I want to fly ragini (intro)

Heya guys
Its priya with another ff
Ragini is the main lead
I need your suggestions regarding pairs
Please choose one
Ragsan or Raglak

Here are the characters

Gadodia family…..

Shekhar and janki are rags parents

Shekhar – the business tycoon, he flies around the world. He doesn’t have much time for his family. But he loves them to the core of his heart.

Janki – house wife, more over a teacher to Ragini, they both spend more time with each other. She loves Ragini so much.

Ragini – a happy going school girl, she is in 6th class 11 years. She is very shy person but goes
mad in front of her mum and close friends. She doesn’t like her father much, as he doesn’t have time to spend with her. Her teachers like her v much. She is v much silent in her class. She
isn’t topper but she will always be in top 10.
They live in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. She studies in kendriya vidyalaya (kV in short)

Bose family

Shankar – a teacher. Sharmishtas husband maths teacher for 6graders and above

Sharmishta – a teacher in the same school (Kv) English teacher

Swara – she is also studying in the same school. 6th class.

Maheshwari Family

Dp – business man strict
Ap – house wife, loves her child and dp
Laksh – theiir child 6th class kv

Rp – engineer
Suj – a fashion designer, she is having her own boutique.
Sanskar – he is in same class 6th class kv
Uttara – 3rd class

Maheshwari families live in different houses in anantapuram.

Please do comment about the pairs.
And tell me how many of you are from Telugu states
I just want to know…..

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  1. Ragsan Ragsan

  2. ragsan

  3. Ragsan

  4. Raglak

  5. Nice intro can’t wait for the parts ?? and RAGLAK PLEASEEEEEEE ???

  6. raglak
    I am from guntur in Andhra Pradesh

  7. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah)


  8. Any one pair is good yar i love both
    Me kakinada not right now i live in babglore as i am married

  9. pinkChocolate

    Raglak Raglak raglak

  10. Ragsannn……

  11. nice intro, pair is your choice, ragini is lead that’s enough

  12. Raglan pls there are already so many ragsan

  13. Raglak please even I am telugu

  14. Raglak please

  15. raglak.

  16. Raglak plzzzzzz coz now a days many ff r of ragsan

  17. Ragsan plsss….. We r seeing raglak in series….. Ff’s is the only source for ragsan…. Pls ragsan…

  18. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

    Nice intro! Ragsan please 😉

  19. Ragsan pls pls

  20. raglak

  21. Raglak plz

  22. Plz raglak

  23. Ragsan pls…

  24. Thanks everyone
    I Decided it to be Ragsan, as many of you want Ragsan
    And will definitely write raglak after completion of my gf sanskars swaragini

  25. Any pair is fine as ragini suit both sanskaar and laksh anyways all best

  26. Yay is Ragsan. Thanks for making ragini as the lead character. Post next the part soon

    1. I meant yay it’s ragsan

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