I want to fly ragini (episode 5) My mums death

Raginis pov

It has been 6 months, my mum and sharmishta mam were best friends.
Swara and me spoke on phone and never met each other.
She told about Sanskar and laksh. I don’t think they are much bad.
Sharmishta mam comes to our home daily, chit chats with my mum. Sh always brings chocolates.
And my dad, he never came to our home ? , in these six months.
Today sharmishta mam is leaving kv Kurnool and heading back to atp.
I don’t know why, I became connected to her.
I bought a gift to her.
We were in class.
And suddenly peon came to class and said something in sharmishta mam’s ears.
She dropped some tears from her eyes.
She came to me and hugged me.
She took me in her scooty, I don’t know where was she taking me.

“Kaveri Hospital” she parked her scooty in the parking lot.
She grabbed my hand and took me to a room.
My mum….yes she was my mum ho was lying on the bed
With oxygen mask on her face, blood al over her body.
And I saw my dad, he was crying.
He came near me and hugged me.
I forcefuly got freed from the hug

“what happened to my mum??”

“Ragini…. I’m sorry beta…. I couldn’t save ur mother” my father said with tears rolling on his cheeks.

“no…it can’t happen”

I shattered on the ground listening that.

“my maa…my mum she is my everything….. How can she leave me??
She can’t
she promised me, she can’t……”

I hugged her, she dint reciprocate this time.

Every time she used to hug me back.

But now she is just lying on the bed.

I cried remembering those moments.

Now I’m gong to atp along with sharmishta mam.

In the home

“shekhar, can you take care of your child??” Mam asked

“i think i can” mu dad said

“you will always b busy, send Ragini with me. I will take care of her, just like my own daughter”

“ok….!” My father agreed without saying anything as he knew I will be all alone with out my mum.

We reached atp.

I was behind sharmishta mam

Her husband and swara came to me and tok luggage.

“Ragini, you and me will stay in this room” swara said

I nodded my head.

She grabbed me into her room.

I took my mums photo ? . And cried again
“don’t cry Ragini, we are there Na….., I will always b with you” she hugged m saying this.

End of the epi

Hope you like it.

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  1. feeling bad for ragini, can’t see her in this state

  2. So sad for ragini …di….awesome epi…

  3. so sad! feeling bad for my fav my ragini! i can’t see her like this!

  4. Nice 🙂

  5. Nice

  6. Nw swaragini r together gud…but sad fr ragini

  7. Poor ragini feeling bad for her.

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