I want to fly ragini (episode 10)

Swaras pov

We (swasan) had a big fight, lucky was trying to cool ? both of us.

“Bhai, swara please for me….” He shouted

“ok…..” We both faced to opposite sides.

“swars bye……..”

Lucky said

Both went out.

After the school, I went to home.

I saw Ragini sleeping on the couch and the tv was switched on.

I switched off the tv.

I Pat Ragini on her cheek….

“Ragini….wake up….come ear something”

“hmm no mumma im still sleepy?

Why am I crying??

I know it’s v difficult to survive with out our loved ones

I wiped off my tears and saw Ragini opening her eyes.

“swara…. Sorry I dint switch off the tv”

“its ok Ragini, tune pastrie Nahi kaya??”

She nodded in a no.

My mother said Ragini liked pastries v much.

“come we will have it” i went to kitchen

I saw her face, it was lighten up with happiness. Her mouth was watering.

I gave her the pastry and went to room to change.

I changed my dress and came out, she was still eating the pastry.

“Ragini how are you feeling now?”

“im ok swara” she said “school.kaisa tha?”

“awesome, you know what happened……….”. I told her the whole story, she was laughing

“kya Ragini….. Tum bhi”

“Sanskar bhi Na, he must have asked you directly” she said

“acha say, is that paining??”

“yeah it was but now I’m all ok”

“did you change your pad??”

“no, i will change it tomorrow”

“Ragini…no go change it now, you must change it after every 6 hours or less, or else you will get allergy”

She got tensed it seems, she ran to the wash room.

After 5 mins she stepped out of the room with a lot of sweat.

“thanks swara….”

I smiled

“tell me what all you did in the class and about home works also”

“nothing much Ragini, are you going to come tomorrow?”

“I think I will come”

“if you are ok, then come”

“ok swara”

“are you feeling sleepy??” I asked her

She was about to answer the phone rang

“hello who is this?” I picked up the call ?

“hello swara” it was lucky

“lucky…?? Say…??”

“swara…. How is Ragini??”

“she is good” I dint like her name from my bestt

“ok… Bye” he said

“bye…!!” I said

“what was he saying??” Ragini asked

“he was asking about your health”

“what?? About my health??”

“Ragini.. Calm down I told them that you are not feeling good that’s it”

“ohhh” she sat the couch……

We both slept

Next day morning

Ragini woke up and took the news paper.

She saw something and started coughing

I asked her what happened??

She showed me the film corner

“what??” I again asked her

“see this swara” this time she showed headlines

Because of not adjustable dates **** heroine left the big budget film

“so what??” I said

“is this that public??”

“what is public??”

“this date/peroid and all swara, see this heroine was not able to adjust the dates”

I laughed at her innocence

“swara….” She called me with confusion on her face

“arey Ragini…..this is not about menstruational period it’s about their time table and busy schedule” I told her making her understanding.

“ohhh is it” she said innocently

End of the epi

I know it’s v short and quite borin

Will make it more interesting after the leap of two years.

Thanks for your xomments

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  1. i want swasan romantic scenes yaarr!!

  2. I think really need a leap yar…

  3. indeed ragini is really innocence
    seems swara is possessive about laksh
    lets see wt happened after leap
    looking forward too

  4. But I like their childhood days

  5. Awesome
    Waiting for the next one……

  6. Ooo poor ragini but last part was funny

  7. Ohh ragini ke liye bahut sad hun but last part is too funny di i loved it

  8. Awesome

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