I want to fly ragini (episode 4) SwaSans friendship

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here is the 4th epi of “I want to fly”

Next day as usual

everyone got ready to go to the school

@kv anantapur

swara was first student to come to the class.

she places a bubble gum on the sankys desk.

after some time everyone was coming to the class

she silently went to her bench and started reading like she dint do anything.

sanky entered the class room

swara was silently looking at him

sanskar was about to sit on the bench, she saw the bubble gum and sat on the next place.

“lucky, come sit beside me” sanky

“haan bhai coming”

he came happily and sat

sanky was smiling evilly looking at swara

swara got tensed and ran towards lucky

she pushed him and removed the bubble gum…..

sanky laughed seeing her

“you will definitely suffer sanky she said while leaving the class”

whole class was seeing their fight

“swara, please stop this” luckt said

“lucky you are my best frnd and you should support me, not your ruthless bhai”

“hahah, your bst frnd?? he is my bhai first,… he will support me”

“bhai and swara please stop all this”

they both messes their faces.

swaras hair was all messed up.

sankys shirt was torn.

lucky ran towards principals room.

“madam, madam… sanskar and swara are fightin again”

“laksh you go I will come”

he came to class and saw sanskar and swara were still beating each other.

“swara…??” he called her

“sir, it was not at all my fault”

“and sir it was nt mine too, she did all this” sanky

“you both come with me”

all three go to princis room

“see swara, i dint expect this from you..”

“sorry sir, I wont repeat this”

“and sanskar, your father was a v good student that time, you are dis respecting him”

“sorry sir”

“now promise me that you both will never fight again”

sanky and swara saw each other…

“so friends??’ princi said

“ok…” both nodded their heads

“shakehand now”

they both hesitatingly shook their hands.

“now go”

they both went to their class.

@raginis school


“haa maya say”

“tum matured ho kya?”

“whats that??” she asked with a confusing look

“its nothing lee”

“no no maya say it”


“what that??, say clearly”

“blood comes from there” she points out

“what?? blood??, is it painful??”

“yes it is…. ragini…. our stomach starts paining”

ragini was about to say something their english teacher came.

“good morning children sit down”

she took the class asusual.

ragini went to her home

“maa can I ask you something??”

“haa laadoo ask”

“whats being matured??”

“who told you beta??”

“my friend maya maa, she told she is matured”

“ohh its just the next level of being girl ragini”

“will it give soo much pain??”

“no beta it won’t”

“then why was she saying it was so much pain”

“only some people get pain, not everyone” “now come eat something”

“tell me about your english madam beta”

“sharmishta madam?? she is soo good ma, she teaches us really v good maa”

“acha will you ask her if she knows me or not??”

“why ma??”

“I think she is my child hood friend laadoo”

“ok mamma done”

“mummaa can I watch tv??”

“ok only 1 hr, after that you will read, promise??”

“pakka promise”

end of the epi

sorry for this short epi

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