Hi im sarika silent reader i thought ask sm questions to u guys

i serials many of them r sacrificing their love fr their loved ones etc let me ask u smthing whether is this possible in our real life

pls do answer my queries 1-will u sacrifice ur love fr ur loved one 2-wht qualities shuld ur partner have in him ( sry to ask personal questions) 3-will u accept to marry a guy like new kunj or old kunj(sid) 4-will u share ur feelings to ur would b hubby/wife 5-you lyk to express ur love ur would b hubby/wife 6-will u misunderstand sm1 without askng them wht has happened 7-will u feel jelous when sm1 is flirt

with ur partner 8-wht type of guy u lyk options old kunj, ranveer,abhi,rk,siddhanth,prem,arnav,ram,rishi,sanskar,laksh 9-hw u want to express ur love to ur loved one 10-will u like to make ur lover irritate sry guys to ask abt ur personal questions abt ur life but i want to knoe whether u wanted to feel this in ur real life r not guys one request pls comments ur ans with ur dob guys u all have a suprise bye.

Credit to: sarika

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  1. pls new kunj ho ya old kunj pls mila do kunj or twinkle ko nahi to sireal mai maja nahi ayea ga twinkle or kunj kai bachai ko jinda kar do pls

  2. Tanishasharma2108

    1 ans- surely I’ll sacrifice
    2 ans-sweet caring respectful beautiful at heart
    3 ans-of course old kunj
    4 ans-I’ll surely share my feelings with my hubby but not some things which hurts him
    5 ans-I like to express my love to my hubby
    6 ans- iam not sure about it
    7 ans- May be I feel
    8 ans- old kunj
    9 ans-not yet decided
    10 ans- I like to make my lived one’s irritate

  3. I want only like kunj

  4. only like kunj ya sansker

  5. Trisha

    Hi sarika… Nice article… and to answer your questions:
    1. Yes
    2. Umm…. He should be kind, caring, honest and funny… Looks dont really matter much, cuz in the long run, your looks will desert you… But if he happens to be cute… Thats just a plus lol
    3. Yes i would love to narry a guy like kunj… I think thats what most girls are praying for… To marry a sweet, clean-hearted guy like him.
    4. Yes… Whats the point in being married if you cant share your feelings with your partner.
    5. Yes
    6. No
    7. Yes…
    8. A combination of abhi… Kunj… Karthik from YVR…and Sid from Jamai Raja.
    9. Setting… And decorations are nice… But the most important things are the words you use to describe your love.
    10. Yes… Its all part of the cuteness of love

    Hope all your questions have been answers… All the best!

  6. Ria

    Hey Sarika, I guess this is for the first time someone has come up with something so personal. It’ll help us know each other better. I like your idea.
    1) I’ll surely sacrifice my love as his happiness would be the reason for which I’ll smile.
    2) I’ve not thought much about this question but, the two most important qualities are that he should be caring and understanding. And, maybe he should open up pretty fast.
    3) I don’t know whom I would like to marry. It all depends on my life, whom I meet. I don’t think comparison makes sense in such a case. Also, maybe your asking because Kunj is taking from Twinkle but, just think of the pin he’s going through. I know he didn’t trust Twinkle when he was supposed to but, tell me who doesn’t make mistakes in life.
    4) I would share my heart out as until and unless I open up, I can’t expect the relation to develop.
    5) Mostly yeah because I feel sometimes words work much more than silence. But, that’s only sometimes.
    6) I’m not pretty sure about this question because sometimes what our eyes see is what we believe the most. But, if he/she is very close to me nd the person knows me pretty well then, I’ll surely talk to him/her about it.
    7) I don’t know about this question at all. But, if my partner feels irritated of it I surely won’t.
    8) No choices up till now. The choices you gave are just actors and we love them mainly because of their on screen character and their physical appearance. We don’t know how the person is at heart. I would love to love a person who would be good at heart.
    9) No idea about this question
    10) It depends what the situation is. May be yes or may be no.
    DOB: 1st Sept

  7. hey hi yes surely i ll scrifice of course lyk sidhant gupta kunj caring luving understanding supportive if sidhant gupta kunj dn fr sure of course yes if ll b hving feeling dn ll surely share yes ll luv 2 express my luv no nvr ll misundrstand sum1 widout noing d truth yes ofcourse ll feel jealous as said b4 sidhant gupta kunj jaisa didnt thougt how 2 express luv till now bhau wakt hai abhi yes sumtimes ll luv 2 irritate luv u sidhant gupta kunj

  8. luv u sidmin

  9. dear my dob is 14 Dec.
    1.I would sacrifice my love only if my partner I mean my love doesn’t love me and love someone else because love is all about giving not taking.
    2.I want my life partner who loves me dearly not due to outer but due to inner beauty ,one who cares for me,one who can do anything for my single smile and most important he should have trust me and stand by me always either all world is against me.One who cares for his family and love them too.and one who don’t have any relations before as its common to be have a gf nowadays but I want to become his first and only love because I don’t like these people if I say frankly as most of them are cheaters (I know filmy hai but I want these qualities in my love).
    3.yes I will surely said yes to marry a guy like old Kunj. (not because of his face but because of his care and love towards everyone).
    4.I don’t know if I say frankly because its depends upon our bond.(but I will surely try to make such bond).
    5.yes I like to share my love with my love but not by communicating with him because I want that he understand with my silence what i mean to convey as I think silence can do the work which words can’t do.
    6.no I will never misunderstood him as I want him to win my trust that can’t get broke in my whole life.so what’s the need of misunderstanding as love means trust and if we really love someone then we will trust him blindly that even god can’t break it.
    7.I think it depends upon time and person but I will surely get possessive because I love him .
    8.for this my answer will be Kunj because I imagine my would be love just like. him who stands friend who loves as mad lover who save me as god and who makes me feel special by his talks who can’t see tears in my eyes. so just like kunj.
    9.I have already answered it through heart which beat only for him ,through silence which that I only want to hear him in and through my eyes who only want to see him and which had captured his image for lifetime because words can but these can’t .
    10.yes surely I would like to because this proves that only we are perfect couple who don’t only know how to love but also know how to make other smile by their small sweet nok jhoks.This show how pure how pure our love is and this shows we are made for each other and no once else can bear anyone of us.
    I am waiting for your surprise dear please tell it soon and one more thing I am only 15 so to get all these first I have to study naa so that I can find my true love.
    I know its too long but it will be more if I don’t get sleepy because there are much more things which I want that we both have.

    1. and one more thing dear if he don’t have some qualities than too I will not make him feel bad .I don’t want Kunj as my life partner but I want the one who is destined to me to love me like kunj or say more than that as love can never be expressed in words so I want our relationship to based mainly on silence fight and trust because if there is these three than love automatically comes but I don’t want my life partner to get compared by anyone either its me too as may be it hurts him.

    2. and one more thing dear if he don’t have some qualities than too I will not make him feel bad .I don’t want Kunj as my life partner but I want the one who is destined to me to love me like kunj or say more than that as love can never be expressed in words so I want our relationship to based mainly on silence fight and trust because if there is these three than love automatically comes but I don’t want my life partner to get compared by anyone either its me too as may be it hurts him. and dear please tell about your thinking about your life partner too.

    3. in 9 no I want to say that words can lie but these things can’t.

  10. Answers 1-yes 2-cute , caring , loves me very much(most important) , understands me , quite , self-dependent 3-old kunj 4-yes 5-yes 6-try not to 7-yes 8-old kunj

  11. 1st ans-yes
    2nd ans-one who cares n loves n beautiful frm heart n respects others feeling
    3rd ans-old kunj
    4th ans- s I will everything except some which hurts him
    5th ans-ofcoutse I would like to express my love
    6th ans-I’m nt sure bt if I Wii misunderstood him Den after knowing abt I will ask apology to him
    7th ans-I’m nt sure bt in some cases I mean depending on situation I can feel
    8th ans- combination of old kunj n siddanth
    9th abs-I’m nt yet decided

    10th ans -ofcourse yes
    19th aug

  12. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    im unaware of love feeling rather I don’t believe in love bcz I think it happens only in movies or storys..but I like love stories too much…y I dnt no….n fr this I cant ans ur ques…N fr my would be husband I would prefer the qualities that old kunj had or more than that…..

  13. Yashasvi

    hey sarika i liked ur concept dude, i thie tnk u r the first to ask such personal ques, but i would love to answer………………………
    1- yes surely, i would luv to n will surely , n that too smiling………………..
    2- he should be cute, sweet, n should luv me, respects his n my family, understands me, honest, naughty , not too quite , actually i’m someone who speaks all the time, that too sometimes very fast, soooo he should speak up with me, n if handsome then toh lol…………!!!!!!!!!!!! pplus point, n last but not least he should handle ,y tantrums, as i’m a drama queen, n should have a bit tashan, daring
    3- yes, would surely love to marry a guy like old kunj, not b’coz his face but b’coz of his clean, pure n loving heart
    4- ya sure, if i’ll not share then wt’s the use of marriage , n vesse bhi i share my feelings with my bff’s n mom, toh hubby k saath toh karungi hi na…..heheehe, but not that one which will make him hurt or worried……………
    5- yes sure…………………….
    6 – no never, i’m very frank n will surely ask that person……………
    7- yups sure…………………..
    8- hey actually i like all them just b’coz of their on-screen acting but we dnt knw then off- screen………. so according to on- screen , i would like a combo of old kunj , new uv , present laksh , rishi n abhi…………….. hey new uv b’coz pehle toh u all know na, n present laksh matlab after that kavya wala………
    9 – hey really dnt knw about it, n never thought , but if then settings n through my words as it’s good n important to express , but i think he’ll understand itself how much i luv him, through my eyes, my love, care, n my heart beats………………
    10- yups, sure i would love to n will deffinitely irritate my partner, it’s so cute, n in every relationship their should b nok-jhok, b’coz that will make u laugh n ur bond stronger, n it will prove that we r made fr each other………………..

    hope i’have answered ur questions nicely…………………………..n u got ur answers
    n ya i dob is 26 nov, 2003
    waiting ur the suprise, cnt wait

  14. Sayeeda

    Sorry for commenting late…
    Good to see silent reader coming up with such ques ….
    • Yes I will sacrifice for my loved ones as without them I’m nothing
    • 2 Qualities ….one before my life partner she should become my best frnd nd second most important trust factor …
    • Marry someone like old Kunj …as he has all qualities which a girl needs ..
    • Yes I will share my feelings with him as I can completely trust him..
    • No I won’t misunderstand someone unless nd until I know the exact reason.
    • I won’t feel bad in case of flirt when I know that person loves me nd can never betray me
    • Old kunj …
    • About expressing my love …as per the situation..
    • Yes I would love to irritate him..
    DOB 10 October

  15. 1-I can sacrifice my love
    2-my partner should be handsome good looking stylish he should be tall not enough and having a nice pay he should always making me special he should be loving and helpful
    4-you should be sharing with both hubby and wife alsos
    6-no, but maybe sometimes if you angry you misunderstand something
    8-mixture of u v , kunj and laksh
    9-I want that my partner express his love to before me

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