I wanna heart to die but not soul to live – episode 39

I know u all are really furious with me and some of u want to kill me for putting ur own Anika in this situation . Sorry guys but I’m helpless myself so forgive me.


Ignore typo ,spelling and grammatical mistakes and continue reading my ff


Lets start the episode

Shivavy and Chanda – shouting Anika

Dev, devi g, omru , gauri and bhavya step in

Anika- laying on painting caressing it start singing

Teri kahani mein

( all start running upstairs)

Sachai jeeti sada
Tu hi bata maa kya
Jhootha wo vishwas tha
Bikhra kyon maa mere
Sapno ka sansar tha

(All were standing outside the room start crying )


(Anika having flashbacks of Shivavy, gauri , bhavya , dev and dadi g)

Lamha lamha dhokha naya
Tanha tanha main thak gaya
Sone de maa ab na jeena


Anika kissing her maa painting

Sapna jo toota bhi
Dekho maa main roya nahin

Saaya jo rutha bhi
Khud ko main khoya nahin

(Shivavy step in room sat near Anika with tears in his eyes )

Sadiyaan hui tere
Aanchal mein soya nahi

Lamha lamha jeeta jahan
Ladte ladte main thak gaya
Sone de maa ab na jeena

Anika start coughing

Shivavy- tried to move but gauri hold his hand

Gauri- don’t go there let di cry out her emotions

Devi g- she’s talking to her maa listen hope so she get out of depression and it helps in treatment

Dev- silently sat next to Anika

Omru- couldn’t see their bhabi

Gauri and bhavya were in devi g embrace

Anika- caressing Aarohi painting maa why u left me alone maa i was pleading u but u said all are with me. See maa I’m alone nobody is mine. Maa mujhe toh ap ki lori k bina neend bhi nahe ati maa phir kyun maa ap na bhi mujhe chor diya

Maa u know today “BABA” slapped me baba bohat gandey hai

Dev- hug Anika tightly i’m sorry ANU. ?

Anika- stood up all pale and start rubbing her eyes ??

All were on their knees with join hands? Anika, di , bhabi forgive us plz ??

Anika- start stepping back with flashbacks running in her mind… ( bhavya) i hate u di, maa hoti to ap esa karti, (Shivavy) u r gold digger and slap. ( gauri) in ka zameer maar chuka hai. ( dev) slap …

Shivavy- Anikaaa kya ho gaya hai see ur hands are bleeding

Anika eyes were getting red and faces start getting blur breathing heavily . Hahahaaah Anika di k halat dekhaye wali thi this, OMM , bheegi billi , u are gold digger, run after rich crabs , just go to ur room. Di, ANU come here, Anu see I’ve made aloo puri , anu, anu…………

Anika start screaming and hold her head and retrogrades

Shivavy- Anikaaaa faints but Shivavy hold Anika before she could strike with floor

All shouted ANIKAAA, di , bhabi

Shivavy- took Anika in arms hey Anika wake up. Shivavy shouted om gari nikalo

Devi g- bhagwan ?

All start running towards car

Om- on driving seat gauri on passenger seat. Shivavy at back and Anika in Shivavy lap ( in one car)

Rudy, dev, devi g , bhavya and Chanda in other car

All were crying and praying

Gauri- omkara g plz drive fast

Om- increase the speed

Shivavy crying- Anika nothing will happen to u. Anika are u listening to me Anika wake up. Drive fast om see her pulse rate is decreasing. Shivavy kisses Anika wrists sorry Anika i, i…….

Devi g- dev

Dev- maa don’t panic she’s rajputani and nothing will happen to her trust me.

Bhavya- plz bhagwan save my Anika di

Devi g- take my life but save my daughter bhagwan

Shivavy- Anika u have to live for us ?

Soon all reached Sahyadri Specialty Hospital

Shivavy- shouted Doctorrrrrrr………

Dr- what happened

Shivavy laid Anika on stacker

Dev- I’m DSR she’s my daughter she’s suffering from Amnesia and brain tumour

Dr- come with me

Shivomru and dev were draging stacker

Dev- I’m there with u my princess u will be fine in few hours

Dr- plz u guys wait outside let me examine her

Shivavy- no I’m coming with u is that clear to u dr ?

Dr- i can understand ur emotions but i can’t let u in and see her condition is not good her hands are bleeding so plz let me do my job

Om- Shivavy let him do his job and om hug Shivavy. Shivavy nothing will happen to bhabi she’s warrior

Bhavya- dad say it nothing will happen to Anika di

Dev- yes my doll nothing can happen to her

Rudy- was laying on floor

Gauri- was in temple praying

Dr- Mr Rajput

Dev- yes dr

Dr- ur daughter condition is not good and as u said she’s sufferings from brain tumour so let me call the neurosurgeon to check her properly I’m coming but plz don’t get in. Nurses are there with her

Dr- mr Rajput , he’s Dr Jeet the best neurosurgeon

Dev- jeet save my daughter plz

Dr jeet- don’t worry dev I’m coming


After sometime

Dr jeet- dev we have to do operation right now

Shivavy- so do it for what u all are waiting

Dr jeet- nurses do the operation arrangements I’m coming and call my team

Anika- is taken for operation. Shivavy hold her hand Anika nothing will happen to u and look u have to get well soon got it

Nurse’s- plz leave her

Anika hold Shivavy finger but nurse’s drag the stacker

“O jaana played”

Rudy- crying plz bhabi get well soon u r my crime partner

Om- rudy. Rudy O bhabi theek ho jaye ge na yeh doctors Anika bhabi ko zayda cuts to nahe lagaye gy na. Om rudy stop crying see I’m not crying. Rudy don’t lie O both start crying vigorously

Chanda- plz bhagwan Anika ko kuch na karna is ki khushiya is ko de do

Bhavya- crying in devi g lap

Dev- was walking like pendulum

Shivavy- was lost in Anika thoughts standing alone

Nurse- came out all stood up. Nurse plz sign these papers and who will sign them.

Dev- crying hold the pen but his hands were shivering. Shivavy step forward and took pen from dev.

Nurse- who are u?

Shivavy- in cracking voice I’m her ” Husband ”

All glanced Shivavy

Shivavy- took pen from dev and sign them

Nurse- deposite Rs 70 lacs

Dev- u start the operation and I’m doing it

Nurse- ok fine

Red light gets on of the operation theatre

All were praying except Shivavy

Shivavy inner soul – its all because of u SSO Anika is in this condition r u happy now this is what u want na to hurt her , to prick her from the beginning u want to break her. See she’s broken not broken but dying.

Shivavy start crying, omru hug Shivavy. Omru its all because of me. My life is in danger. Omru i can’t live without her

She was telling me that she’s going but i didn’t bother why i couldn’t understand what she was saying

Om- Shivavy if u will fall weak then what we’ll do ur r the great wall SSO u can’t break like this and I’ve call khanna he’s bring shail


Dr’s- start the operation

Nurse’s- start passing the tools

Dr’s- start removing plate pieces from Anika hands where Anika was chocking heavily

Dr jeet- was doing brain operation she’s weak to handle this

Dr- we need blood get it from blood bank its AB-

Nurse- came out and ran

Om- what happened

Nurse- patient need blood I’m coming

Shivavy- take my blood

All forward their arms take mine but save our life plz

Nurse- let me check in blood back first plz leave my way

Dr- patient condition is getting critical

Nurse- ran in i got it and she step in OT

Anika- was having flashbacks and start calling her maa and Shivavy

Dr jeet- she’s really weak and not responding to treatment u guys do the operation of her hands and surgeries I’m coming

Dr jeet- came out of the OT ,

Rudy- ran towards dr say it dr may crime partner is fine

Dr jeet- dev its 2nd last stage , blood bhi bohat beha gaya tha she’s weak too. Aur Anika, is calling Aarohi bhabi and taking Shivavy name who’s he

Shivavy- step forward I’m Shivavy she’s my wife

Dev- crying kaha say lau main Aarohi ko ?

Mein kaha say lau is k liye is k maa ko kaha say

Bhavya and gauri hug dev crying dad di theek hojaye ge

Jeet- see l don’t want too give any false hope to u guys but dev I’m ur friend too and clearly Anika is internally too weak and she’s not responding to treatment. And

Devi g- crying

Dev- and what ?

Dr Jeet- Mainey yeha logo ko zindagi k liye maut say ladte dekha hai but ur daughter khud maut k liye apni zindagi say ladte hai. Woh khud apni maut ko awaz de rahe hai. She don’t want to live but we are trying are best to save her but chances are less so….. pray only prayers can help u

Dev- shouted jeet how can u say that

Shivavy- grab jeet’s collar how she can do this don’t she knows that she’s my life. And u r dr save her otherwise I’m going to burn ur hospital

Om- Shivavy leave him

Nurse- dr , dr plz come patient is getting critical

Dr- ran inside

Gauri, bhavya, omru and Chanda start praying from Maata Rani and all were remembering there moment with Anika tears start rolling from their eyes.

Khanna brought Shail

Shail hug Shivavy . SSO Anika di ko kya huwa hai mainey khanna uncle say pouch but yeh kuch nahe bata rahey. Shivavy hug Shail tightly nothing will happen to ur Anika di , still I’m alive nothing can happen to her. Shail pinky promise .Shivavy nodded yes pinky promise

After 5 hours light of OT gets off

Dr- step out. we have done the operations but we can’t say anything untill Anika don’t get conscious within few hours.

We are shifting her to ICU to monitor her dev complete the rest of the formalities. Everyone was crying.

Ainka is brought out of OT head and hands bandaged, wearning oxygen mask

All gather around Anika with tears in their eyes Anika, di, bhabi ap jaldi say theek ho jaye ap jesa kahey ge wasey he ho ga pinky promise and all forward their little fingers towards Anika

Song played in background

Tu jo gayi to soona hoga yeh jahan
Pheeki pheeki hogi saari yeh dastan

Shivavy- was standing far from all

Nurse’s- plz cooperate and let us shift her to ICU and nurse’s took Anika from there

Shail- rudy bhaiya Anika di ko kya huwa hai yeh uth kyun nahe rahe aur di k sar aur hath per itni sari bandages kyun

Rudy- crying was speechless and was looking towards bhavya

Dadi, tej, Jhanvi, shakhti and pinky to came there

Tej and sakhti were consoling dev

Pinky was still the same smirking

Jhanvi and dadi crying

Gauri- doctor plz let me meet my Anika di plz i promise i won’t disturb di

Bhavya- cleaning her tears I’m Anika’s di doll she can’t see me in tears I’m sure she will wake up so plz let me go plz dr

Om- plz dr we request u

Devi g- i’m her dadi plz let me in for once

Dr- plz understand patient is serious and u can’t meet her we are doing some test so u all pray instead of pleading me. Complete the rest of the formalities dev and come with me i need to talk to u.

Om- uncle u go with dr I’ll do the formalities

Dev- nodded yes

“Media enter the hospital”

Reporters- is that true Mr Rajput that the CEO of Rajput empire condition is critical

Dev- call security, security get them out from here

Reporters- answers are questions and who’s going to next CEO of…

Rudy- shouted? ay u just shut up nothing is going to happen to My crime partner is that clear to u

Om- ran and grab reporter collar how can u say that she’s absolutely fine go it. And who let u in just get lost from here otherwise I’m going to kill u all

Reporters- Mr Rajput who are they

Security and rudy- shoo the reporters

Reporters- Mr Rajput, Mr Rajput

Devi g- crying yeha meri poti zindagi aur maut say lade rahe hai aur in ko new CEO ki parahi hai ?

Dadi- kuch nahe ho ga Anika puttar ko devi chup kar jao agar hum he haar jaye gay to in bacho ko kon sambalye ga

All start seeing Anika from glass

Tumse judi hai har khushi
Tere bina kya hai yahan

Dr’s were checking Anika’s

Chaahein tumhein hum maange tumhein
Sun le dua yeh aasman

Shivavy- start running on road and stood infront of maata rani idol in temple all broken and ringing the temple bell.

This is ur justice people call u Maa, because maa is the one who knows everything about her child she can’t see her child in pain but u snatched Anika’s maa from her why. Bhagwan nay to maa is liya bani thi kyun tu har jaga nahe jaa sakhti thi to phir kyun tunaye us masom say us ki maa cheeni jawab de

Arye maa to humasha mainey bacho ki khushi may khushi hoti hai kabhi un ki khushi un say cheenti nahe aur tu yeh janatey huwaye bhi k Anika ki maa us k liya kya hai phir bhi kyun tunaye Anika say us ki maa ko cheena

Or this is ur justice that u always snatches that thing which is most precious for us why u always do that. If u have to took it back then why u give us why

Say it this is ur justice that culprit gets forgiveness and innocent gets punishment. Aarye galti meri thi to phir woh masoom khud ko kyun saza de rahe maa bol aaj ek khudgaarz insan tujhse kuch pouch raha hai

Shivavy in cracking voice Mainey kabhi kisi say kuch nahe manga per aaj SSO tujhse apni zindagi ki bheek bangta hoon meri zindagi mujhe lauta do maa meri Anika mujhe lauta do main us k bina maar jau ga.

Anika- was getting uneasy


Percape The conclusion


Hey guys how was ur diwali ? All good and happy

Sorry for delays and thanks for ur comments and showing patients


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