I wanna heart to die but not soul to live – episode 34

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Devi g- Anikaaa

Anika- what a performance I’m impressed

Gauri- Anika di what we did

Om- bhabi

Anika- don’t panic guys and why u all stop dancing and laughing continue am I look like devil from whom u all are afarid of

Bhavya- Anika di u r not angry with us

Anika- no why should I be i understood that what u guys did was for me now chill

Rudy-O pinch me

Bhavya- Rudy why?

Rudy- I’m dreaming or its true

Om- hit on Rudy head

Rudy- yeh sach hai

Anika- start laughing

Shivavy- Anika are u fine na

Gauri- Anika di

Anika- I’m fine guys

Shivavy- step forward

Anika- too step forward

Shivavy- Anika I’m sorry that I lied to u but tum meri zindagi ho aur main apni zindagi ko khona nahe chata hoon and he hug Anika

Anika-too reciprocates

Shivavy- grip was getting tight

Anika- Shivavy

Shivavy- what u said

Anika- Shivavy

Shivavy- start crying after so many months I’ve heard my name from ur month

Anika- Shivavy leave me now

Shivavy- no i won’t

Anika- Shivavy ur grip is getting tight and I’m hungry i can’t take this more

Shivavy- oho sorry

Devi g- thankyou anika beta for understanding

Anika- don’t say like that Dadi g i was fooled that I couldn’t understand ur feelings. Dadi I’m hungry

Devi g- oho sorry let me prepared dinner for

gauri- not only u we all will prepare ur favourite dishes

Om- but what too?

Anika- let me decide

Shivavy- sure

Anika- Dadi will prepare gajar ka halwa, gauri and bhavya will cook some indian food and omru will cook some continental

Om- done bhabi

Shivavy- but what about me

Anika- that I’ll decide later now u do ur jobs and i do mine

Guari- what

Anika- nothing I’m going to get fresh up

Pinky- how come Anika didn’t got angry

All start dancing yes finally Anika smiled

Anika- we’ll see ? u lied to me na see what I’m going to do with u all.

Gauri- come bhavya first we’ll cook

Om- no first we’ll cook

Devi g- cough excuse me she’s my poti and she requested me to cook so first I’ll and after that u guys can decide. Bye

Shivavy- was jumping in his room she called me my my name Shivavy today I’m loving my name more when her lips no, no naughty Shivavy control but when I’m going to taste her lips Anika u r so sweet ??? she hugged me. Her fragrance is spread all around my body her affection is making me crazy.

Anika- called some1 and smiled she drop the fone . Now what to wear, something unique today’s my day and she open her wardrobe and choose a pretty frock and leave for bath. ( sings aaj k raat hona hai kya)?

Devi g – its ready hope anika like it. Now u guys can carry on

Gauri- ladies first omkara g?

Om- smiling leave the counter ?

Rudy-O what u did how can u give them

Om- guari was smiling so I don’t want to ruin her smile. And its pasta it can be ready in 20 minutes so chill

Rudy- wow O pyar k liya bhai k khushi bhool gaya

Bhavya- Rudy what happened and she start coming close to Rudy

Rudy- bhavya what r u doing?

Bhavya- was coming close. Rudy stepping back bhavya yeh theek nahe hai and Rudy got still as his back touches the counter. Bhavya looking straight in to his eyes and in husky voice Rudy

Rudy- was looking bhavya hand direction. What u r doing

Bhavya- Rudy and she took pan and hit on Rudy head. Don’t think this much dumbbell Singh Oberoi and she ran from there

Om- Rudy why u r breathing like girls

Rudy- O woh bhavya woh

Gauri and bhavya start giggling

Pinky- fuming who come my plan got failed. Again Shivavy and Anika are getting close no I can’t let this happen. What I’ve not done to create rift between them but still the get close. Bhagwan please do something that both get aparted from one another
” jesay doo kinarye nazdeek to lagatey hai lakin kabhi mil na paye ”
After one hour

Shivavy- so all set

Devi g- yes Shivavy but where’s anika

Shivavy- felt Anika prencenes and he turned back

Anika- was stepping down and was looking like ” Fairy’s” but with no spark in eyes

Shivavy- mouth got widen and was staring anika

Devi g- anika u look u pretty finally this house got its light back

Anika- pass fake smile

Shivavy- Anika u r looking like Angel

Anika pov- not Angel Mr Oberoi, ” Gold DIGGER”

Gauri- anika di come table is set

Anika- like this u guys are going to make me eat go and get fresh up and i need all of u in 10 min

Rudy- yes anika di

Devi g- thankyou anika beta

Anika- keep this thankyou for something else now go I’m waiting

Shivavy- can I stay with u

Anika- nodded no

Shivavy- ok fine I’ll be back in few minutes
After 10 minutes

All step out of there rooms

Devi g- Why lights are dim

Anika- Dadi surprise

Shivavy- surprise i love surprise

Anika- dekhtaye hai

Shivavy- did u said something

Anika- so all are ready

All nodded yes

Gauri- first I’ll feed my anika di

Rudy- in which books its written that first chullbul is going to feed

Bhavya- in our books and she’s our di

Om- and our bhabi

Rudy- and my “crime partner”

Shivavy- was smiling

Dadi- chup karo

Jhanvi- anika u say whom u want to feed u first

Anika- first u all have to answer my question than I’ll decide who will fed me

Devi g- kesa sawal

Anika- back was towards them just a simple question. Tell me what I’m for u all?

All shouted ” Zindagi” ho humari

Devi g- ” Noor ho mere ghar ka

Shivavy- meri zindagi ka hasil ho

Anika- turned her face so lets start k game

Shivavy- what game?

Anika- game of ur life

Devi g- what u mean anika beta

Anika- Dadi g don’t act. What I asked u all just a minute ago

Bhavya- that what u r for us?

Anika- great ACP bhavya.. And u all said that I’m ur life. Anika frown her eyebrow

Shivavy- Kya karnaye wali ho Anika

Anika- I’m hungry yaar feed me but let’s play game with ur life’s and if I’m not deaf so “THAT’S ME”

Devi g- Anika say it in simple language please

Anika- fine Dadi g ” Zindagi aur Maut” ka khel with ur life’s dears. So let’s take a start. And let me set the rules for the game.

Shivavy- have u gone mad aur yeh kon sa khel hai

Anika- Shivavy Baby don’t talk when Anika Singh Rajput is speaking.

Devi g- Anika

Anika- so

There are 2 bowls of every dish that u guys prepared for me thanks for that.

Now rules :

1. Choose 1 bowl of ur choice

2- feed me by ur hands

3- No will say ” No” to me. I’m clear

4- u will have 4 minutes to feed me and 1 minute to choose the bowl

5- No will pov a word

Rudy- that’s so smiple let me feed u Anika di first

Anika- sure Rudra. Come

Rudy- step forward and uncover the bowls

Anika- smiled

Rudy- Anika what’s this? Anika di

Anika- O no yeh bheega pejama nahe

Rudy- that I said why we were

Anika- yeh to zindagi aur maut hai ab dekhtaye hai kon zindagi deta hai apni zindagi ko aur kon maut

Shivavy- Anika what’s rubbish you r talking

Anika- Oho Mr Oberoi that’s the game

Dadi – puttar what r u doing?

Anika- Abhi to bohot kuch hona baki hai

Om- none of us is playing this game come Shivavy let’s go from here

All start stepping to there room

Anika- shouted u guys have no choice left instead of doing what I asked for

Gauri- hum ap ki baat nahe manaye gay

Anika- u have to Gauri Singh Rajput

Shivavy- agar na manaye to Kya kar lo ge Anika

Anika- karu ge nahe kar chuki hoon Mr Oberoi

Devi g- Kya kiya hai tunaye Anika

Anika- I’ve injected toxin in my body

Shivavy- what?

Devi g- start crying Anika why u do r doing with urself

Shivavy- Anika we are sorry Anika we lied to u ok fine punish us we all are at fault not u I’m sorry

Gauri- anika di u did all this because we stop u from keeping that vart na

Anika- time is running dears the more u will delay the more ur life will be killed so do it fast because I’ve its anti- toxin with me

Shivavy- u r lying

Anika- I’m not lairs like u guys now listen to last 2 rules

Shivavy- got shocked . were is its anti- toxin tell me

Devi g- I’m sorry beta what i did plz stop this all

Anika- last but not the least 6 and 7 rule

6- choose ur partner
how’s going to feed me

7- and last but not the least no one will shade a single tear because I hate them

Bhavya- di plz don’t do this i plead

Anika- guards hold them all so the fun is began .

Shivavy- leave me.

Anika- shhhh plz and first is devi g turn see what’s it in ur gajar ka halwa come devi g

All where crying

Devi g- Anika

Anika- don’t cry 98 second left

Gauri- di plz forgive us

Anika- do it fast devi g see ur poti is waiting for her turn

Devi g- uncoverd the bowls and cup her mouth

Anika- to step forward and cup her face ?
” POISON” not bad devi g

Shivavy- shouted Anika pagal ho gye ho tum

Devi g- crying beta kyun kar rahe ho

Anika- devi g ab marnaye say phely apni favourite dish khaa kar na marye

Shivomru- had a flashback of this when Anika said the same

Anika- Now choose and don’t cry

Devi g- closed her eyes and picked one of the bowl

Anika- good now come and feed ur life see what u give me and she open her mouth

Gauri- was praying and crying

Bhavya- was struggling with guard’s leave me

Anika- don’t u have manners ACP when we are eating we should not talk

Devi g- start feeding Anika , crying

Anika- don’t cry otherwise

Devi g- I won’t cry see I’m not crying

Anika- good. after 4- 5 bites start coughing and hold her neck.

All got shocked

Shivavy- leave me

Anika- devi g u give me poison and she closed her eyes

Devi g- Anika, Anika

Omru- leave us u blo*dy

Shivavy- break down

Anika- winks and start laughing ????

Devi g-anika and she tried to hug Anika but Anika stop her

Anika- next is omru now decided who will come from ur side

Rudy-O u go

Om- bhabi plz for God sake .what u will get while doing this

Anika- come on omkara g today and plz laugh now. Boys do u know him

Guards- nodded no

Anika- what? U don’t know him. He’s man who never lies but today he lied to me. 50 seconds left

Om- ran and choose his bowl

Anika- it look nice but what’s there in it let me guess. Poison or black Olive oil

Guari- Anika ur are allergict to it

Anika- oops what will happen now gauri?

Shivavy- bas kar do Anika can’t u see we all were worried for u that’s we did that now stop this madness

Anika- shouted don’t show me ur fake concern I hate this.
ohoho Mr Oberoi is get angry. Uff save me I got scared of him save me plz

Shivavy- Anika kill me but not urself look I’m ready to died

Anika- she got angry ? and stab her hands on table .

Shivavy- Kya kar rahe ho why u r hurting urself

Anika-I’m doing the same baby so chill and don’t cry the more u will cry the more I’ll prick ur life

Om- start feeding Anika

Anika- see Rudra omkara g ki halat dekhaye

Om- had flashback of saying the same

Anika- I’m done and congrats u saved ur life next comes the ” true worshipper of bhagwans” any gusess guys

Gauri- Anika di

Anika- let me call her. Hello gauri plz come ur life is in danger she injected toxin in her body plz come

Gauri- had a flashback of how she I’m the same way called Anika and lied to her. Gauri shouted I’m coming di.

Anika- see ACP Bhavya ap ki guari di ki OMM ho rahe hai

Jhanvi- Anika beta won’t u listen to ur baade maa

Anika- hurry guari I’m dying

Gauri- Anika di please don’t say like that

Anika- Now let see zindagi milti hai k maut

Gauri- hands were shivering

Anika- in gauri style shankar g plz help me and she hold gauri hand don’t shiver “chutki” feed me

Gauri- start feeding Anika and got shocked to see cloves in it.. Anika di u added cloves in it

Bhavya- Anika di

Anika- bhavya ap kya ho ga, uff gauri k shankar g nay kya kar diya. Gauri may
stomach kis aching, I can’t breath.

Shivavy- shouted Anika and free himself to hold Anika but Anika sign him don’t come close to her

Anika- start vomiting

Gauri- di

Bhavya- Anika di where are ur medicines

Gauri- start looking from medicines

Devi g- I join my hands infront of u Anika don’t play with ur life like this

Anika- u won’t get them guari because that are with me

Shivavy- give it to me Anika

Anika- chill guys I won’t die so soon let’s enjoy last breath of ur lifes

Music played

Tann Bhi Hai Mann Bhi Hai Pighla Huaan
Chhayi Hai Ranginiya Phir Bhi Hai Betaabiyan
Kyun Dhadakta Hai Dil
Kyun Yeh Kehta Hai Dil
Deewanon Ko Ab Tak Nahi Hai Yeh Pata
Aaj Ki Raat Khona Hai Kya Paana Hai Kya
Khona Hai Kya
Aaj Ki Raat Khona Hai Kya Paana Hai Kya
Khona Hai Kya

Anika- was dancing

Shivavy- hold Anika hand and shouted bus bohat ho gaya Anika come with me u r not in ur senses

Anika- Now its ur turn Shivavy Baby still u r not done i won’t die so soon. So pick that glass of water a make me drink after all pani to humarye rishtaye k nishani thi

All were standing helpless

Shivavy- where’s it

Anika- there’s it

Shivavy- fown Anika

Anika- make me drink it

Shivavy- I won’t u added chill powder in it and he tried to throw it but Anika hold his hand

Anika- don’t forget Shivavy baby ur life is in danger aur haan 5 minute hai tumhare pas ? so peelao mujh warna mujhe khud peena parhaye ga

Shivavy- got shocked to listen this ” Anika” u still remember that ( same as Shivavy forced Anika to get married to him). U have five minutes wear it or otherwise I myself have to make u wear

Anika- smiled

Shivavy- eyes got watery Anika tum easa kesay kar sakhti ho( same as Anika was pleading)

Anika- eyes got red in anger she cupped Shivavy face and in threatening voice shouted “main aur bhi hohat khuch kar sakhti hoon Mr Oberoi ”

Shivavy- crying and had a flashback how he did the same with her

Anika- give glass to Shivavy and hold his hand and start drinking that water

Shivavy- pas Anika pas aur nahe

Anika- finished the glass and throw it. U give me “Maut”

Shivavy- crying

Anika- coughing what’s so hurry let ur life struggle more.

Om- don’t u feel its pain bhabi

Anika- shouted again u called me bhabi now see in 5 minutes toxin will do its rest of the work and soon ur life will die and I don’t feel its pain but wait not now let me give some relief to ur life its too early to kill ur life

Shivavy- give that anti- toxin to me

Anika- pulled Shivavy closed and took injection from his pockect inject it in her body

Devi g- Anika how can u be so heartless

Anika- I was born with that

Devi g- break down i did was for u Anika we all Anika u r not well and we don’t want u to suffer more I know u have lost alot in ur life but this is not the way to destroy ur life janti ho Anika since last 19 years us mandir may woh ” diye” is liya jaal raha hai kyun woh diya tum ho jesanay apni roshani say is ghar ko aur humari zindagiyo humasha roshan rakha mainey kabhi bhi usay boojnaye nahe diya aur tere loot anaye ka intazar karti thi.

Anika- toh bhooja dy is “diye” ko aur yeh diya roshani nahe sab khuch raakh kar de ga bhooja dy is ko. and if u can’t do this let me do it myself and start start walking towards temple and put her hand on diya and shouted lo bhooj gaye yeh roshani

Devi g- Anika yeh tunaye Kya kiya

Anika- hand got burned and showed to all see ur diya got off and she start struggling for breath

Shivavy- ran and hug her and start rubbing her back pas Anika pas. Gauri bring water fast

Gauri- take this bhaiya

Shivavy- make her drink water Anika we all we do what u will say I promise

Omru- yes bhabi

Bhavya- Anika di listen na

Anika- got short of breath and push them away and walk to her room

Shivavy- ask them to go to there respective rooms

Devi g- for the first time Anika wished for something but what we did. We lied to her after ur Aarohi left this world. Anika became ur mother she always did what a mother suppose to do but we all ditch her its good we all deserve this from her now go to ur rooms see that storm is also gone ?

After few hours

Anika- was looking for her sleeping pills but she couldn’t get then she was getting restless

Shivavy- was crying outside Anika room. Anika itna gusa kyun Anika

Anika- step out of the room

Shivavy- notice Anika condition that was getting worse

Anika- went to study to get her sleeping pills

Shivavy- knew what she’s looking for and he took pills in his hand. He showed the bottle to Anika for this u r looking for

Anika- give in to me in angry tone

Shivavy- I won’t and he ran outside the mansion

Anika- too ran after him but she fall down

Shivavy- Anika

Anika- with much difficulty stand on her feet and shouted give them back

Shivavy- I won’t take them urself

Anika- came forward

Shivavy- pull her close and hug her tightly

Anika- leave me

Shivavy- I won’t leave u and he hug her more tightly and start crying. Anika calm down and Shivavy start rubbing her back bas meri panika bas aur dard nahe do ge khud ko samajh aye Shivavy kiss Anika cheek

Anika- in low tone give my pills to me and leave me Shivavy

(Note: Anika is under the effect of pain )

Shivavy- no i won’t and listen to me these pills are not good for ur health.
Anika itna gusa kyun ata hai tumhaye meri Anika to ” Panika” hai to yeh ” Angryika kesay bana gaye

Anika- Shivavy

Shivavy- hmmm

Anika- why u did that with me?

Shivavy- crying Anika because I love u and i can’t see u in some1 embrace I’m sorry Anika what I did with u in all these months. Now look into my eyes Anika. Shivavy lift Anika chin

Anika- shiv..avy u r crying

Both have a eyelock

O jaana played

Shivavy- no I’m not and Shivavy get close to Anika

Anika- Shivavy leave me now and give pills to me I want to sleep its late

Shivavy- but pills…

Anika- I won’t get sleep without them for minutes they give me relief to forget u.

Shivavy- come let me make u sleep Shivavy hug her and start brushing her hairs

Anika- was resting on Shivavy chest his heartbeat was give peace to Anika restless soul. She start pushing Shivavy down towards floor

Shivavy- lay down on floor as he knew that Anika is tried

Anika – was laying on Shivavy chest put her hand on Shivavy face and pov Shivavy

Shivavy- what happened?

Anika- I’m not get sleep give my pills to me my hand is also paining see

Shivavy- why u burned it?

Anika- I haven’t burned it

Shivavy ( thinking)- yeh bhool gaye hai

Anika-was cuddling in Shivavy

Shivavy- covered Anika in his arms

Anika- Shivavy I’m going..

Shivavy- where r u going

Anika- I’m dyi…..

Shivavy- Anika kaha jaa rahe hoo

Anika- its paining

Shivavy- kaha ho rahe hai pain

Anika- my whole soul is aching

Shivavy- had tears in his eyes because he knows what his love is talking about

Shivavy- hug anika tightly and kissed on Anika forehead

Anika- was feeling his touch. Anika foward her hand

Shivavy crying- understood what Anika is asking for. Shivvay hold her hand and start kissing her

Anika- closed her eyes but breathing heavily, stiffing and was rubbing her face on Shivavy chest

Shivavy- Anika Kya huwa, Anika. Shivavy truned her face and smiled with tears eyes ” so gaye ” Shivavy caressing her face.
Anika main sab theek kar do ga meri khirkitor Anika

Anika- again had dreadfull flashback and she got scared and hold Shivavy tightly.. and she start pressing Shivavy close to herself.

Shivavy- yeh phir dar rahe hai. Anika don’t panic I’m there calm down and he start rubbing her back and pat his lips on her forehead

Anika- finally got comfort in her love embrace

Shivavy- too close his eyes both were in each other arms
No precape

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