I want to fly ragini (episode 9)

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Sanskars pov

Everyone is coming to the school, why is Ragini not here? Is she not well? I hope everything is good…. Such a sweet girl, she understands everything. How can god punish her by taking her mum?? So ruthless.
Why am I even thinking about her……ok leave it let me concentrate on the book now.

Thinking this I put my head down towards the book.

Swara entered the class.

I wrote a chit and passed it to swara, I know she is my enemy, but still she is good.

Swara took that, and the students in our class thought it to be love letter, these people bhi Na…

“what was that Bhai??” Even laksh asked

“Ragini ke bare me laksh” I said in his ears


She wrote something and put that chit into my hand.

The students around us were smiling… Oh god… Me and swara?? Never

“Ragini was feeling low that’s why she is staying at home today”

She was alright yesterday, what happened today?? May be school fever, no I heard she was the topper. May be new teachers new friends etc.

I met her yesterday, but why am I thinking too much about her??

“sanky kya tha letter” my friend Rahul asked me

“nothing important Rahul” i said

He smiled.

All boys and girls were smiling.

“Rahul what was that??” I can identify him voice, he was raj

“i don’t knw raj” Rahul said

“love letter??”

“may be”

“a new couple, from enemies to lovers hahaha”

They were talking in a low tone, but our (laksh and mine) snake ears listened them.

Laksh got angry and stood.

“what are you even telling raj?? Bhai and swara never” he slapped him

“Ohh now her best friend stood for her, its obvious that you also like her” Rahul said

The condition was worse now…..

Its all because of me, I could have asked her instead of giving that small chit. Sh*t

Rahul, raj and laksh were fighting, our sir (swaras dad) came

He asked them to stop.

They were not listening.

Then me and sir took laksh away from them

“laksh what happened?” He asked

“nothing sir” i said, “a small pen fight that’s it”

“what for a pen??”

I made laksh sit and gave him water

“laksh what was that?”

“Bhai dint you heard what were thy talking”

I nodded in yes

“why dint you beat them Bhai”

“lucky, its ok na we know what’s the truth is”

Raginis pov

Ohh god, why me?? Why always me?? Its paining like hell.
My stomach, no wonder if it bursts out.
And this blood it’s flowing like the water fall.
I’m not sitting from the last two hours in the fear that blood will come out.
I washed my bedsheet and the skirt, because of that blood.
Now I can’t stand any more now, i will make Sure that I wil sit on that red couch, it will be good.
I’m hungry, let me get something from kitchen.
I opened the fridge, wow pastries yummy, but no, its mam’s house, i can’t eat them without asking her permission.
But she told ‘eat whatever you like beta’
But i can’t, I took 2 Karachi biscuits.
And sat on the couch.

I switched on the tv.

Shinchan, doreamon what will be coming.

Yayy its shinchan

After so many days……

I slept on the couch.

@lakshs pov

I looked at bhai angrily

“acha sorry, i will never pass the chit again ok”


Bhai, swara and me were standing near the games room.

“sorry… Swara” Bhai said

That too to swara omg Bhai and sorry

“what sorry Sanskar?? You know that all girls are thinking bad about us”

“not only girls swara, boys also that too you and me chi, Meri taste itni bhi kharab Nahi hai”

“what??? And mine too, my taste is so good u like you Mr Sanskar”

Again fight?? No

“stop it guys, you both are beautiful”

“what me??” Bhai asked

“ok baba you are handsome”

End of the epi

Hope you liked it

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    1. thanks lovely 🙂

  1. Ha ha loved swasanlak scenes….poor ragini wat to do v grls shuld bare all these….

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  3. sry di i couldn’t cmnt in ur ff’s for few days..i wa busy di so now only i read all parts in one go…thats nyc..i was just in love with both ff…poor ragini….

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  4. Ooo poor its her first time nd she is suffering like hell nd like sanskar care

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  6. nice update
    oh sanskaar is missing ragini
    im feeling really sad for ragini
    she didnt feel like eating without taking permission
    i think itll take her a little while to adapt swara’s family

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