I wanna heart to die but not soul to live – episode 38

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Gauri and bhavya ran and hug devi

gauri- dadi g yeh kya ho gaya di is going back to Canada forever

Bhavya- dadi g plz stop her plz

Om- Shivavy go after bhabi what if she did something to herself. Why u r sitting llike statues get up

Rudy- bhaiya, bhabi needs u please go

Devi g- kitni mushkil say woh ghar wapis aye thi and again she’s gone and this time forever. Dev why slapped her why?

Dev- maa what else i can do after such a long time I’ve seen her and again she wants to leave me and i’m her father don’t I’ve right to stop her from getting away from us.

Gauri- but she’s gone na. Shivavy bhaiya plz get up and bring ur Anika back plz

Shivavy- hug guari, I’m sorry gauri its all because of me she’s going back to Canada but i won’t go after her and i deserve that and its good she’s going back to Canada waha usay mere face nahe dekhna pharey ga atleast she won’t hurt herself this much. See all round the drops of her blood.

I’m sorry dadi g i couldn’t keep my promise I’m really sorry.

Devi g- dev plz bring her back i can’t afford her absences. I promise what ever she will say or do i won’t stop her but bring my life back

Dev- hug devi g( maa )

Anika- was driving too harsh blood oozing from her hands and she was all lost

Rudy crying- don’t go bhaiya but I’ll go and stop my crime partner

Shivavy- she won’t come rudy let her go if she gets peace in this let her live in peace

Devi g- dev why u took Aarohi name don’t u know she can’t bear this. U know na that she infornt of us ever take her name nor she shows to others k apni maa ko kitna yaad karti hai. Usay Aarohi say jouri har cheez ko us room may band kar diya kabhi na us ka khud naam liya na kisi aur ko lenay diya.

Lakin aaj bhi us k ankhen apni maa ko talash karti hai. When she came back from Canada though she was showing that she don’t care about Aarohi but each and every step she was taking towards mansion was pricking her. In heart she was fooling herself that now Aarohi will came her, now Aarohi hug her, now Aarohi will call her “ANU”, now…… crying

Dev- maa stop crying maa

Devi g- that accident has changed Anika life and then u also aparted her from all of us.

Dev- maa Anika life was in danger if i would i have not taken that step then we can lost her forever

Shivavy- dadi g plz tell me what happened to Anika ,why u left her alone , why u guys don’t want Anika to go to that room and why Anika don’t talk about her mother.

Chanda- dadi g I’m going

Devi g- itni raat ko kaha jaa rahe ho

Chanda- sorry dadi g i can’t stay here anymore i was only her for my friend now she’s gone back so there’s no use to stay her

Gauri- but Chanda di its dark

Chanda- don’t u worry about me u guys just worry about urself and plz I’m not ur di don’t call me that and its good that i don’t have sisters like u and i wish no one should get family like u nor even any enemy.

Devi g- Chanda beta what happened?

Chanda- better ask urself dadi g what u all did with my friend I’m cursing myself that why i prayed that Anika should come along with me to India. Na woh wapis ati na usay yeh sab dekhna aur suna pharta.

What my friend wished for just ur happiness na gauri that’s it what else she asked for but u all were “ACCUSING ” Anika that she has committed a sin no sorry she has committed a sin for loving and trusting some1 more then herself but what u all did gauri u didn’t even think before speaking and u stab Anika that ” In ka zameer maar chuka hai”

I know I’m an outside i don’t have any right to talk in between ur personal matters but Anika for me was more than friend. U guys just know how to add spice on Anika’s wounds but I’ve see her how Anika survived all these months. I’m really happy that Anika took step for her and she’s gone back to Canada atleast she don’t have to live with people who wear mask.

Devi g- sach keha rahe ho beta humaye maaf kar do beta

Chanda- why u r saying sorry dadi g I’m sorry even talking to u and gauri Anika has left something for u have it and bye and i wished for last that i never ever me u people in my life.

Gauri- what’s this ?

Chanda- i don’t know look it urself and one morething

Gauri- in shocked stood up what’s this?

Dev- what happened show me?

Gauri- dad property papers and di has transferred whole power of attorney on us

Bhavya- how that’s possible di has transferred whole power of attorney on her name we signed it ourselves and dad also confirmed it.

Gauri- but see this its clearly written that the property of Rs 56000 cores in which different mansions, farm houses, companies and all shares and equities are equally divided among Dev Singh Rajput, GSR, BSR and Shail.

And the rest of the profit that di earned its about Rs 5000 cores out of which 2500 are transferred to dad account and rest of it is for dadi.

Dev- what? But lawyer told me that Anika has transferred all power of attorney on her i myself have seen that copy.

Devi g- crying she lied to u don’t u know her that she’s not interested in money

Bhavya- Gauri di what’s it in other file. Show me. Gauri di these are Shail custody papers and di has transferred it on ur name

Shivavy- what? How’s that possible it was on my name then how come she can give it to Gauri and my lawyer haven’t told me.

Rudy- Shivavy bhaiya what if Shail request Anika di

Shivavy- nope she won’t agree but wait why Anika has transferred shail’s custody on Gauri’s name not on her name

Om- its simple Shivavy, Anika bhaiya will be living in Canada and Shail is in India

Dev- maa is Anika gone mad she haven’t kept single penny for herself how she’s going to manage

Chanda pov- manage nahe dev uncle how she will survive.

Shivavy- thinking

Chanda- namastaye dadi g. Chalti hoon and sorry for speaking u like this

Shivavy- Chanda stop

Chanda- bhagwan Shivavy ko shakh to nahe ho gaya

Shivavy- Chanda listen to me

Chanda- Shivavy I’m getting late my aunt is waiting for me

Shivavy- why Anika haven’t transferred shail’s custody on her name

Chanda- i don’t know she just ask me to handover these files to Gauri that’s it rest i don’t kno…..w

Shivavy- then why u r stammering? And not meeting my eyes

Chanda- I’m not it just that my throat is heavy that’s it

Gauri- Chanda di

Chanda- what i said don’t call me di and now u all start questioning me see I’m not Anika that will……..

Shivavy- Chanda u r hiding something from us

Chanda- I’m not let me go

Shivavy- hold Chanda hand then why ur face start changing colors the moment i called u

Chanda- what u r doing Shivavy leave my hand and I’m not hiding anything from u plz let me go

Shivavy- then why ur eyes are all wet look at me

Chanda- turned her face because I’m missing Anika bus aur kuch nahe

Shivavy- really that’s the point so then u can go and its good Anika is gone even I’m fed up from here

Om- Shivavy

Shivavy- signed all to stay quite. Anika was getting psycho and i can’t tolerate her anymore pagal toh phely he thi ab toh us nay limit he cross kar diye aur I’m SSO not……….

Chanda- blood was boiling just stay quite SSO how can u even say that don’t u have any shame left in u that u still badmouthing about one who loved u like carzy and what ever she’s going through u r reason behind her condition

Sach kaha tha Anika nay k usay nay har rishtey say chhod khai hai aur har rishtey nay us ka bharosa toda hai

Shivavy-Chanda tell me Anika ko kya huwa hai

Chanda- hug Shivavy and burst out she’s dying Shivavy, Anika is dying ??

Devi g- run towards Chanda and shouted yeh kya keha rahe hoon Chanda

Chanda- what i request u in the beginning that don’t let Anika stress and make her angry but u guys didn’t listen to me…..

Gauri- Chanda di

Chanda- bawl out haan Anikaaa ko

” BRAIN TUMOUR” ho gaya hai

Dev- no u r lying

Chanda- I’m not lying aur gauri

“Zameer Anika ka nahe ap sab k maar gaya hai”.

Kitna dard diya hai tum sab nay us ko aur woh to pagal us ko to feel bhi nahe hota

Woh toh khud maar rahi hai and u all are responsible

Shivavy – was crying . His fone ringed Shail

Shail- SSO di kaha jaa rahe hai aur woh yeh kyun keha rahe hai k woh humasha mere sath nahe rahe ge. Mere bina jeena sikho.

Bhavya- hug his dad Chanda di jhoot bol rahe hai na

Shivavy- esa kesay jee lay is k bina. Shouted Anikaaa

Om- rudy come we have to stop her

Devi g- why u didn’t told me before Chanda beta

Chanda- mujhe toh khud aaj pata chal hai dadi. And u know she was not well since morning and she called me back to handover these files to gauri but then she start vomiting and blood was oozing from her nose i was looking for her medicines but see what i found and she slapped the medical reports on Shivavy face.

Chanda spoke out the whole incident happened in office

Yeh hai Anika ka sach woh nahe jo ap say nay kaha usay arye woh toh kisi k ankh may anso nahe dekh sakhti aur tum sab nay us ko khoon k anso rulaye

Gauri, Anika want u to get married not because she’s selfish nor she’s after money but she’s ” SELF LESS” and it was her last wish

Om- but why u kept quite till know

Chanda- Anika nay kasam di thi aur woh kis k dard ki waja nahe bana chati is liya woh Canada jana chati hai

Rudy- phir say kasam

Shivavy- was in shocked to see the reports

Devi g- crying bring my Anika back dev I’m pleading u just bring her

Dev- no nothing will happen to my Anu let me call khurana

khurana – yes Mr Rajput

Dev- don’t let Canada flight to take of i’m coming

Khurana- but

Bhavya- rudy come with me we have to rush to airport.

Om- I’m also coming

Dev- come with me maa I’ve called they won’t take off till we reach

All rushed out except Shivavy and Chanda

Shivavy- what I’ve done? From these hands i twisted her hand usay itna dard ho raha ho ga . Shivavy fist his hand and start punching it hard on walk.

How can u do this SSO, from these hands u hurt her

Chanda- Shivavy what are you doing Shivavy

Shivavy- Chanda don’t stop me u were pleading me not to hurt her but i was so selfish that i couldn’t understand.

See her blood and Shivavy start applying it on his face Anika forgive Anika

Chanda- stop this Shivavy while doing this u r hurting Anika more. U know she can’t see u in pain. She still loves u alot Shivavy go and stop her only ur love can bring ur Anika back even from death


After sometime

Devi g- dev drive fast please

Dev- maa nothing will happen they won’t let Anika go anywhere

Gauri- praying

Bhavya- Gauri di, Anika di ko kuch nahe ho ga na

Om- no bhavya notting will happen to our Anika bhaiya

Rudy- crying Anika di ko kitna dard ho raha ho ga

Om- Rudy stop crying

Shivavy- hello om where u all r ?

Om- Shivavy were are going to airport

Shivavy- no go to RM I’m sure Anika is gone to RM I’m also going there and tell dadi g too

Om- Shivavy r u sure

Shivavy- I’m 100 percent sure

Gauri- hello dad come to RM Anika di is not going to airport. Shivavy bhaiya is saying that Anika di is there so come there we are also going

Dev- r u sure

Gauri- yes

Devi g- what happened Dev?

Dev- maa gauri is saying Anika is going to RM

Devi g- then we’ll also go there apni maa k room jaye gaye. Jab bhi dard bardash say bahir ho jata hai to apni maa k pas he toh jati hai


Rajput Masion

Anika- giving horn to gate keeper

Gate keeper- open the gate

Anika- in full speed drove in all lost and step out of car with much difficulty was moving

Servants- Anikaaa ma’am

Anika- ask them to go from here its off now just go

Servants- but ma’am ur hands

Anika- give shity look to them and she locked the mansion door

Devi- aur kitna time hai dev

Dev- maa bus 25 min more

Chanda- Shivavy drive fast

Shivavy- Chanda don’t panic nothing will happen trust me bus in 10 minutes we’ll reach there

Bhavya- om bhaiya plz hurry

Om- Bhavya see its traffic

Rudy- go from other routes na plz om

Om- rudy be strong

Gauri- was crying

Anika- step in to a room filled with memories of hers and her mother ( room that devi g showed to Shivavy)

Anika crassesing her mother pics

Shivavy- enter the Rajput Mansion and ask gate keeper about Anika

Gate keeper – nodded yes

Chanda- was happy

Shivavy- Anika has locked the door how to get in

Chanda- Windows

Shivavy- tried to open the window at last he break the glass with his hand it start bleeding

Chanda- opened the door

Shivavy and Chanda – shouting Anika.


Percape Anika singing for last time


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