I want 2 luv my life, not waste my lyf (twinj)


Hey guys Anushka here. So I m back with a new One slot. So srry twiraj fans but this is not a twiraj os. Happy belated birthday Zain.
It’s a one slot on twinj.
Plz don’t kill me after u read it.
Aahana- Priyanka purohit
Others toh u know?
Here it goes…..
Sun Shines never struck my life once Aahana was gone. We all are presented with one life and I was forced to spend this life in darkness. I often wake up with red eyes becoz of crying. Moments spent with her flashes my mind again and again. I screamed but only walls could hear it.

“I… Love…. ” I got up. My heart beats faster than normal which was very known to me. I passed my fingers all through my hair and looked at my pillow, it was wet with my tears. My house was a big one with two floors. I guess I used to be a human once but now toh I was just walking body with no emotions, similar to a zombie.

I came out from bathroom, I dressed myself up. ‘Tring!! Tring!!’ The phone rang but I didn’t concern to pick it up and it eventually ran silent. “Looking handsome na..??” I said to the pic of the love of my life. “5 years past. I miss you.”

“Don’t miss. Life is just one. Live it. Love it. Never waste it.”

She looked beautiful in that white gown. She cleared the tears out of my cheeks, I lift my hand up to touch her but she vanished. I smiled. “Life’s just one. But I can’t live it without you. All ur teachings are out of my mind now. I am no more your Kunj.” I looked at the pic and continued, “I wish I would be. I love u Aahana” I moved out to the garden area to pluck a red rose.

“For me..??” She was back again.

“For who else could it be..??”

“Who knows if u have found a new girl friend” I nodded my head in no with a smile. “Then find one. Be happy.” She said it and was gone. I sat onto my driving seat of car, and started the started car.

“Please wear ur seat belt. ” She showed her concern.

“It doesn’t matter if I die.” I protested.
“It does” she said .
‘Creeech!!’ I had to apply a sudden break as a girl bumped into my way. She ran to the front seat door, opened it and sat by my side. “Let’s go.”
I was thinking in my mind wtf.
“Sorry..?” She had slapped her Boy friend for trying to kiss her in the road that to by forcing her. But after she slapped him, he tried to torn her T-shirt and behaved as if he is madly in love wid her. So she had to run away from him.

‘Creeech!!’ The last time I applied break and she broke into my car while this time I did it to put her out of the car. But……” Dude. Life is just one. We gotta live it. Love it. Not waste it.” She occupied my eye sight for some time.
“Hi! I am Twinkle.”

“Kunj.” We introduced ourselves.
I got to know that she lived in my colony itself.
‘Boom’ A wheel got punctured and we had to walk. “So. You had a break up and u still happy..??”
“I am not happy. I am hurt. But I know I will find my true love soon coz that guy was not my true love. He loved me just for his lust.
“Yuvraaj, So basically it was crush or time pass.”
She looked at me for a few seconds and spoke up, “It was a 2 years relationship. I loved him more than anything else. But just for this one reason I can’t cry for all my life. There are so many reasons to be happy for, than to cry for. You only need to look at them.” She said and winked.

I remember the way Ahaana used to hug me while I sat on a sofa sad for not getting a promotion. “Life is all of challenges. You can loose one but keep the hope up and win many.” This girl just reminded me of Aahana.
“I loved a girl.” I said.

But she cut me and, “I knew u were depressed the moment I met u. She is ur past and past is not real, it’s what happened once we should either learn from it or simply forget it.”

“It’s not so easy.”

“I know but it’s not that difficult either.” She absolutely was a photocopy of Aahana in talks. Always happy, smiling, master of life, cute and crazy.

A hand came reached to me on left, it was her, “If you loose the one whom u love then live for the one who love u” “What happened..??” Twinkle asked. I nodded and opted silence. “End of a person isn’t the end of life. It’s the beginning of a journey with some other person.” I stopped. These were the same words spoken by Aahana before passed out. Twinkle came up to me and placed her hand upon my cheek( cupping her face with one hand), “What were the last thing she said before her death..??”

Flashback starts
She..She was hit by a truck and admitted in a hospital. Luckily that driver didn’t run like others instead he informed Mahi her friend whom she talked with last. Mahi informed me abt her. I rushed to the hospital as possible as I heard that news.
There I met her.
Her last words were-
“I am happy that I’ll die in ur arms. Love me forever but never miss me. I’m with you always. End of a person isn’t the end of life. It’s the beginning of a journey with some other person. Marry a girl, have kids, be happy, it’s my dream. Love u to the square of infinity..” She kissed my forehead and breathed her last.
Flashback ends

“It’s upto u if u want to die in her pain or live in her love. Make her dream come true. Find love, be happy, I am sure she will be.”
After that her phone rings.. Tring.. Tring..
I said in my mind, ” such a wrong timings.
She said her mom has called me home. She said bye and started moving. I called her name and asked her “Friends”. She smiled and we shake our hands. I took her number and left that place.
After few months we became best friends. She told me how to live. She changed my black and white life to a colourful life. She even introduced me to her parents.
One day I invited her to accompany me to Graveyard.
We reached her graveyard. I placed the rose upon Aahana’s grave, went on my knees and prayed for her happiness.

I opened my eyes and went to twinkle and said“u love me..?” She didn’t uttered a single word but stood numb. I could read her black shiny eyes. And they were telling me yes she does. But I didn’t expected her to smash her rosy red lips on mine. Her lips tasted like strawberry. That kiss could tell everything. We break the kiss when we were lacking oxygen. We both were breathing very fast. After inhaling oxygen I went close to her and kissed her forehead.” I love u.”I smiled. “I want to live my life. Love my life. And not waste my life.” I hugged her and pulled myself back. “will u marry me” She smiled as I asked and hugged Twinkle again while she replied saying “yes”
I saw Aahana looking at us with a smile on her face.

Love u all?
Take care?
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Credit to: Anushka

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