Do you want Ishaana to turn negative ?

As per the new promo of Ishqbaaaz, Ishaana will soon turn negative and will cause differences between the Oberoi brothers. I think the character of Ishaana is the most intersting in the show, even more than the brothers. When Ishaana was introduced in the show she was portrayed as a moneysucker, a golddigger, a money minded person who doesnt care about someone’s feelings. She wants to do fake love drama with Om to grab his money. But no , after two episodes we got to know that Ishaana is a good hearted person who has some money problems. She doesnt want to hurt Om, she has no other option other than conning someone. So, should her acts be justified, I think yes. But then this new promo came, which shows that Ishaana isnt just going to break Om’s heart , but is also going cause trouble in the lives aof all three brothers.

The character Ishaana isnt one dimensional, its multi-dimensional, it has many layers. We cant say that she is a good girl but we also cant say that she is a bad girl. Ishaana will soon turn a negative character, well she is not a positive character now also. She is an anti hero, a grey shaded character, but she is pretty much an antagonist for Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra. So my question is do u want Ishaana to turn negative ? Will u like to see Ishaana as a vamp ? Well one thing is for sure that the love story of Om and Ishaana is going to be very interesting and something to look out for.

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  1. To be true I just ,❤ ishana and omkara pair and I don’t want ishana to turn negative….
    Plzz don’t do this writers

  2. No I dont want to see Ishaana in a negative role she is really so cute and I love Vrushika so much

  3. Omkara is so SENSITIVE..
    It will be soo difficult for him to bear all these heart breaks and fights in relations.. it will be very emotional for me ?

  4. Big NO,,,,

  5. no ways… she should not turn negative at any cost…

  6. Sumo

    I don’t think dat will happen dey make such promos for promotion of d show it will spice things up.. but on a greater context the brotherly bond will not be affected by anyone.. m sure.. ??

    1. nice dp

  7. miss tranquillity

    No, she and om make a nice jodi so.. plz no

  8. No no no……plz don’t do this.

  9. shruti rohida

    ishaana is not going to turn negative aur agar ho b gayi to I ll enjoy her acting

    1. Shruti,Have u watched the latest promo of Ishqbaaz ? It hinted that Ishaana will break the bond of the brothers and that cant happen without Ishaana turning negative.

  10. Amrita

    No No Never

  11. So no one wants to see Ishaana in negative role, but I think if Ishaana turns negative then the love story Om and Ishaana will be very complex and emotional, and it will be a treat for us viewers.

  12. no not at all if it happen then it will difficult for om kara to accept her in his life because for him their brotherhood matters first i really wish that it doesn’t happen plz plz plz

  13. omkara is really very sensitive. Everyone saw what hapened to him when the video was leaked. If someone whom he will fall in love will break his heart then I don’t think he would be able to bear it nad god forbid if something wrong happens then we will see the bad side of shivaay singh oberoi….

    1. Sorry dear, but Ishaana will definitely break Om’s heart because no matter if she becomes negative or not, she will do fake love drama with Omkara and what u said is also very much possible. If something happens to Omkara then Shivaay isnt going to spare Ishaana.

  14. First of all the writer of this episodic analysis is not the writer of the show and she can’t make the show character ishana negative or positive this is not in her hands so ha??? u guys got fooled by reading this and filled by a fkg Indian girl??????????

  15. Nooooo

  16. I can”t see Omkara being hurt by anyone.No from my side too.I want him to be what he is now.I know he will soon fall in love with Ishana,helping her knowingly..

  17. No…… I love ishaana. Plz don’t make her negative.

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