A WaLk iN TimE (OS)

” Radhika ….i love you ..will you marry me?” Arjun said , and went on his knees, forwarding a ring towards her , proposing the love of his life Radhika.

Radhika looked at the ring. She was shocked. Arjun was her best friend. Her only friend. She moved back little and inhaled deeply. ” i don’t love you Arjun ….i mean i love you as my friend but i don’t see you as a life partner for me….i am sorry” . She said hastily, exhaling heavily further.

Arjun pressed his lips. He smiled and stood up. ” i am sorry radhika ….for embrassing you…. please don’t break our friendship”. Radhika smiled meekly seeing arjun trying to behave normal, holding back his pain, stopping himself from crying.

#That for the first time friendship mocked and love smiled.

Radhika hugged Arjun and whispered in his ears. ” i wish we had a time machine …and i can stop you from falling in love with me”.
Arjun smiled. ” i wish ..i have a time machine ..and i can stop myself from proposing you.” He replied. Radhika was perplexed now. She raised her eyesbrows. ” now you are regretting to fall for me?”. She asked him

“I am regretting to fall for a friend, my only friend, my best friend”. He said and looked straight in her eyes. He turned and started walking away from her. ” we will meet soon …right”. Radhika asked loudly, and frowned when Arjun walked away without replying.

#That day happiness cried on the shoulders of pain.
5 years later:-

#LOVE was looking at sun , smiling . He saw time running and SADNESS is chasing him. Love chuckled . CONSCIOUSNESS slapped him . Happiness giggled. FRIENDSHIP whistled. Sadness stopped eyeing friendship. Time stopped seeing love crying.
#That day , emotions meet and love smiled.

” Radhika ..i think we misunderstood our friendship. ..i don’t love you …i mean i think i never ever loved you.” Neil, radhika’s boyfriend said lowering his eyes infront of Radhika. She stumbled . Her head was spinning . Her world was over. Tears started rolling down on her cheeks. She looked at Neil.Her blood boiled.

“So tell me what i was for you …your f**k buddy ……or your mistress. …tell me who iam for you”. She clutched his collar , and cried on his shoulder.Neil caressed her hair , and felt guilty.

” i am sorry Radhika …..i am not your love”. Neil said and left , planting a kiss on her lips. Radhika didn’t moved an inch. She just watched him walking outside her house. A drop of tear fell on the floor and she blinked.

Neil was her life . She was broken completely. Moved inside a hard shell , her ripped soul cried silently. Kiara , her best friend had now enough heard her silent sobs.

” get up Radhika ….i am not letting you skip the dinner today.” She said and tried to wake up radhika . She got tensed seeing radhika shivering . “Arjun” . Radhika mumbled. Kiara called the doctor quickly.

” now…don’t make faces …shut up and eat this soup” . Kiara scolded her , forcing her to eat the vegetable soup. She scrutinised radhika’s face. Swollen lips , dark circles, messy hair, thickened eyebrows . Kiara cringed and caressed her head.

” ki …..i want to meet Arjun ..i want to apologise to him ….i want to free myself from this guilt ..i am regretting that i denied his proposal ” Radhika said to her friend, and started crying again. She wanted Arjun on her side now. Her best friend to complete her.

# That moment Pain removed it’s shoulders and friendship saved happiness from falling.

After one week:-
Kiara was trying all possible ways, but still she was unable to find Arjun . She banged her fist on the table . The ‘ Missing Arjun’ had sucked the life out of Radhika. Kiara searched the whole social media , tried detectives too but everything failed. Radhika’s guilt was swallowing her from inside making her soul hollow.

Kiara closed her laptop. She finally decided to end Radhika’s guilt. She found a unique way to solve the problem. As a psychiatrist, she decided to take her best friend as her first patient.

“Radhika ….tomorrow i want your five hours ..can you give it to me” . Kiara asked her, pulling blanket over friend. Radhika looked at her all surprised. After few seconds, She nodded in positive and closed her eyes.
” so ….close your eyes radhu ….calm your mind. …now you will respond to my voice …..you will do as i say …” . Kiara said and make radhika’s eyes closed.

“NOW…..we both are going to have a walk ..a small journey ….breaking all laws of past, present and future. ..we are going to have a walk in time” . Kiara said and smiled . Her eyes were gleaming with new confidence . Confidence to treat het friend and make her normal again.

” Radhika .now you are going back to same day ..when Arjun proposed you ….open your eyes in that world” . She said and saw Radhika smiled.
Radhika breathed deeply and saw Arjun sitting on his knees infront of her, with a ring in his hand.
” i love you Radhika …will you marry me.”Arjun said and radhika smiled. She bite her lower lip and moved back.

” he proposed you ..accept his proposal…. sweet heart”. A familair voice asked radhika and she smiled more widly following it’s order. Radhika was aware that the voice can only talk to her.

” i love you too Arjun …..and ..we will marry after a long dating session” . Radhika replied and Arjun tears falls on his cheeks . He threw the bouquet in air and picked up radhika from her legs. They both laughed and Arjun twirled her around.

Kiara saw a drop of tear escaping from her friend’s right eye. ” Kiss him Radhika …..with all strength you have…..pouring out your all pain”. She said.

Radhika blushed infront of Arjun . She looped her arms around his neck .Arjun’s eyes widened and radhika rested her lips on his. Arjun quickly pulles her from her waist and they both kissed each other passionately.

# That day love and friendship patched up again

” Now …you will date your lover boy …your eyes are opened waiting for him outside your house …..see is he coming on his bike or not” . Kiara said and chuckled softly. Radhika frowned little.
“Stupid Arjun …i am still waiting for him …..” Radhika looked at her watch . The watch shows 9: 50A.M. The second finger of watch stopped moving when she removed her gaze.

Radhika was buring in anger and saw Arjun coming on his bike. But soon she chuckled seeing him. There are many balloons attached to his bike. She giggled thinking that she always wanted from her boyfriend to do this thing at once for her.

” morning my cutiepie …i am so sorry that i am late ….pls accept my hearty balloons …..and sit back on my bike…my princess” . Arjun said and smiled sheepishly. Radhika bite her lower lip and then started laughing. She sat on his bike and pinched his cheeks.

” ask him indirectly about his plans for a date” . Kiara said and radhika sighed closing her eyes.
” Arjun …don’t you feel like going out these days .roaming here and there….” . Radhika asked him little loudly.

” radhu ..exams are coming ….i feel like only studying” . Arjun replied and smirked. Radhika saw him smirking on the mirror of the bike .she hitted him and said ” You are taking me for a date …tomorrow understood or not?” . She said and pulled his cheeks again.

Radhika hold his hand and they both entered in college. Kiara sighed when she saw Radhika smiling. She looked at her watch . One hour was already passed. She can only make radhika live in her dream for 4 more hours.

# That one hour make radhika live two beautiful days. A walk in time was not that bad too.

* Love stopped crying and Time again started running . Sadness too.

” Now you are dressed in red gown that was gifted by him in your birthday , your ears have small diamond studs and in finger his ring. The red lipstick on your lips will surely increase his heart beat.Get ready to watch so many desires in his eyes ” . Kiara said and radhika inhaled deeply.

Radhika looked at herself in red gown. She twirled around infront of her mirror and throw few flying kisses too in air. She looked at her earrings and smiled widely. She bite her bottom lip when she heard the door bell.

Kiara heard the door bell . ” right now radhika is in her dream ….what to do” . She asked herself and quickly rushed at door. After opening it, she saw a man holding one parcel in his hand. She hurriedly signed the paper and rushed inside, putting the parcel on table . Without seeing the name of the person who sent the parcel. Arjun Mehra on it.

Radhika saw Arjun at door . She blushed when she saw Arjun frozen . His eyes were showing that how badly he wants radhika. ” Shall we?” Arjun asked Radhika asking her to hold his hand. She chuckled and nodded.

Kiara saw Radhika cheeks turned red. She understood and said something having a naughty smile on her face. .” Do everything you want to do on your first date ..that means including all madness too” . She said and giggled.

Radhika eyes gleamed.She had a mischievous smile on her face. Arjun and Radhika reached the beach. The beach was empty and under one shade , which was decorated with flowers and lights, Arjun make Radhika sit. He then opened the curtains and the shade was covered on three sides leaving one side for front view . Radhika looked at Arjun and then looked at the waves. She felt butterflies in her stomach , when Arjun opened the bottle of champagne.

” this is so beautiful Arjun ….i loved it” . Radhika squealed when her favourite music started playing. Arjun smiled and said in a seducing tone.” And i love you”. Radhika turned crimson red and glared him. He laughed and extended his hand asking her for a dance.

Radhika looked at him and then rolled her eyes. She turned her face to the other side ignoring him. Arjun understood her move. He quickly picked her in his arms .
“Arjun put me down …” . Radhika said all smiling and blushing hard. “Nopes” . Arjun said. Radhika gave him a pleading look. Arjun kissed on her nose and put her down. “Now can i have a dance with my lady” . He asked her like a gentleman. Radhika nodded and they both swayed with music .
” lag ja gale ki phir haseen raat ho na ho …shayad phir janam mein mulakat ho na ho …lag ja gale ki phir haseen raat ho na ho ..shayad janam mein phir se janam mein mulakat ho na ho” Arjun sang the lines and radhika looked at him with her eyes full of love .

They both hugged each other and she rested her head on his shoulder. Their eyes were closed. They felt each other’s heart beat and both of them smiled. He twirled her around .

# That night no moon and stars were visible because clouds wanted to become the proof of the love of two pure souls.

Arjun bend his torso and captured her lips. They shared their second kiss and it started raining. Radhika smiled mischievously and rushed outside the shade. Arjun too run after her trying to catch her .
” Aru…run more fast ….you can’t catch your panoti” she said and poked her tongue out. Arjun removed his shoes and speed up. He quickly hold her and tickle her . Radhika too tickled him .

* Love and happiness cried because the dream was more beautiful than friendship.

Kiara looked at her watch. Only two and a half hour left. She said ” Radhika ..now you are in the college ….and it’s time to meet someone else too” .
Radhika inhaled and looked at her watch. It was 3:00 p.m. The second finger of the watch stopped when she removed her gaze from it.
” oh god . Who is that man??” Radhika heard one girl and looked in the direction where most of the people were looking . She saw a guy stepping down from his jeep . He was wearing a casual t- shirts and ripped jeans. All girls were drooling at him .

“Radhika you can’t focus on Neil. …i think you must be waiting for someone” . Kaira said .
“Stupid ..Arjun where are you ” Radhika said and she stumbled when she bumped with someone. The same guy held in the nick of time.
“Geez…..i don’t want to die” Radhika muttered.
The guy smiled and looked at her face. Neil was smitten by her ,the moment they have a small eyelock.
“it’s ok ..Neil Malhotra is holding you. ..you are safe” he said.
Radhika freed herself from his arms and said “thank you”. She then saw Arjun with a book in his hand and a girl beside him . They both were discussing something. Radhika glared Arjun. She moved forward when Neil was about to say something.

Kiara said futher. “Make Neil jealous. ..Radhika”. Radhika hugged Arjun and started scolding him for being late. Neil felt jealous seeing radhika hugging some other man.

In few days …Neil tried to do become friend of Radhika . But Radhika always ended up talking about Arjun with him .
One day Neil proposed her. Radhika denied to be with.
“Radhika intercollege fest is coming. …in that fest a car race will be therec..if Arjun wins the race,then he can have you otherwise you have to become my girlfriend.”.Neil challenged her.

Radhika was numb . She lost her friend.
Kiara looked at the time. Only one hour more she can keep radhika in dream.
” Radhika try to remember that memory when there is match between Neil and Arjun ….and you cheated to make sure Neil wins …now it’s time to cheat again ..but for Arjun” . She said.

Radhika bite her nails. She saw both Arjun and Neil in their cars. She had already lessen the fuel of Neil’s car. The race started and the crowd cheered. In the end , Arjun wins. Radhika smiled. Everyone lifted Arjun up . She saw Neil’s head was down .she took a piece of paper and wrote ‘Sorry…i can’t love you’. A girl gave the note to Neil. Radhika mumbled ‘ Sorry’ . He nodded.

Her eyes were filled with tears. Kiara saw her friend crying. Five hours were completed. It was time to bring her back .

” Radhika …it’s time to sleep …close and your eyes in that world. …it’s time to wake up in this world. .When i will count to three you will close your eyes there” . Kiara said . Radhika’s vision started getting blurred and she saw Arjun’s smiling face one last time. And then her eyes got closed.

“Now you are opening your eyes . 1..2 ..3…wake radhika”. Kiara said and radhika opened her eyes. She looked here and there and burst out in crying.

“That was the most beautiful dream of my life ..i just wanted to be with him….kiara i will find Arjun ..no matter what” . She said with her broken voice. Kiara smiled when she felt her friend little strong than before.

They both moved outside and saw the parcel. Kiara’s eyes widened when she saw the note. She opened the parcel .

” Panoti …your best friend wanted you back ….pls forgive your khadoos ..i will waiting for you at the same park where you denied my proposal. ..come soon ~~~ A. Mehra” . Radhika red the letter and hugged kiara . She kissed the letter . This time her small walk in her past made her met with the love of her life

# That day again clouds were there to become the proof of their new love.
* love, time and friendship the trio were excited to define a new love story.

@ sorry for writing this boring story and spare me for errors.

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