I wanna heart to die but not soul to live – episode 37

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After some time

Girls and boys shouted for Anika and ask kunal to call her and why u guys are not singing where’s ur band

Kunal- start singing

Raj- we want rajputani talwar what say guys we are here for her. What say guys

YES All shouting we want Rajputani Talwar, we want rajputani talwar ?

Komal- yaar humaye phely he nahe ana chaiye tha all u guys forgotten after ” Maa” death she has stop singing

Shivavy- yeh kya khanani hai Anika ki esa kya huwa tha Anika k sath I’ve to find

Kunal- yaar what to do all are asking for ur Aloo Puri

Manu and Karishma were making faces

Arjun- woh nahe aye ge lets call off the party.


Anika office

Chanda- Anika u have worked alot lets go now please

Anika- wait for a while Chanda

Chanda- Anika see I’ve listen to u then u also have to listen to me u already having fever please now its my wish

Anika- what? Wish oho no what’s the time I’ve to rush farm house come with me

Chanda- Anika what happened and please walk slowly

Anika- come Chanda and I’ll tell u in car now hurry

Chanda- Anika yaar drive slow and wait ur hand is burned how come it got burned

Anika- burned but when it got burned i didn’t remember

Chanda pov- paka kuch to huwa hai aur again she got panic attack and she has forgotten. Anika i wish ur wounds gets its medicines and that’s only ” Shivavy”.

Anika plz u come to passenger seat and let me drive

Anika thinking- some wounds have no “Cure” and these wounds are nothing.

Yeh zakham to phir bhi bhar jateye hai magar kuch zakhamo k nisha bhi nahe hotaye lakin phir bhi zindagi bhar k liya jeena he dushawar kar jatey hai.

Chanda- Anika, Anika

Anika- hmm kuch kaha

Chanda- u come on passenger seat and let me drive

Anika- don’t worry Chanda and have to taken the papers na

Chanda- yes but tell me why we r going to farm house

Anika- to meet karishma she’s my friend and she’s having hole in heart and she want me to sing for the last time for her but I’ve forgotten to sing. So I’m just going to meet here and I’ll tell her that i can’t sing. After that u will go to Rajput Mansion and handover these files to gauri.

Chanda- and u. Won’t u come to Rajput Mansion

Anika- no

Chanda- Anika think once again

Anika- didn’t reply


Dev- to lawyer is that true Anika has transferred all power of attorney on her name

Lawyer- yes Mr Rajput see I’ve its copy to. She has transferred all shares, equities, and the rest of the property on her name

Dev- but why u didn’t told me before about this

Lawyer- Mr Rajput I’m just a lawyer I’m not rich then u and Anika ma’am asked me to keep it confidential and if i don’t act upon her saying then my licence will be cancelled.

I’m sorry but I’m helpless in front of ur status

Dev- its fine u may leave now

Lawyer- thankyou Mr Rajput

Dev- why Anika did like that? I’ve to talk to her how can she do that don’t she even think about her sisters.

Dev fone ringed- hello yes

Anika’s personal staff- Sir u have to come to office its urgent

Dev- what’s so urgent is Anika fine

Staff- yes sir she’s fine but board of directors wants to meet u so plz come

Dev- fine i’m coming


Farm house

Dadi- Anika won’t come see all outside are waiting for her but she don’t even think about her friends in morning they came to meet her and she even not greet them properly.

Gauri- dadi what u always say that we should not lose hope untill life is not over and I’m sure di will definitely will come

Rudy- yes dadi g and she’s rajputani talwar jis k dhar ACP ki banduk ki goli say bhi teaz hai

Bhavya- yes dadi aur phir talwar aur gun ka kya mukabala

Om- Shivavy what u think

Shivavy- about what?

Om- why they all are saying that after bhabi’s maa death she has stop singing and did u remember when Naintara was saying that Anika is her daughter….

Shivavy- Anika was crying that she’s not her mother and what she always used to say that she don’t know about her family and only she remember chutki.

Om- then how come all trio are sisters but living with different identities

Shivavy- I’m clueless om but first we have to find about Anika story and mostly all the family members don’t want Anika to go to her Maa room today also even Dev uncle too got shocked when dadi g told him that Anika step in to her maa room

There conversation got distrube by sanju

Sanju- Hey karishma how are u ?

Karishma- I’m good .what about u ?

Sanju- infront of u and what I’ve heard is that true that Anika is going to sing but where she’s after i meant her in club before to….

Karishma- what?. Anika aur club u might have seen some1 else

Sanju- No she was Anika all drunk and was dancing like crazy

Karishma- Anika is changed alot yaar today we were gone to RM to meet her but she was not the same .

Sanju- i think again ” she has lost some1 every close to her”

Karishma- yaar don’t say like that

Sanju- i think its matter of “love”

Karishma- pyaar aur Anika no never apni maa ko khonaye k baad us k pyaar say vishwaz toot chukha that yaar nahe pyaar say usko nafart se ho gaye thi aur sab say kehti thi k pyaar kuch bhi nahe hota ek “dhoka” hai aur kuch nahe

Om- Shivavy have u heard what all are saying about bhabi has lost her faith in love after her mother’s death but u my bhai again give the same pain to her

Shivavy- om i’m also feeling its pain for the first time i loved some1 so deeply lets go inside now she won’t come.

Shivavy felt her prencenes


Anika and Chanda reached farm house from the back gate

Raj- lets go guys and thanks Arjun calling us here after such a long time I’ve meant u all

Arjun- sorry yaar we thought she will come but

Komal- bye Karishma and take care of urself

Karishma- thanks but i till wish that Aloo Puri come i want to listen to her voice it give peace to my last breath

Sanju- hug Karishma

Anika- was held shocked to listen Karishma

Chanda- Anika plz for the last time sing na see all gather here for u and i myself want to listen u and want to record ur voice


All start moving

Anika- pulled her stool and sat on it

All turned and with huge smile on everyone face appeared and shouted ” RAJPUTANI TALWAR”

Raj- oye Rajputani sing some romantic song yeha per bohoto k dil todaye huwaye hai kyun Karishma

Karishma- eyes became watery

Shivavy- too ran outside

Dadi , gauri and bhavya hug eachother

Kunal- so are u all ready

Shivavy- shouted ✊

Karishma- thankyou Anika

Manu- see Arjun our Aloo Puri is here

Arjun- smiled and hold the mic so

Kunal- take ur position guys

Anika- karishma i will try but I’m not sure that I’ll be able to sing

Manu- take ur guitar and close ur eyes

Anika- ok fine but kunal u have to sing with me.

Kunal- that will be my pleasure

Raj- oye Rajputani talwar aur kitna wait karwao gaye now sing

Shivavy- start smiling and pov all the best my love

Anika- closed her eyes and Shivavy came infront of her eyes and she start playing the guitar ????

(Kunal singing)

Kis tarah main bataun
Ki adura main hoon
Yeh yakeen dilaun
Bana tere liye hi main hoon

Mmm.. ab yeh hi hai meri khwahish
Iss pal ko toh main jee loon

( song touch Shivavy heart start imagining himself)

(how do I tell you
that I am incomplete,
and make you believe,
that I am made for you.
Now this is my wish,
that I live this moment.)


Anika start singing with remembering her moments with Shivavy

Tu iss jagah hai khada
Phir bhi hai door tu haan

Shivavy got shocked to listen this and Arjun, Manu, Karishma and kunal step down from stage

you stand here,
and yet you are far.


Anika singing alone and remebering her separation moments with Shivavy
Kuch na raha darmiyaan
Phir kyun dil keh raha

( Shivavy start crying)

there is nothing remaining between us,
then why is the heart saying


Anika- having flashback of dr telling Anika u got ” BRAIN TUMOUR ”

O saathi…
Itna toh bas kar de
Ik aakhiri dafaa sahi
Baahon mein tu bhar le

( Chanda to was crying as she knows Anika turmoil)

O beloved,
just do this much,
even if for one last time,
take me into your arms


Anika- having flashback of how Aarohi and Shivavy pampered her

Teri maujoodgi se
Ik hifazat thi mili

Shivavy having flashback of how he protects her from all troubles

In your presence,
I used to feel safe.


Anika having flashback of her maa and how Shivavy insulted her calling her gold digger and Shivavy saying her u r always after rich crabs

Tu jo chhod gaya mujhe
Toh zindagi bikhri

(Now that you have left me,
my life has fallen apart.)

Ab tu phir saamne hai
Toh dil kar raha hai sawaal

Kyun iss tarah bewafa
Ho gaya tu de de jawaab
Hoke judaa kya mila
Yeh bata de ab yahaan

now that you are in front of me,
the heart is asking,
why did you become infidel,
answer me.
what did you get by leaving me,
tell me now.

Gauri, bhavya and omru eyes to got watery


Anika- remembering her first meeting with Shivavy

O saathi..
Itna toh bas kar de
Ik aakhiri dafaa sahi
Baahon mein tu bhar le

O beloved,
just do this much,
even if for one last time,
take me into your arms


Ik aakhiri dafaa sahi
Baahon mein tu bhar le

even if for one last time,
take me into your arms

Aa… wo…

Shivavy- ran towards Anika and hug her tightly and start crying. Anika to reciprocates

All clapped for rajputani talwar

Shivavy- beautiful dream got broken

Anika- open her eyes and leave the stage ran inside

Arjun tried to stop Anika but karishma stop him jaanaye dy usay sanju was right isay phir kisi apnaye nay phir say koi gheri chhod de hai

Shivavy pov – sach kaha woh main hoon jis nay isay phir say jhora tha aur mainey khud he tod diya

Anjun- but

Manu- lets call off the party tomorrow we’ll go to Rajput Mansion to meet her now let her alone for sometime

Chanda- followed Anika


After some time party is over

Devi g- kitna dard tha Anika ki awaz may. Gauri beta Anika should not know that we are here

Gauri- g dadi

All hid behind pillars

Anika- locked her in room

Chanda- Anika open the door

Anika- just go from here leave me alone I’m fine

Chanda- Anika but

Anika- please go Chanda

Devi g- Anika plz cry out ur emotions i can’t see u in pain

Shivavy- dadi

Devi g- hug Shivavy. Shivavy please i beg u Anika ko us dard say bahir nikalo main usay roz matta nahe dekh sakhti

Shivavy- dadi please don’t cry today I’ll talk to her.

Chanda- Shivavy what u r doing here?

Rudy – hello Chanda di I’m rudy here and see behind me all my gang is here

Chanda- but u all

Devi g- we came here to listen Anika. Kitnay salo k baad usnay gang gaya

Anika- was getting unwell and she start washing her face

Shivavy- step in to Anika room and call her out

Anika- turned her face and pov how come he is here and what he’s in my room Anika got angry and step out

Shivavy- hey I’ve listen ur voice u sang beautiful

Anika- shouted what u r doing in my room and u were following me and when i……

Shivavy- start stepping forward no I’m not following u actually i was…

Anika- listen don’t get close to me i will

Shivavy- u will what and Shivavy pin Anika to walk now say what will do if i get close to u

Anika- i will…..

Shivavy- sshhh rajputani talwar u will not but i will and Shivavy pat his cheek on Anika cheek

Anika- was struggling to free herself but Shivavy don’t let her

Shivavy- Anika aren’t u feeling my touch and in his husky voice Anika i know u r angry with me its ur right to get angry with me but u have to listen because if we u won’t talk then how problems will get it solutions. Anika i was Stone Singh Oberoi but u made me sweet Singh Oberoi. U know when u use to irked me i never stop u because i start feeling for u but could never express them. I’ve never in my life seen a girl like u with a pure soul but just because …….Shivavy start crying. Shivavy warm tears were dropping on Anika bare back.

Anika- start feeling Shivavy tears and she turned her face and lift her head

Shivavy- cupped Anika face and with tears in his eyes ” Anika plz forgive ur bhagar billa plz I’m sorry for hurting u just come back in my life I’m ” Nothing” without u.

Both get lost in blue and brown obrs

O jaana played

Shivavy- pulled Anika close to himself and get intimate. Shivavy, Anika say something Anika was holding Shivavy shirt tightly.

Song played in background
o saathi
itna to bas karde
ek aakhri dafaa sahi
baahon mein tu bhar le

Anika u still love me i know that but ur tadi is stopping u and please let ur tadi go and come back in my colorless life and paint it with the brush of yours and its ur smile “Anika laut ao apni zindagi may” ,Anika hum apni zindagi phir say start karye gay. Anika r u listening to me, say something

Anika- eyes were closed

Shivavy- rolled his eyes down towards Anika. WTF mainey itna kuch kaha aur isay dekho zar so rahe hai main kya

” MATTRESS SINGH OBEROI” hoon jis per so jati hai baat toh theek say karti nahe aur jab thaak jati hai toh phir mujh per late jati hai .

Aur yeh koi waqt hai sonay ka but she’s looking so cute and tired too. Shivavy took in arms and laid her on bed and pat his lips on her forehead and leave from there

Devi g- why Shivavy is taking so long kya baat kar rahy hai dono

Rudy- dadi g baat nahe romance kar rahy ho gay

Bhavya- Rudy

Rudy- start making puppy eyes

Shivavy- came out

Devi g- we came here to listen her. Shivavy tu usay baat karnay gya tha , kesi hai anika, woh theek to hai na, kuch kaha us nay , phir say to gusa to nahe aya

Shivavy- dadi , Anika so gaye hai bohat thaki hui hai let her rest

Devi g- fone ringed. Dev is calling

Gauri- dadi g recieve the call

Devi g- hello dev

Dev- maa where’s Anika is she in RM asked her to come to office

Devi g- kya huwa dev why u r angry and Anika is sleeping

Dev – i’m coming to RM

Devi g- beta were are here on farm house and Anika is here too but tell me. what Anika did ?

Dev- maa I’m coming in half an hour and I’ll tell u but don’t let Anika go any where


Bhavya- what happened dadi why u r looking worried sab theek hai na

Devi g- i don’t know beta but dev is really angry and he’s coming here. Bhagwan ab kya ho ga. Dev wants to talk to Anika

Gauri- but dadi, Anika di won’t talk to dad she even don’t want to see him

Chanda- bhagwan Anika is in pain and know dev uncle is coming pata nahe kya ho ga.

Shall i spoke out the whole truth to them but I’ve promised Anika that i won’t tell any1 but what to do? Let me check Anika she’s fine or not

Anika- fone ringed and she woke up.

Shail- hello di how r u I’m calling u since long time

Anika- shail I’m good how are u

Shail- Anika di mujhe ap ki bohat yaad aa rahe hai plz ap mujhse milnaye ao na.

Anika- shail main nahe aa sakhti aur mere bina jeena sikho main humesha k liya tumharye sath nahe rahu ge aur yeh kya ho gaya hai tujhe

Shail- Anika di why u are saying like this are u going somewhere then take me along with……

Anika- shouted Shail cut the phone and don’t u ever say something like that never again and she throw the fone

Chanda- Anikaaa and Chanda hug Anika kya huwa hai Anika kis ka fone tha.

Anika- shail. Chanda usay mere bina jeena hoga usay yeh kyun samjh nahe aa rahe k usay k sath nahe rahu ge

Chanda- crying Anika he’s small kid. Usaye kya pata k us ki di hum say kitna dur jana jati hai. Calm down Anika acha mujhe to pata he nahe tha k meri dost k andar itna talent hai u sang very beautiful

Anika- what u mean? Aur mainey kab gang gaya?

Chanda pov- isay to yaad he nahe raha

Anika- kya huwa?

Chanda- nothing u wait her let me get green tea for u

Anika- nodded yes


Anika- step down Chanda i’m going and take my car .

Chanda-how u will go to airport no first I’ll drop u to airport and then I’ll go to RM

Dev- step in and shouted Anikaaa

Anika- didn’t react

Dev- Anika is that true that u have resigned from CEO and transfer power of attorney on ur name and didn’t u even thought about ur sisters . I’m asking something from u

Bhavya- dadi, what dad is saying di has resigned

Shivavy- where’s she’s going ?

Devi g- sshh listen

Anika- Chanda see its getting dark routes are also not save so plz go

Chanda- and are routes save for u? And what’s so hurry ur flight to Canada is in…

Devi g- shouted “ANIKA”

And all came out

Anika pov- how come they are here?

Devi g- Anika what I’ve heard is that true u r going back to Canada.

Dev- listen to me Anika this time u r not going anywhere and now i got it why u have resigned

Gauri- Anika di what we have done that u r not even want to see r face and what we did was for u because we all love u and can’t see u in pain

Om- bhabi if u want me and gauri to get married we are ready to for this aur hum aj he shadi kar latey hai but don’t go plz bhabi

Anika- didn’t bother and was moving when Shivavy hold her hand and twisted it back

Chanda- Shivavy

Shivavy- what’s dadi is asking u something u r going back to Canada forever tell me

Om- Shivavy yeh tu kya kar raha hai

Shivavy- om aaj nahe she has to answer our questions now say it I’m asking something say it and he brought Anika more close to himself

Chanda- Shivavy plz leave her u can talk to her in other way to u r hurting her

Shivavy- really Anika its hurting u tell me are u feeling its pain see Chanda ur friend is not feeling its pain and Shivavy tighten his grip

Anika- was standing like statue but didn’t utter a word

Chanda- please Shivavy leave her u know how tadibaaz she’s please i request u. Chanda start crying

Shivavy- see ur friend is crying for u aur tumhaye koi ” faraq he na..

Anika- shouted on this and hit Shivavy hard stop all this nonsense now and who the hell u all r to question me and yes I’ve resigned , I’ve transferred the whole power of attorney on my name is that clear to u Mr Rajput

And how dare u Mr Oberoi to hold my hand and question me. Anika free herself from Shivavy hold and turned towards all. Yes i’m going back to “Canada” got it and this time forever aur hum kab wapis nahe aye gy kabhi bhi nahe happy now

Chanda- Anika don’t shout this much please

Devi g- why u r going back to Canada forever don’t u even think about ur dadi and ur sisters. Dadi came forward and cupped Anika face bol beta tu humaye chhod kar jaa rahe hai

Anika- step back and shouted don’t get close to me have u understood and i don’t have the habit of repeating myself so u may leave and wait how come u all are here

Aur kon se dadi aur kon se behaney

Devi g- start crying Anikaaa

Anika- now don’t shade them

Gauri- Anika di ap dadi say kesay baat kar rahe hai

Anika- don’t teach me and stop calling be di

Bhavya- why should we stop calling u di u r our Anika di and u can’t change the truth. Di plz don’t say that u our Anika di

Anika- just shut ur month ACP Bhavya

Shivavy- eyes start charging its color in anger and shouted clutches Anika badly u r not going understood or in my own way make u understand and what u say who I’m to hold ur hand so listen to me I’m ur….

Anika- U r nothing to me got it just ” nothing.

Devi g- Anika look here and say it that u don’t have any relation with us

Anika- No i don’t have happy

Gauri- then why u came back

Anika- for property

Shivavy- u r lying plz forgive me but don’t do say this aur main janat hoon k meri Anika esi nahe hai woh kabhi bhi pasieyo k liya rishto ko nahe chor sakhti

Anika- start laughing ur Anika kesay. Tell me Mr Oberoi and it doesn’t suit ur image to call ” A Road Trash Urs” its kept there were its belong u can’t bring it home.

Aur wasey bhi I’m characterless girl who always run after “Rich Crabs”

And why u want me back because today I’ve very thing with me NNK and before leaving let me tell u one more thing ” I’m more rich then u Oberoi’s what u have only 1500 cores property bas I’ve property of 56000 cores and if once i step in stock market ur whole market value will get be ” multiple by zero”

Shivavy- Anika plz forget that all i was an idiot to say that u r my life that’s the truth

Gauri- Shivavy bhaiya get up from here why u r pleading Anika Singh Rajput. She’s heartless not heartless but she’s ” STONE” jisnay kisay k honay say yah na honaye say koi farq nahe parhta. Farq parhta hai to sirf pasieyo k liya.

She even didn’t think about shail too he was pleading her not to send him back to boarding school but Miss Anika Singh Rajput the great apni tadi may us masoom k anso bhi nahe dekhey. She’s stone not stone because even water drops can do hole in it

“In ka zameer maar chuka hai”

Chanda- was in tears plz chup kar jaye plz i request u all plz see I’m joining my hands

Anika- glanced gauri

Rudy- anika di i only know how to make puppy eyes and face plz for ur crime partner don’t go back

Bhavya- di plz don’t leave ur little princess alone

Om- bhabi u have forgive Shivavy everytime and teach others how to forgive others aur rishto k matlab ap say behtar kon janata hai. Plz forgive us we all plead u

Devi g- Anika apni dadi ki bhi nahe manao ge

Anika- shouted band karye yeh sab bohat ho gaya sab ka aur ho kon tum sab

Devi g- Anika yeh sab rishtey tere apnay hai aur yeh khareedaye nahe jataye

Anika- eveything has a price and everything has a price tag on it aur kin rishto ki baat karti hai


Aur wasey bhi mujhe in rishto ki zarurt nahe jisi cheez ki thi woh mainey hasli kar liye( Anika is talking about ” Maut”) aur woh bhi free may

And Mr Rajput I’ve for month used ur name and for that I’ve paid to its price too ” 2500″ cores. Bohat badi cheez hoti hai yeh surname toh phir keemat bhi bhari honi chaiye thi. Right Mr Oberoi what u used to ask from me ” surname kya hai tumhara. I bought it and i sold it back

Now Anika ap sab ki liye “MAAR gaye

Dev- slapped Anika

Devi g- ” Dev”

Gauri and bhavya – dad

Anika- how dare u slapped me ha and what right u have on me

Dev- I’m ur dad and now go back to ur room right now. Anika just go to ur room didn’t u listen

Anika-I’m going back to Canada that’s final did u get it Mr Rajput and u were just a “care taker” of my property nothing else and what u said u r my ba…

Dev- say it I’m ur baba i want to listen just say it once beta say na “baba”.

Anika u can’t deny the fact that u r eldest daughter of ” Dev Singh Rajput” aur tumhari rago mein mera khoon hai hai

Anika- start moving towards dinning table took plate in between hands and bashed it in between her hands

All shouted ANIKAAA di, bhabi

Anika- dekhiya “BABA” ap ka khoon baha gaya and anika forward both hands towards dev see

Chanda- Anika what u have done come with me

Dev- start crying

Shivavy- ran towards Anika but Anika stop them and nodded no. Don’t get close to me

Anika- leave me Chanda

Chanda- Anika rukh jao

Dev- Anika agar yeh sab rishtey itnay he sastey may bheektaye hai to jao ” APNA AUR AAROHI KA RISHTA KHAREED K LAO”

Devi g- dev chup kar jao don’t say that

Anika- removed plate piece from her hand and throw it backward and start moving out , turned a little glanced Shivavy and in cracking voice


Shivavy- break down


Anika in hospital


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