I want to fly ragini (episode 6) Ragini’s first day

Raginis pov

Today is my first day of school here, I’m not able to adjust. Atleast people are around me here. sharmishta mam and shekhar sir were getting ready as they are teachers in the same school. swara was having break fast.

“ragini.. come sit” swara called me

I went to the chair.

“what will you eat??, bread or parathas”

I wasn’t in a mood to talk to her now, but she took care of me these days. we slept together, I got a new friend.

But………..mum she is not there.

I hate for leaving me alone.

“ragini..!!!” swara shook me.

“yeah.. swara..” I came into the reality.

“I will have bread and jam” I told taking two slices of bread.

“take this” she gave me the jam bottle.

we ate our break fast.

“ragini.. can you walk??”

I nodded looking at swara

“come we should go now, ma and pappa will come in 10 mins”

We both took our school bags along with the lunch boxes.

I don’t know what did sharmishta mam made for lunch today, if it was my mother she would ask me. no no she is helping me alot, cooking for me is big enough, I should be thankful rather than complaining.

“come swara lets go” I smiled her

she was happy seeing my smile for the first time

I should adjust, my mum is never going to come back. But I feel she is always with me, where ever I go, in my failure, in my success, every where.

“ragini…” swara called me while walking

“ha swara say” I replied

“please be careful in the class, that sanskar might tease you, don’t talk with him, he will try to talk but you ignore. and laksh he is so nice, my best friend from child hood, he will also help you if anyone teases you or if you want anything” she told

“ok…” I obeyed but thought why should I not talk with sanskar? how can I decide he is bad? no, if he forwards the hand of friend ship then I will too.

we reached the school.

I’m in 7th now. I completed my 6th there itself.

My first class how will it be??

shankar sir came to the class,

thank god its him, he knows me.

he is very good at teaching.

I think I must ask him to teach at home also.

he gave us home work and went out.

and a mam came, she saw me asked me to stand up.

“whats you name?” she asked

“I’m ragini madam” I said

“where are you from?”

“kv, kurnool mam”

“what was your percentage last year?”

“93 madam” I felt bad while saying this, everytime I used to get 98 but this time its 93.

she smiled “sit ragini” she said

she also went after the class, swara said it was games period now.

when we went to games room to get shuttle bats

two boys also were coming behind us.

“Ragini..meet laksh, my best friend”

“hi..” I smiled looking at him

“hy ragini” I heard the other boy’s voice

“and he is sanskar, the demon” swara said in a low tone

“hy..” I smiled at him also.

“we are getting cricket bats and balls, will you play with us” Laksh asked us

“no.. I don’t” I told them

“hahaha” sanskar laughed and removed my ribbon from the braid

“sanskar…..!! ” swara shouted at him

he was still laughing

“swara.. leave it, come we will go”

while we were leaving

“bhai say sorry” laksh ordered sanskar

“no I won’t, come take that bats and come” he went from there

some boys were playing cricket, and some basket ball, shuttle everything

and games teacher s busy writing what all the students were playing.

swara and me were playing shuttle.

swara was smiling

“swara..?? what happened.. why are you smiling??”

“now that bl**dy sanskar will get hurt ragini, thats why”

I saw at him he was walking back to catch the ball, there was a big stone

I ran towards him leaving the shuttle bat on the ground.

H e was about to fall, I rescued him hurting my self on my knees.

“ragini…” swara shouted running

“why did you ragini?? why did you save him?? he removed your one ribbon, he teased you ragini”

blood was coming

“first aid box……” saying this sanskar ran inside the school and brought the first aid box.

swara grabbed it from sanskar and our games sir came to me and did first aid.

with the help of swara I walked into our class.

“ragini.. now tell me” swara was fuming in anger

“what?” I asked innocently

“why did you hurt yourself?” she said in still more anger

“swara, please calm down, he is our class mate… I can’t see anyone get hurt, so I helped him”

“stop ragini, he teased you, and more over he enemy”

“swara, my mum said we should help each and every one if we can, irrespective of their relation with us, and swara he is your best friend’s bhai na…”

“ok meri ma” she said smiling

she hugged me.

I saw someone near the door, it was sanskar.

Sanskars pov

“bhai see how good ragini is” lucky said

yes she is, I’m bad, I shouldn’t have done that. she helped me, I should say sorry and thanks as well. we went to class room.

ragini and swara were talking.

I heard them

ragini saw me while hugging swara.

“lucky?? where are raginis parents??” I asked him

“raginis mum is dead bhai and her father travels here n there to expand his business, thats why she is here”

“what?? really?? see she is happy outside, but is dying inside .. her mum must be really so good that she got good qualities”

“bhai…. are you going to say sorry”

“yes lucky but tomorrow”

end of the epi

hope you liked it

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