I want to fly ragini (episode 8)

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Raginis pov

Laksh and swara were talking in her room. Sanskar took my hand and grabbed me into the hall.

Some of the juice from my glass fel on sanskars shirt

“yaar Ragini what is this” he said keeping Hus glass aside

“im sorry Sanskar,come I will show you the wash room”

I took him to the wash room.

He went inside the wash room

“Ragini pani Nahi a raha”

“wait im.coming” i also went inside

I turned on the tap, water from the shower were falling on my head.

“hahaha” Sanskar laughed standing near the door

“Sanskar…..” Saying this I took water from the bucket and drowned him in the water.

We both were playing in the washroom with water.

“Ragini…” swara called me

“Bhai…..” laksh

We both were fully drenched in water

We both stepped out of the room.

“Bhai, Ragini what is this??” Laksh

“nothing laksh come we will go”

“what you will go in this state??” swara questioned

“yeah no probs” saying this they both leaved our house.

I changed my dress and combed my hair

It was still wet.

Swara and I sat on our reading chairs to complete our home work.

“Ragini.. See this tumhe hey sum aya kya??”

“haaa see this” I showed her my book ?

“its so simple Ragini, i couldn’t figure it out, thanks”

I smiled and looked into my books again

One hour completed, I still need to revise the chapters taught today.

“Ragini im done” swara told

“swara you are super fast, I still need half an hour”

“ok ok you continue, i will get some comics”

She went and brought comics.

She was reading and laughing

I will also read them after completing this

After half an hour

I’m tired now, I need rest.

“swara can I read them?” I asked her permission

“yes you can Ragini” she said reading her book

I saw them, I read all of them before.

She wasn’t having latest collection of it.

My mum would have bought them the next day.

I was thinking this. The door bell rang.

Swara went to open the door.

They were sharmishta mam and Shankar sir

“good evening sir, mam” I greeted them

“good evening beta, you are like my child swara, don’t call me sir, call me uncle or papa like swara calls”

“ok… Uncle” I said

“swara Ragini come see what I have bought to you both” mam called both of us

Awww it was ice cream that too butterscotch flavour

“ma thank u” swara kissed her and took ice cream ?

“Ragini, take this” she gave the ice cream to me

She smiled

I took that.

Swara and I went to room.

“Ragini don’t you have any best friend??” She asked me.

“yes m, I have”

“Ohh who??”

“she is Maya, my class mate”


“what about you swara??” This was a stupor question i ever asked, i know it’s lucky

“ya lucky, come we will have competition, who will complete the icecream first”

“ok” we both started eating v fastly

“I completed yayy” I shouted

“noo it’s me” she also shouted

“swara…. Don’t shout” mam told

“ok mumma” she said

We both watched tv for some time and had dinner ? .

I was fully tired today. So slept on the bed

@6 am

I woke up, saw swara was still sleeping on her bed.

I went to wash room to complete my daily courses. (in swaras room they re having Indian style washroom)

Blood was continuously flowing from my lower body, i don’t even know what it is called.

I had tears in my eyes

Oh god it’s not stopping

Whom will i tell this, if mum was alive i would tell it to her. But now whom should I??

I got tensed. I took a old dress from the cup board. I teard it and kept them in my under wear. I went to the hall, with my dairy.

I called Maya, as she may be knowing how to stop it.

I called her, but she wasn’t lifting it.

I was crying, i don’t know why.

“Ragini…..” Sharmishta mam called me


“what are you doing here beta??” She asked me

“I was calling my friend mam” she saw me crying

“Ragini, why are you crying??, mumma Ki yaad ayi??, im here Na don’t cry beta” sh said coming to hug me.

I stepped away from her

“im bleeding” i said with a low tone

“is it your first time??” She asked

I nodded my head in yes

“come with me” she took me to the wash room.

She took something, and asked my under ware.

I gave it to her.

She showed me how to keep it.

It was so easy.

“if you have any problem, share it with me bat don’t hesitate, im like your mum only” she said

I was smiling and tearing both at a time

“now don’t cry beta” she Pat me cheek and went from there.

I bathed and wore my school dress carefully.

“Ragini….tum into valid ready bhi ho gayi???” Swara from her bed asked me.

“ha swara you also get ready.”

I went near dressing table.

Took the comb.

Thank god my hair is short, other wise i should braid to which I dnt knw.

I made two ponies either side.

I went to kitchen to drink water

“Ragini..dont go to school today” mam

“why mam”

“first thing, you don’t need to call me mam in the house ? , and second today is your first Na, you can’t manage Ragini, if you want swara will also stay with you”

” no no need aunty” i said

End of the epi

Hope you liked it

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  2. It’s good.. Feeling bad for ragini.. Losing mother at the most important stage of a girls life.. It’s difficult…

  3. Awesome

  4. its really good!! feeling sad for ragini! she lost her mom and when she need her the most her mumma is not here! feeling bad for her!

  5. poor ragini
    even sumi is there for her
    but no one can fill mom’s place in anyone’s life

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