I want to fly ragini (episode 7) swalaks relation

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Same day @lunch break

Sanskars pov

I’m ready to say sorry

She is alone now in the class.

Swara is also not with her now.

I went near her

“Ragini Gadodia”

“yes Sanskar”

“is it paining?”

“no it’s not” she smiled, her smile god

“im sorry Ragini”

“its ok Sanskar”

“Ragini…. Friends?”

“yes sure” she again smiled.

I forwarded my hand towards her

We both shook our hands.

I gave her chocolate

“thanks Sanskar” she said

“we are friends Na Ragini, then no sorry no thanks”

“no Sanskar, i don’t like all this, without sorry and thanks, no relation exists. I feel like that”

“you are something different Ragini, you think like a big girl”

She laughed at me

“Ragini, what are you doing with him????” That devil swara shouted entering into the class.

“he was just saying sorry swara” Ragini answered her politely

“sorry my foot, go away from my friend” she pushed me

I was getting angry, but I’m controlling it.

“swara….!!!! Stop this how dare you push my Bhai” lucky came into the scene

“lucky you don’t know. Stay away from this. He was teasing my friend”

“no swara he wasn’t” Ragini said

“Ragini you plz be calm, I know him v well”

I was j standing aside

“enough swara…! Not even a single word against my Bhai”

“Bhai..??? Stop lucky you are my best frnd not his… If you want to support him, break our friendship right now”

“i will swara, from now I’m not your bf l, im a good brother to mg Bhai”

Saying this he grabbed my hand.

“lucky,….. Stop say sorry it’s all my fault” i said

“no Bhai, she always fights with you, and why are you being nice to her??”

“lucky…come on man she is your best friend”

“correction Bhai, she was…”

“laksh please yaar”

I tried to convince him, but he wasn’t ready to listen me.

Swaras pov

“see Ragini, because of Sanskar…..” I had tears in my eyes

“swara it’s not Sanskar but you and laksh…… You both could stop”

“now you are also supporting him Ragini…..”

“its not like that swara….”

“Ragini…. He is my best friend” i hugged her

The lunch break was completed and teachers took classes.

Ragini and i came to home.

“Ragini…will you eat something??”

“no swara im not hungry”

“ok you change I will come to the room in a minute”

Saying this I took the landline n my hands.

I thought of calling lucky, but no… Why should I?? He was the one who broke the frndshp with me

“swara… Are you going to call lucky”??” Saying this Ragini came out of the room wearing night frock

“no, i was just calling mom”

“Ohh, im making mango juice, would you like to have??”

“why are you making?? We can get it from the shops near by”

I like making myself, my mum taught me” she said going into the kitchen

Some one was knocking the door

I went and opend it

“Sanskar tum??” I was shocked to.see him

“i need to meet Ragini, not you miss devil” he said

I wasn’t in a mood to fight with him,

“she is in the kitchen” i showed him the way

“lucky come we will go”

Lucky…?? Is he there?? I want to talk to him

But…. No my ego ahhh

Both Sanskar and lucky went to the kitchen

I also followed them

“Ragini, much bhi chahiya juice” i asked her

“ok swara” she said

“you all go sit, i will bring it”

We all went to our room

Pin drop silence

Ragini with the glasses.

“its awesome Ragini” lucky said

She smiled

I was dying to talk to him

“Ragini, i need something” Sanskar said and grabbed her to the hall.

Lucky an I were alone in my room

“im sorry swara….” He said

I put all my ego in the dustbin and repled

“no lucky, I should be sorry, its all my fault, from now I promise that i will never fight with your Bhai” i told

We both hugged smiling

Ragini and Sanskar were still outside the room.

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