I want to fly ragini (episode 1) the transfer

heyy guys its the first epi of I want to fly hope you like it its swalak and ragsan

here we go

It was small and beautiful house, painted with pleasant colors, a two bed roomed house (its the quarters given to teachers working in the school)

a small girl opened the door and went to her room in her school uniform.

she took a frock of pink color and stood infron of the mirror

“what, swara?? you again lost that.. you used to be top in your class. he always comes in between you and your first position you must work hard.. that bl**dy sanskar maheshwari, he thinks he is the topper, I will never let that happen. never ever” she said to her self

some was knocking the door

she opened the door

“maa, why are you both early from school today?? you used to stay upto 5 pm right”

“yes swara!! I used to”

“swara, can you stay with out your mum??” her dad asked her

“papa?? what happened?? is everything okay mumma??” she was about to cry

“swara, your mumma got transfer to kv kurnoo,”

she felt relieved

“papa?? why??, are we also going??”

“no swara, we tried to get your admission over there but it dint happen, so you and your papa will stay here for 6 months”

“after 6 months are we coming there??”

“no I will come, now go complete your home work swara”

she went to her room taking a ‘bingo salt sprinkled chips packet from kitchen

“swara……!! you told you had stomach ache yesterday”

“papa its not because this tasty chips, its all because of that veggeis made my your wife”

“achaaa… toh yeh baat hai”

“haan papa, yehi baat hai”

he took that packet from here hand

“papa….” with her cute voice

“papa tell me, if mumma is leaving, then who will cook for us??” she asked

“I will beta, dont think you will get hotel food daily”

she kept a sad face

“acha shankar, have you informed my ma that im coming??”

“you inform mishti, she is your mum na”

“oh she is nothing to you then??”

“ok baba I will”

swara laughed seeing that

“I will miss you mum” swara said

“I will too beta, I will be back in 6 months and visit anantapur every week”

“dont make a centi scene now maa aur beti”

end of this epi

hope you liked it πŸ™‚

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