I want to fly ragini (episode 2) leaving anantapuram

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Raginis entry will be in 3rd epi

Here we go

Next day morning, 6:30 am

Sharmishta and Shankar were getting ready

Shankar – Mishti how can I stay with out you??

He said it while twisting his arms around her waist

Mishti – smiled – rehna padega

He came in front of her and hugged her.

She kissed him on his cheeks.

Swara came into the room

Swara – hmm mamma much bhi morning kissy chahiye

Shankar ans Mishti move far away seeing swara inside the room.

Mishti – come it’s 6:30 we should leave

They all sit in car ?

Swara – mumma will you come every Sunday

Mishti – yes swara I will, how can I stay without you dear

Swara side hugged her

Shankar – swara beta you will sleep other wise you will vomit.

Swara – papa…. Muvi???

Shankar – not now swara

Mishti – let her see Na Shankar

Swara – ma i will go sit with papa infront

Mishti – ok beta

Swara sat next to her dad.

After an hour journey, swara was feeling low, vomit sensation.

She saw her mom, and said – muma

Mishti – Shankar stop the car, swara ko ulti a Rahi hai

Shankar stopped the car ?

Swara.completed and slept on mishtis lap

They reached Kurnool, it was 9 am

They went to didas home

“Dida..??, where are you, see your angel came…” Swara said

” Ohh my lill angel ? ” she kissed her

“kaise ho sasua??” Shankar asked

“im fine, how are you all”

“we are fine ma”

“all thanks to that transfer that you all visited knl, after years”

“Dida what did you made??”


“what yuk, I came here travellng kms and you maee upma?????”

“swara dont say like that you will get only upma in our house from tomorrow, as your papa knows only upma”

“exactlt mumma, atleast now….. ” she kept a sad face

Dida comes with plates in her hand

“Ohh dosa..!! Dida i love you ? ”

“Ohh if it was upma, you don’t love me??”

Swara was silent

“kya Hua??” Dida asked

“we should not talk while eating Dida, don’t you know”
She said finishing her bf

“have you all kept the papers ro submit to your new principal??” Shankar asked

“yes Shankar” she said

They left after having lunch.

Anantapur, Bose house

Swara – papa

She was crying

Shankar – don’t cry swara mumma will be back after 6 months

He hugged her

Shankar – come we will go out and have food

Swara was still crying,
He took her in his arms

He took out his bike

Shankar – swara come sit hold me tightly.

She did but she was still crying

She some how stopped while going.

End of the epi
Hope you liked it

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