All I Want For Christmas Is You (Chapter 1)



Nick was driving along the lane to his house. As he changed gears his eyes fell on a pink figure walking across the opposite lane. His jaw hardened recognising the blonde. Well, well, well, if it isn’t Ms. Charity Case. He wondered at the absence of guys vying for her attention and was surprised also when she hadn’t hoarded any lift in the process. He was brutal yes but she really did use her looks too often. He didn’t do bimbos and he certainly wasn’t interested in doing her.

He moved the car past the lane and saw her face in the mirror. His eyes narrowed more when he observed her flushed face and shivering form. Damn. She seemed cold and the snow falling around wasn’t helping her. His jaw ticked. To hell with it.

He stopped the car abruptly and waited for her to walk forward. She did though but seemed thoroughly lost in her own world. He honked the car and she jumped surprised at the loud sound. She blinked twice and peered into the car and her body stiffened immediately when her round blue eyes fell on his face.

That wasn’t the reaction he usually gets but this one was different than the other. She had more attitude and silence which was surprising. Girls were too screechy or too saccharine. This one was neither. It made him too cautious around her.

He rearranged his face into a hard mask.

“Get in.” He clipped, while sliding his gaze to the front.

He didn’t get a response still. His glance again went back to her oval face and shiny golden hair. God, she was too gorgeous. He was irritated at her continued silence.

“Get in.” He said again but louder this time.

She straightened and the black ripped jeans and the turtle grey t-shirt came into his vision. His eyes lazily slid down her thin body appreciatively. She looked good as always. Her body was just about right. Neither too thin nor too plump. She had curves all in the right places.

“Sorry?” She asked in a cautious voice.

He sighed.

“Are you dumb?” He asked her bluntly.

Her face heated up and reddened. She slid the puma bag over the other shoulder in defense.

“Excuse me?” She said in a retort.

His jaw settled firmly.

“Shut up and get in.” He ordered annoyed by her too innocent the looks.

She stood there now glaring at him and shivering in silence. He frowned. She was going to get sick if she stood there in the snow any more minute.

“I didn’t ask for a lift.” She said stiffly.

“I didn’t give any. Just being a brother. You certainly will go and complain to Micky that I didn’t give you a lift when you obviously needed one.” He said uncaringly and a little arrogantly.

She needed to kept in a distance. Quite far away from him for that he needed her to hate him as equally he did.

She blushed harder now.

“I wouldn’t tell on anyone and I certainly don’t need a lift from you.” She replied in a annoyed tone now.

He chuckled when her eyes flashed. Well, she was amusing.

“And I don’t believe you, love.” He said smiling mockingly at her.

She gave him a very black look now. It certainly would have melted the snow around but it didn’t.

“Come on now get in. I don’t like to be kept waiting. You either get in or get your ass thrown in.” He said in a threaten.

Her face turned a shade more red and she looked around helplessly at the snow. She mumbled something under her a breath and after a second of doing that more she got in beside him without a word.


He started the car and looking back at her he turned up the heater more. His teeth gritted. He could hear the shiver in her body the chatter of her teeth. Stubborn girl. She could have got inside the car without much an argument but she had to prove that she was a girl, right. His lungs were filled immediately with delicate smelling roses. Her perfume. It wasn’t too over powering like the girls who wore strong scents. Hers was light and breezy. Everything about her was wrong. She wasn’t what he expected. Most of the girls by now would have made moves already in the confinement of his car but she remained silent and unsettled. It rubbed off him wrong that she was uncomfortable with him. If it was an act then she was very incredible actor but he found her inner personality quite bland. He didn’t know what Micky saw in her.

He looked front and shifts gears.

“What happened to the line of guys that you string along always. They didn’t give you a lift today?” He asked her sarcastically.

He turned his head to look at her but except stirring she remained silent. Insults from him really did not work on her. She usually was mum in his company but when he insulted her she remained unaffected and normal. Mostly she zoned him out. There was this persistent sadness in her face and eyes that never left. He felt it go to his heart like a punch. Seemed like she was used to people pushing her around. His jaw grinded. He did not like it one bit.

He wanted to test her patience more.

“What happened? Aren’t your looks working these days to your advantage?” He asked her in a sneer while changing lanes.

She turned her head finally around and her eyes turned cold as she smiled.

“Why? It’s working on you, isn’t it? You gave me a lift without me asking for it.” She shot back equally nasty.

He blinked and his eyebrows drew up surprised but he covered it immediately. Well, if she was up for insult flinging he didn’t want to back down now. His eyes drew down and up.

“My attention is very expensive, love.” He drawled….”You need to do more than just being pretty.” He said nonchalantly.

Her eyes flared up angrily.

“I don’t need to get your attention.” She replied with a mortified tone.

His eyes turned a deep shade of interest.

“Wouldn’t you want to?” He asked her huskily.

Her eyes rounded huge and he would have laughed at her aghast expression.

“I don’t want to.” She replied hastily and a little unsteadily.

He smiled pleased with her reaction. Good. She was affected by him. She should be and he liked it even more immensely.

“Seems like your body is saying something else….isn’t it?” He asked her trying to rile her up more.

He drew in her scent and her warmth into his lungs. It got into system and somehow everytime he was near her his mind experienced that it was getting addicted to her each time.

Her face turned tight and her eyebrows strained. She stirred and moved her jean clad toned legs away from his. He smiled unseeingly.

“I’m not affected.” She replied quietly while trying to avoid his eyes.

He didn’t like her looking away from his face. It somehow bristled at his temper.

“You sure? Because I feel you getting all jittery. I would love to indulge but damn if I’m not interested in the likes of you.” He said sardonically harsh.

She flinched instantly and her face turned ashen. She gave him an angry incredulous look.

“The likes of me?” She asked him in disbelief.

He stared sideways at her flatly.

“Yes, the likes of you.” He said in enunciation each word.

She scowled a little.

“And what are the likes of me?” She persisted in a strained voice.

He smiled coldly at her.

“Do you really want to know? You must be intelligent enough to get it, right.” He drawled coolly.

Her eyes narrowed.

“Surprise me with your knowledge then.” She said in a quiet voice.

Now she was fighting back. Well, then he would give it back to her good. This time she really was going to hate him. He stopped the car and stared into her eyes and gave her the final blow.

“From where you came it’s already an insult isn’t it? You don’t know about your father and your family….” He started but he couldn’t finish seeing the deep hurt convulsing her face while immense tears filled up her eyes.

His jaw set grimly as he stared into her pained filled gaze. She was waiting for him to finish. She seemed like wanting the insult to be flung at her. Deliberate hurting. He understood but it sliced through his flesh and bled his heart. He felt his chest tighten and his hands clenched on the wheel. His eyes wounded looking at her face but immediately the pain went away and immense anger filled her eyes.

“You are disgusting.” She hissed through the broken yet a steady voice.

She flung those words on his face and turned her head and immediately pushed herself out of the car. The door closed with a bang.

Nick closed his eyes feeling incredibly disturbed. She is wantingly hurting herself. Why? Why would she do that?

Jesus Christ, she was broken through and through for making herself go into such a pain and silent suffering. He sighed. Did he care to know? He asked himself. His jaw grinded. f**k it. He didn’t care. If he was a jerk in her eyes. So be it. He would be the meanest jerk she ever encountered. His demeanour turned colder by each passing second. He started the car and headed it homewards…..

To be Contd.

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