I want to fly ragini (episode 11)


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Sorry guys i couldn’t make it so long, the next epi will be long I promise. Ans the next one will make friends enemies.

Raginis pov

3 years, its really magic over here, the 3 years 36 months wow…..!! Really long time, knw I’m feeling comfortable over here.

In these three years, my dad visited anantapuram only twice, once to talk to me and again to talk about my studies, he wants me to stay abroad after schooling over here. But i like being here, no worry, i will manage.

I woke up and got ready and went to kitchen, uncle and aunty went to Kurnool, as Dida wasn’t well. We are studying 10th now.

I then took the bread out. And then went to the washroom.

I feel fresh, the fresh air, the green trees everything are awesome.

I wrapped a towel around me and another to my hair.

I wore my dress (long red top with black leggin)

And my hair in a side braid.

Swara was still sleeping.

“swara wake up, we are late”

“late for what???” She said in a sleepy mood covering her face with the bedsheet

“special class??”

“Ohh right, it was totally out of my mind, i will get ready in 5 minutes”

She said going into the washroom

I went to kitchen and arranged the dining table, and then put jam, butter and bread ? on the table.

Swara got ready.

“Ragini, come let’s go khane ja time Nahi hai”

“we still have half an hour swara”

“what??” She asked

“its special class na…its at sharp 9 am”

“Ohh thank god”

She sat on the chair ? comfortably.

We both ate

“swara, will you come to the temple nearby?”

“yeah ok but only 5 mins”

I nodded my head in yes and we started to walk

“Ragini, walk fast” she said

We reached the temple in two minutes.

We both went and worshipped lord Shiva.

Swara was sitting inside the temple while I was enjoying the nature outside the temple.

After a while swara and me headed towards the school.

“Ragini, why don’t you stay inside the temple??”

“that’s because god is everywhere swara”

“then why do you go to the temples??”

“god is everywhere swara, but not the nature, near temples people grow plants, the air is so pure and moreover the temple has positive energy that’s why”

“you are different Ragini” she said with a smile on Her face

We reached our school.

It was science class first

“don’t even dare to laugh or smile between this chapter, if you do so I will continue this chapter” she warned us

Warning tho chahiye, because the chapters name is “reproductive systems”

She started the lesson with angry look.

Everyone was frightened, so we’re just listening the class.

Ahh feeling tired, at last she completed

We are not having math class today as Shankar sir is not present

“the class is completed, and you all may leave now” mam said

Its Sunday that’s why a half day…….

I packed my bag ? .

i saw sanlak coming near us.

“hey swara, can we go out today” laksh asked

“no we can’t mom and dad are not there” swara said

“Ohh then its ok” laksh said with a sad face

“you both come to our house, we will study” i said with lucky

“yeah that’s a good idea ? ” laksh replied

“ok then we will come by sharp 5 pm ok?” Sanskar said

“ok” swara said

“ok then cya” Sanskar nd laksh left saying this.

Swaragini went to their house.

End of the epi

Precap – swalak kiss

Credit to: priya

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