walk to remember (part 1)

It was evening when she reached shimla.The sky slowly turned its color to orange red and the sun started setting and buildings were lit up with sun rays ,it was a beautiful view of sunset.she had never experienced such a shivering cold in her life.since it was just beginning of winter there was no snowfall yet .She tightened her leather jacket ,crossing her arms tightly and embracing herself she began walk along the sloppy,uneven streets. Her journey started exploring the place , enjoying the little moments and she started to feel the cold breeze.she wanted to capture that heartwarming beautiful view in her eyes forever.she fell in love with the place and with herself .He had never been to such a romantic and lovely place before and those streets are even more romantic and beautiful during night time.she wished that she could spend her rest of life there.since she was from tropics she loved monsoon days and had never thought winter would be this lovely .she wished there was snowfall and she could feel snow melting on her hand,could make a snow man ,fight in snowball and she wanted to spend those cold and cozy nights by drenching herself in warm blanket, listening her favorite song,watching a romantic movie or reading a romantic novel , sipping hot coffee or tasting delicious hot chocolate after roaming enough in the dark streets lit up with beautiful lightings along its length and shops with trendy, lovely things in it to its side, tasting and enjoying delicious hot chocolate , feeling the warmth in that cold breeze.That’s all she ever wanted to do.

She was a innocent,cute,calm,lively, brave and easy going girl, living in her own dreamy world .she was the only princess of her parents .she loved adventures and reading books especially romantic novels.
Her senses were lost watching that exquisite place and something brought back her sense…a beeping sound of a car.crap!! She was walking in the middle of the road

To be cont…..

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  1. Awesome 🙂 nice description i loved it very much

  2. Nice..your description of place and her wishes really awesome.

  3. lovly epi…waitng for ur nxt epi update asap

  4. Awesome, wowwww keep it up

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