I wanna heart to die but not soul to live – episode 36

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Anika- ho gaya sab ka listen to me know don’t ask for me to I’m nothing to u guys and most importantly “Anika Singh Rajput” don’t forgets her ” Enemies” nor she forgive them now go from here u have wasted my time

Bhavya- Anika di we are ur enemies

Anika- ✋

Gauri- bhavya come she’s not ur Anika di she’s Anika Singh Rajput the money making machine. She give more priority to money and these relations are nothing for miss Anika Singh Rajput

Devi g- Anika when u started making enemies

Anika- Krishna open the gate. Anika wore her goggles and drive off

Anika- from the car mirror glance Shivavy

After an hour

Dev- enter the mansion both guari and bhavya hug him tightly and crying. Why my princesses are crying what happened tell ur dad who is the reason behind them

Gauri- no one dad i just want to hug and want to stay close to u for sometime. Dad I’m missing maa

Dev- don’t cry gauri see our little princess is also crying don’t make her cry

Bhavya- dad. Anika di called us her enemies what we did was for her good we have lost maa now we can’t lose her but she has stop talking to us nore she’s listening to dadi

Dev- what happened tell me from start and maa again without security she’s gone. Maa why don’t u stop her from all this

Devi g- she’s Anika Singh Rajput who don’t bother about any1 except for money . That’s what na u always wished for congrates Dev Singh Rajput finally ur wish got come true are u happy now to make her “Arrogant” just u were

Dev- maa please don’t repeat the past and what i did was for her good.

Devi g- Anika tried to kill herself and u know what ur daughter is suffering from Amnesia

Dev- what are u saving maa

Devi g- yes dev ur daughter is ill and she’s killing herself mentality and physically and u know what when she got panic attacks she forgets everything that happened in between that and her anger bring storm.

I along with Oberoi’s went to our pushtani Mandir and in my absence she went to Aarohi room

Dev ( shockingly) – maa

Shivavy pov- why they don’t want Anika to go to her maa room nor any1 talk about them not even Anika ?

Devi g- and yesterday she killed herself mentality and physically

Dev- what?

Gauri- dad, Anika di wants me to get married in 3 days but before that she has too keep suryashasti vrat

We all made a plan to stop di for doing this madness. We got successful in that but di came to know about this and she asked us to play game with her ” zindagi aur maut” ka khel

We all tried to stop her but she had injected toxin in her body so we have to play that game

Bhavya- then she start playing with us and she added cloves in our dish

Dev- but she’s allergict to it

Devi g- that’s why she added them and u know she added posion in gajar halwa but thankfully i haven’t picked the poison one

Dev- but maa why Anika is doing all this and what’s so

Devi g- someone has broken her into pieces and its the result of that and her friend Chanda strictly warn us that Anika should not be given any stress because if she don’t stop taking stress Anika can get ” BRAIN TUMOUR” ( crying)

Shivavy- bend his head down

Dev- maa stop crying nothing will happen to my “ANU”

Devi g- i hope so and Anika has transferred all power of attorney on her name also i don’t understand why she did that

Dev- but maa lawyers didn’t told me about this. Maa don’t worry I’ve talk to Anika myself now come with me i need to talk to u alone. Gauri and bhavya beta u too come

Devi g- what’s so confidential

Dev- maa please come

Shivavy- if its about Anika can i join u Mr Rajput

Gauri- dad let them come. They all are family and they love Anika di alot specially Shivavy bhaiya

Dev- glance Shivavy and ask them to come


Dev- gauri who’s Ragini

Gauri- Nagini

Dev – do u know her

Shivavy- yes we all know her but why u r asking for her and how do u know about her

Dev- maa did u remember some1 tried to kill Anika in farm house

Devi g- how can i forget that

Dev- maa that Ragini hired a contract killer to kill Anika

Shivavy- what Ragini is behind this i won’t leave here i’m coming dadi

Dev- Shivavy u don’t need to do anything that Nagini tried to kill Dev Singh Rajput ” daughter” she’s getting worse thing then death. Maa i promised u that whoever will be behind my daughter he/she will get plead for death but i won’t give such a simple death . Now see this

Shivavy- blood was boiling in anger

Omru- we wish we can kill her by our own hands

Shivavy- Nagini i’ll destroy ur whole family

Dev- that’s already done so chill. Maa I’m going to court today is her first and last hearing. And trust me ur poti will be back.

Gauri and bhavya don’t cry because ur dad hate tears in ur eyes

Gauri- then why u made Anika di cry


Anika office

Anika- was lost in thoughts and pov I’ve nothing left with me. No one is mine and i don’t need any1 so how can some1 will be mine. Maa I’ve ” lost out ” sorry maa i couldn’t keep ur promise. Gauri and bhavya are grown up know they know what’s good for them.
Maa u tell were should i go. What i wanted just their happiness u know na i don’t have much time left with me and i’m pleased that soon ” I’m going to meet u”

Chanda- Anika, Anika and she put hand on Anika shoulder and brought her out of thoughts. Anika where u get lost in urself

Anika- back was towards Chanda and ask when did u came here

Chanda- not more than just 20 minutes ago but why u r not facing me are u all right. Chanda pulled Anika chair towards her. Anika why ur eyes are swell and all red are u all right. Chanda touch Anika forehead which was burning like sun.

Anika- stood up and hug Chanda tightly

Chanda- kya huwa hai Anika is for head aching tell me have to taken ur medicines. Bol Anika kya huwa hai kesi na kuch kaha hai, kuch huwa hai ghar par bolo na. Anikaaa apni dost ko bhi nahe batao gye

Anika- chanda I’m going back to Canada and i called u to back because i want to bit good bye to my friend

Chanda – Anika why u r going back ur whole family is here. How can u leave them alone ok fine don’t think about others but what about shail.

Anika- he’s growing up and he’s to understand that i won’t stay with him always

Chanda- why r u saying like this and wait today is gauri wedding so what u r doing here.

Anika- gauri don’t want to get married so what can i do in that afterall I’m notting to them and nor i want to be. Its her decision and i respect that. It was just i want to fulfill my responsibility but its fine now if she don’t want me to do that I’m happy for them and i wish they get all the happiness

Chanda- Anika don’t think like that ur sisters love u alot they might be angry with u.

Anika- don’t talk about love Chanda. Its most horrible nightmare of my life.

Chanda- tell me Anika what happened plz tell me atleast for our friendship sake

Anika-Yes today was gauri wedding to be held but everytime I’ve been “cheated” by my own loved ones. U know there where problems in gauri birth card and pandit ask to keep suryashasti vrat i was ready for it but then gauri called me that dadi got heart attack.

Chanda- Kya?

Anika- don’t get shocked it was just their plan to play with Anika that’s it. They lied to me and i again in the flow of relations even for seconds didn’t thought that they might be making “PAPPU” of me. I was running on roads like crazy and only one think that was running in my mind that how both of my dolls will be handling this situations though both are grown up but for me they are my little sisters and i was worried for dadi what if i didn’t reach soon and if something happened to dadi what I’m going to do how I’m going to face all is that I’m the reason behind dadi condition. When i reach home gauri was crying i was cursing myself because that I’m so bad that my dolls are crying and dadi fall ill.

Anika- i promised them i i won’t keep that fast and i walked of i always thought that ” pinky aunty” is against me but then again she showed me my “AUKAT ” and she again proved that I’m just a ” tissue paper” in their lifes jis jab jesay kehai bhi use kiya aur phir fhank diya. They at my back make fun of me . Calling me fool, dum. Anika di ki halat dekhnay wali thi. That was only thing left i was again ” SLAUGHTER”

Chanda- start crying

Anika- chanda why u r crying ? When I’m not feeling its pain then why u r crying oho chanda . Main her rishtaye say haar gaye chanda Anika haar gaye. I’m not feeling bad for it because its my 2rs kismat.

Chanda- why r u saying like this aur Anika kisi say bhi nahe haar sakhti. Chanda cupped Anika face nahe Anika nahe

Anika- rush to washroom start vomiting and blood start oozing from her nose.

There Chanda was lookinh for ankia medicines she opened the drawer was held shocked to see Anika’s medical reports.

Chanda- shouted Anikaaaa

Anika- step out of the washroom give fake smiled to chanda and shouted Anika Singh Rajput jeet gaye Chanda. Aur Anika haar gaye that Anika lost off

Chanda- cupped Anika face ( crying) Anika yeh tunaye Kya kar diya khud k sath kyun Anika kyun. And why u didn’t told me before now i got it why u were saying that u won’t stay with was always.

Main abhi jaa kar Shivavy ko bata rahe hoon Anika.

Anika- hold Chanda hand and nodded u r not going to do anything like that got it chanda.

Chanda- but why u don’t want me to tell them they have the right to know about this

Anika- smiled remembered Chanda one day what i said that this time Anika has to lose at any cost and see Anika is poor loser and Anikaaa Singh Rajput win over it and don’t cry.

Anika loved him but this Anika don’t even hate him i tired to hate him but this heart and mind didn’t let me to forget him.

Chanda- itna pyar kyun kesi say kiya tunaye Anika

Anika- yehi toh khata thi meri aur phir jab khata meri toh saza bhi mujhe he mil ni thi

Mera har rishtaye say bharosa toota hai

Chanda- Anika don’t give this much pain to urself. Ok fine if u don’t want me to tell anyone about this fine come we both will get back to Canada and dr mark will treat you please i beg u

Anika- nothing can save me Chanda.

Chanda- don’t say like that

Anika- chanda try to understand yaar and i don’t want to live now clean ur tears and listen to me

Chanda- no i won’t listen to u and I’m going

Anika- tried to stop her but she start coughing and choking heavily

Chanda- Anika, Anika

Anika- Chanda plz its my last wish yaar don’t tell anyone about this i don’t want to become the cause of any1 pain please chanda tujhe humari dosti ki kasam. Chanda atleast u fulfill my last wish

Chanda crying – say it pagali what u want me to do and i promise i won’t tell any1

Anika- choking pinky promise

Chanda- hmmm pinky promise

Anika- these are power of attorney papers and shail custody papers soon i leave for Canada hand over it to gauri. And this is for u and don’t say no to me because i don’t have the habit of listening “No”

Chanda- Anika u already have do alot for me

Anika- what u did for me this amount is nothing infront for that and its wedding gift from me .

Thankyou Chanda aur sorry bhi tere aur mere sath yehi tak ka tha. Anika opened her arms

Chanda- run towards Anika and hug her tightly and burst out into tears

Anika- sshhh Chanda bas kar come let’s enjoy are last and all perious moment of our friendship see I’ve ordered ur favourite
” PANI PURI” now clean ur tears what i said i don’t want to become the cause of tears and though its pani puri don’t make it ” RONI PURI” and Anika start tickling Chanda

Chanda- start laughing with tears in her eyes having flashback of time she spend with Anika

Tere jaisa yaar kahan
Kahan aisa yaarana
Yaad karegi duniya
Tera mera afsana

Meri zindagi sawaari
Mujhko gale lagake
Baitha diya falak pe
Mujhe khaat se oothake

Anika- was feeding Chanda

Chanda- immediately hug Anika tightly and again start crying

Anika- don’t cry Chanda please. Chanda take care of shail.

Now come with me help me in these calculations


Rajput Mansion

Shivavy ( thinking)- will Anika sing today or not i want to listen to her voice but how to go there. Let me talk to gauri. Gauri

Gauri- g Shivavy bhaiya

Shivavy- can we go to farm house please

Gauri- how come we can go there its Anika’s di fellow reunion and di friends have not invited us then how and di won’t sing

Shivavy- she will sing i know her do something call her friend please gauri i beg

Gauri- wait let me talk to manu di

Devi g- don’t need for that beta we r going to farm house after all Anika intnaye salo k baad ganaa ga rahe hai get ready you too Shivavy beta

Shivavy- start jumping. Thankyou dadi thankyou i love u, i love u but not more than Anika


Farm house

Kunal, Manu, Karishma and Arjun reached farm house and all fellows to came

Dadi, gauri , bhavya and shivomru to reached there

All fellow start greeting each other.

Girl- hey have u heard Anika after such a long time she’s going to sing

Boy- yup i know that and u know most of us came here to meet her

Arjun- so r u guys ready for rajputani talwar

All shouted yes but when she will come

Rudy- Shivavy bhaiya have u heard all are waiting for Anika di and all of her class fellow call her ” Rajputani Talwar”

Shivavy- smiling she’s Charm even I’m desperate for her arrival

Om- i don’t think so Anika bhabi will come

Karishma- yaar lets start the party

Kunal- so are u guys ready

All shouted yes

Manu- so lets start the fun

After some time

Girls and boys shouted for Anika and ask kunal to call her and why u guys are not singing where’s ur band

Kunal- start singing

Raj- we want rajputani talwar what say guys we are here for her. What say guys

YES All shouting we want Rajputani Talwar, we want rajputani talwar ?

Komal- yaar humaye phely he nahe ana chaiye tha all u guys forgotten after ” Maa” death she has stop singing

Shivavy- yeh kya khanani hai Anika ki esa kya huwa tha Anika k sath I’ve to find

Kunal- yaar what to do all are asking for ur Aloo Puri

Manu and Karishma were making faces

Arjun- woh nahe aye ge lets call off the party.


Kya Anika aye gaye ?


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