 1

Hey guys how r u all……I wish u all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017…!!im here to post a 1st epi of my new ff..so lemme start without wasting the time.

Delhi Airport
Sona’s POV.
I was sitting near a window pane in a flight with my son Dhruv in my lap. Tears were rolling down from my eyes. Dhruv was looking through the window with his wide brown eyes similar to his father’s..(smiling)..I could sense his eagerness of knowing what will hpn next as he could see a plain hectre of area with juz a huge object standing with a large wings. He is too small that he can’t explain to me but as a mother I could understand that clearly. I was looking through window. Labours pushing the trolley with luggage. I smiled to mysekf saying that at least they have a reason to live a life but in what state as I was in….. I’m feeling ashamed to do such a big thing…an illiterate behaviour……more than this I think this to be a sin committed by me…..separating a father and his own child bcas I knw the pain… I don’t want my child to bear the same pain which I undergo.. A child who was away from his/her parents is really unlucky like me……………….
The flight was about to take off when I myself noticed some unknown tears from eyes which I couldn’t control. I can’t bear this pain of leaving my husband. When I was alone he was always been in my side. I’m really feeling ashamed of myself fa this illiterate behaviour of mine. But I’m totally exhausted. The flight took off. The instructions was given fa the safety measures during emergency. Yeah I forgot to say where I was moving. I’m going to Australia. I’ve been there once for my…..I mean our honeymoon. I enjoyed a lot with my Dev. I don’t knw what was his reaction after knowing that I left him permanently. Hope he would understand. I knw he won’t and he can’t but he should agree the reality. My friend Elena was staying in Australia with her brother Ritvik. They are the secret twins. I explained my situation to them to which they agreed at once fa my arrival at their place. I knw this is not any sort of shock hidden. But I badly miss my Dev. We enjoyed a lot in Australia during our honeymoon.

Dixit mansion
Dev ‘s room…
Dev’s pov
I woke up late at the morning to find lying in the bed alone. I smiled to myself that even my son woke up before me. I knw it was really sheepish. But my daily routine is to see my wife’s face at the morning. And she would obviously knw abt that. But what hapnd to her today. She was not around me when I woke. Is there any prob with me. No obviously not. I retained last night’s happening. Juz then my lips curved into a bright smile. A pure morning smile. I felt really awesome yesterday night. It was really wonderful. I thought earth would stop rotating the axis at the moment but its not so….its the same boring morning…I should get ready fa office. Should be away from my wife and son fa the next 6hrs. I would really miss them. I juz don’t want that….but that’s my wife’s order …I should go to office daily and work at least fa 5hrs. If not employees would think that I was taking advantage as boss…and she don’t want anyone to think bad abt me or badmouth against me at my back…she was really caring. I love her a lot…oh my god its time now and I was still thinking about my wife least bothered abt the time and her scoldings….oh….!! I rushed to the wasgroom …came out wearing a light blue shirt with grey pant and a blazer over it. Sona likes this attire of mine and her scolding may even get reduced….I smiled …and went downstairs calling Sonakshi. Ma arrived and said that she was not present in the house since morning and Dhruv is also missing. I was shocked and have no idea where she would go….I was panicked ….I don’t knw where she was. She is so sensitive and she can’t handle with those who can’t be controlled.

Hey guys….!!This was the first epi of my new ff..hope u all liked it and I’m not boring u all. Think u all have already guessed the plot. If not tune in.
I juz wanna thank u fa all the cmnts and replies u have given me fa the intro of the ff.. I was really overwhelmed.. Seriously. Thank u so much. Hope I have replud to everyone’s cmnt sorry if missed out any.
And yeah pls read out the episode and give me suggestion fa my 1st epi.
Hope u all will like it.
I will upload the next epi in 2-3 days.
I knw this was short but pls never mind ….will post the longer one from next or from the 3rd epi…
Love u …..

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  1. Manya

    Awesomeeeeeee heshnie❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Post soon???
    Love love???

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Ayushi…!!???will post soon…!!

  2. Alka

    Episode was awesome ..?
    I want to know y sona is going away from Dev ….??
    Post soon ?

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Alka…???..u will get to knw the reason..!!…will post soon..!

  3. ha ha she’s coming to my country, you’ll love it Sona, its beautiful

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Dhara….haha….s sona…was on her way to ur country…!!??

  4. Awesomeeee…….superbb. ..dr….post soon

    1. Heshine

      Thank you so much Priya….???..will post soon…!

  5. Shruti710

    You live in Australia

    But episode was awesome

    1. Heshine

      Thank you so much Shruti…!!????

  6. Aarti32

    Awesome episode..

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Aarti…??????

  7. Awesome episode dear

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Princess…!?????

  8. Wow….. I’m really awestruck after reading the episode…… Super duper marvellous….. Awesome one….. Really loved it….. And sona is in so much pain….that she leaving dev and separating a father and son…. Maybe ishu ji ne kuch kiya ho…. I’m eager to know…..

    1. Heshine

      Thank so much Maleeha…!!??????u will surely get to knw the answers…asap…!!???anyways thanks again..!

  9. Was waiting with so much of eagerness.. And finally u posted.. It was awesome.. Please post soon.. Please..

    1. Heshine

      Thank you so much Farhat…??!!will surely post soon…!

  10. Chanpreet0815

    It’s awesome Heshine. I just loved it. But samajh me nhi aara h ki sona dev se durr you jaa rahi h. Aisa kya hua h uske saath

    1. Heshine

      Thank you so much Preet….!!????u will knw it in the upcoming epi…!!!

  11. Niki645

    Marvellous Heshine di!!!!!!
    U always amaze me, the way u write!!!
    I love ur ff!
    Post soon!

    Lots of love❤️

    1. Heshine

      Thank you so much….dear….Niki….????will surely post soon..!!

  12. Superb

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Riddhi…!!????

  13. Anjali333

    Wonderful update
    Post next part soon

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Anjali….????wil surely post asap

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