I want to fly ragini (episode 3) Ragini

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here we go to 3rd epi

shankar and swara left to anantapuram.

sharmishta and dida were in knl.

It was 7:00 am

sharmishta was getting ready, she was wearing a green colored saree, left her hair opened, the single pallu.

“maa I’m getting late, it takes half an hour to go, please get my box ready!!”

“haan beta, im coming, you know its like re-living the moments of your first day school”

“maaa” she hugs and kisses her ma.

she leaves in her scooty to the school.

7:30 @ school

“oh god I think I’m late”

she goes to the principals room, but it was locked.

she asked the peon about principal.

“good morning madam, you came so early, principal madam will come by 8 o clocl”

she felt relieved,

“ohh thanks, where is staff room?? and when will kids come?”

“madam, saas tho lijiye, students will start coming now, 8am – prayer”

“ok ok” she said.

It was 8. everyone was there in the ground.

sharmishta was there in staff room still

8:30 the prayer was done.

teachers came to staff room, and sharmishta introduced her self.

she went to principals room.

“madam” she asked permission

“come in”

“how are you madam” she said handing over some papers to her

she took them and saw them

“you can go to your class, take your time table. you will teach 8, 9, 10th classes in the morning and 6, 7th classes in the after noon, everything is clearly given in your time table, now you may leave”

“thank you madam” she said with a teary eye.

peon took her to 10th class.

“children, she is your new english teacher” peon said and left the class

“g-o-o-d-m-o-r-n-i-n-g-m-a-d-a-m” they said standing

“good morning children, sit down”

she took classes. and was walking around the school

she saw some students playing kabaddi,

there were two teams, red and yellow.

a small girl from the red team, entered the ring.

“kabaddi, kabadii…” she was saying continously.

her eyes were looking for the prey. with intense in her eyes, she touched a girl.

and was about to go to her court, the yellow team grabbed her hands and she fell on the ground.

she was just 5 cms away from the line.

the yellow team was totally on the red teams girl.

she was still saying “kabadi, kabadi…”

she dint wanted her team to loose.

the yellow team, cheered her


“you can do”

“ragini, ragini, ragini…” they were continously repeating these words.

Ragini with her full efforts, kept her hand on the line.

the yellow time got up from ragini.

ragini was on the ground still.

their friends came and helped her in getting up.

“yayy we won” they all shouted.

It was afternoon, sharmishta was going to 6th class.

“hyy good after noon children, I’m your new english teacher” she said with a huge smile on her face.

“good morning mam” they said

“introduce yourselves kids” she asked

everyone were introducing themselves.

there comes our ragini.

“Madam, I’m Ragini Gadodia” she said

sharmishta smiled.

It was 2:30.

everyone left from school to their respective houses.

@Gadodia Mansion

“ma, maa where are you??” she shouted entering into the house

“here my laadoo” janki said

she hugged her.

“mumma aaj school me ek nayi english madam ayi hain”

“ohh who laadoo”

“hmm her name was sharmishta maa, acha get me something to eat, I’m hungry maa”

“yeh lo, your favourite ice cream”

she took that and opened it.

“thank you maa”

she again hugged her.

@Didas house

“mishti, tum agayi, come eat some thing and take rest”

“maa, aaj pata hai kya hua”

“what mishti??”

“that girl ragini, she is just like my friend janki”

“who your best friend janki??”

“yes ma she also plays kabaddi well, her voice her eyes, everything are same ma”

“you call her”

“I dont have her no. maa, other wise I would have called her”

“and hows your sasuma??”

“she is still angry on us ma” she said with a sad face.

“ok ok leave it, come eat”

@Bose house, anantapuram

swara was fully messed up with water all over her body

“atleast tell me swara what happened??”

“papa..” she started crying and hugged him

“shona dont cry, tell me what happened”

“lunch break me….. I dnt knw how it happened papa, I was drinking water and some one pushed me, I poured all the water on the floor and some water on sanskars shirt, I asked him for forgiveness, but he gave a serious look. and he took revenge papa, it was not m fault papa. I will not leave that sanky, I told him I dint do it intentionally but he…. me usse choodungi nahi papa”

she said with a furious look

“look swara, it was just a small misunderstanding, thats it, why are you dragging it?? calm down beta, when he will get to know the truth he definitely be sorry”

“ok papa” she said and thought “sanskar and sorry never ever, I will make him realise”

end of the epi

hope you liked it

its ragsan and swalak.

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