I wanna heart to die but not soul to live – episode 1

Me nati and for the first time im writing so ingnore grammatical and spelling mistakes..
And my story is on current track so let’s begin
S for shivay bhai
R for Rudy
O for om
A and Ab for anika bhabi
G for guari
B for Bhavay
R for ragini

so after the engagement R played hercheap trick and S believed it and he decided to marry R so he purpose her in front for every one who present there in the OM hall and it broke A into pieces and she without any1 notice went to her room she locked the door and burst out into the river of tears.
S to move towards his room he was restless too bcoz he is very well awear of A situation but his ego didn’t let him to hold his lady with love.
Knock on S door omru come and need to talk to u no S not u we needto ask you what all this how can u decide ur fate with that Nagini when u knw more than us that ur fate is just with bhabi then why u r hurting urself when u knw it’s pricking bhabi more so plz stop this game now S eyes turn green due to anger and he ask both to leave and get ur self and be prepared for ur brother wedding omru left S.

There G and B were contionusly knocking A door but she didn’t open the door omru too came and ask AB to open it plz bhabi plz and finally she open the door and let all 4 to in rudy lock the door again all 4 hug A and try to console her but through she was breaking show the courage and said I’m fine don’t worry i felt bad for a moment but now I’m good and more happy that S he deserves the better 1 so im happy really bhabi u r. A turned her face tears in her eyes composed herself and said yes.

Omru had tears in there eyes and they again move towards S room who was buzy with his laptop.
O pov whats all this plz enough is enough u have to change ur decision why u know SSO never changes his decision and whats a big deal in it if she can move on why not me ha… SB u have but with AB. Enough of u leave me alone i hv work to do and as 2morrow is my wedding so let me clear this stuff. R in tears o lets go u knw he’s not my SB who use to listen to us and can do anything for us before we asked for.

Anika room B and G try to cheer her but in vein B plz have sonething u haven’t eaten anything since morning plz. A i’ll hv it in few min plz its a requests u both go i need to rest for some time they both hugged her and left AB there omru were w8ing for both outside the room rudy asked did bhabi have something both nodded no.

Precape: Anika step towards Shivay room.

Guys if u like the concept do write ur positive and negative comments if u liked it let me knw
Then I’ll move further.
Singing off Nati

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