Wajah tum ho (swasan os by Samaira)

Hello guys after many days m back with a one shot… Without coment katti… Yaa… Plz ignore tipods n grammaricle misstakes..
N here u go..
A man is sitting in side of leke…
He was wearing a hoodie n sun glass
he was irated by a girl who was bublering loudly
girl: oh god laksh maheshwari is finding a new fresh face against Sanskar Maheshwari mumma today is auddition should i go m scared but this is last hope for me to become bollywood actress.. N..
The Man gets up from his seat n goes to that girl
man: u think u’ll become actress with this avater
girl:any doubt that swara malik will lose
man start to laugh
man:ha ha nice joke (under breeth) i’ll see that miss whatever
swara:thanks u’ll help me thank u but how
man irated:ooo m not going to help u… Bye hope w’ll meet naver
saying this he turns n starts to walk
he removes his glass
n he is none other then the beat of million peaple Sanskar maheshwari…
Swara was staring him untill he disapeard from her side
swara: now i will surely i dont know who r u n will meet u for sure…
She also leaves from there..

@Maheshwari studios
a long line of girls are seen
swara is standing at last
swara: oh my god this much long line aaa
she was becoming bore
suddenly every single persons sifted on a girl
top acterss in bollywood (this is my ff so she is really not dipika or alia nor swara is like vani kapoor or mahira khan but think) she is Ragini roy
her PA n some other person was walking behind her..
She arrogantly starts to stare every single girl
ragini was on going but stop at swara..
swara: v-vo s-wa-ara boss sorry ma-li-k
she stare swara top to toe
swara nodes
she starts to lough
swara pov
y she is laughing
she”so want to became lead against sanskar ha ha”
me ” ya”
then the some man who talked me in morning enters all staff starts to wish me…he didnt head…
Comes near me n Ragini mam
she ” see na Sanskar ha ha she is telling that she wants to come against u ha ha ha
wait sanskar what he is sanskar maheshwari in moring i talked talked wit him…
My thouts where broked by his laugher..
Swara’s pov ends
sanskar removes his hoodie n sun glass
all girl leaves the line n made a crowd near him…
He was laughing n teasing her with ragini after few moments he find her missing
yes she went inside not giving heed to sanskar..
Sanskar also run inside audition room

Laksh was talking to his assestent derictor karan
laksh:this time i want something diffrent. The story will be like a fairy tail.I want a telented girl like
he makes a frame by his finger
at the same time swara comes there
laksh: perfect
karan sees swara in laksh frame n smiles
Swara was doing a role of pia
n was acting good.
Sanskar comes there n thorwing attitude… He sits next to laksh..
Swara’s eyes foll on him n she becomes nerves n
swara while acting: m swara sorry sorry pia sharma
sanskar brust into laughter
laksh glare sanskar
sanskar: now get out
laksh:no see ms..
Sanskar: whatever
again brust into laughter
swara(under breeth): if i get selected na then i will show him karwa karila
laksh:m just giving u second chance becoz i find telent on u so know…continue
Sanskar becomes shock n looks at laksh
swara starts to jump
sanskar: dont jump floor will broke
swara gives a smirk n starts…

After sometime she comes out with happy face
she starts to shout:guys dont need give addition coz m selected.
Sanskar also come out behind swara with sad face
ragini gives what the hell look to sanskar..
Swara:q mr maheshwari
sanskar:chup betho
swara:no no i sweared that if get selected na i will show u what is swara shamje ha
she shows him her tunge
sanskar held her arm n pins her to wall
swara becomes shock with this sudden action
sanskar:q bolti q band hogeye
swara:see m black belt in carrate
sanskar:oo acha
he comes more closer to her
there boody was inch apart.
swara was about to leave but he held her hand n pulls her to him..
She lands on his chest..
Sanskar held her warist n pulls her
both look at each other
sanskar:do u think to mess with Sanskar Maheshwari
swara:mr maheshwari i always done pooja Ragini maam n was craze fan of u but u both proved me wrong giving me the permission of messing with u..
Saying this she jerk his hand leaves from there
sanskar was staring her with a wide smile
Sanskar:she is diffrent i like it..
He was smiling like a idot..

swasan was standing in laksh cavin
laksh enters
sanskar:bhai from today
laksh:no sanskar taday i will just tell u both about story n charecter of u both.. Films name is nasha
swara:nice name
laksh:thank u waise m intelgent na.. I have maked lots of film
swara:i know sir ur all films are hit
laksh:not sir u can call me lucky
sanskar was become jealus of his own brother
swara opens her mouth to say something but sanskar puts a chocolate
swara:umm uhhumnskar
sanskar: bhai leave her go ahaed
laksh:sanskar u r Ishaan n swara u r Arohi
swara nods while trying to talk..
Laksh:this is a story Of a small down girl Arohi who wants to become the next actress of kapoor production house
against Ishaan kapoor..once she meet with him but Ishaan chalenge her that she cant became actress with her avater..
Swara glare sanskar
he smile n looks down while rubing his hair with his hand
laksh:ok baki will tell later
now sanskar show swara the studio n introduce her with every one
sanskar with wide eyes:what me really bhai
laksh:yeah u
sanskar (rudely);follow me
he leaves from there
swara follows him like a child depend on mother
they went to garden
sanskar:this is my faverite place now lets go
swara:say something about it na
sanskar:y m not any guide n Sanskar maheshwari
he brush his heir with his hand
swara run her hand on his heir spoiling his heir style
swara:ullu maheshwari
saying this she starts to run
he also run behind her
he starts to play pakdampadai
swara thorw a apple on him
sanskar catch it perfectly
sanskar:see i cat..
Before he could say swara thorw another apple which directly went on his mouth
swara starts to laugh
swara:ha ha ha
sanskar incresed his speed
swara tries to run more faster but he picks her up…
Swara starts to jump
swara:aa leave me
sanskar was about to thorw her but swara hugged him
swara:what r u doing
sanskar:u only said na to put u down
swara (clamly):put me down carefully
sanskar like an obedent child puts her down
swara again run her hand on his heir spoiling his heir again
swara:will come to irated u again (wink)
she runs from there
sanskar smile at her antic’s
sanskar:she is unic pieac
sanskar was turning here n there in bed trying to sleep
sanskar stands up with a ireteted face
n leaves to laksh room
“bang bang”
laksh open the door with a death glare
sanskar:i hope bhai i didnt disturbed u
laksh:no no i was waiting for u at midnight
sanskar:oh so sweet of u but its only 3:32 am
laksh gives him i will eat u look
sanskar:sorry i want ur fresh face number
laksh smile a bit:Swara
sanskar nods
he give sanskar number
sanskar hugs him n leaves
laksh:so now love story will start..
@sanskar room
he calls swara
Sanskar:hello new face
swara:how u get my number
sanskar:m sanskar maheshwari
swara:ullu bander
sanskar:stop compleminting me
swara:u r imposible
sanskar:i know..u tell me what r u doing m sure not sleping
swara:m hell nervous for tomrw
sanskar:she thats my first shooting also..M i souding nerves
swara:no but u r sa..
Sanskar:uff clam down if m sanskar maheshwri then u r my co-star clam down ok
they keep talking n sleeps
Next day
sanskar was waiting for his co-star
swara comes wearing light orange panajabi salwar suit
sanskar was stuck in her beauty
suddenly laksh shout
“what the hell umbrella man is doing heroine is standing without umbrela”
man:sir vo mam fougt with us n told she dont need umbrela
sanskar glare her with isbilef
sanskar:whatever u r now our heroine
he took umbrela n holds on her head
they both look at each other n share a cute eyelock
every one is shocked to see sanskar maheswari working as an umbrela man…

“mr Ishaan Kapoor surely i will become ur co star”Arohi/Swaea
Ishaan/sanskar come close to her
ishaan:in ur dream
arohi:that will surly comes true
sanskar:lets see
saying this he leaves from there
laksh:so thats enouh for w’ll start the main story from tmrw
sanskar:gosh bhai its too iratating to act with ur new face
swara:what m iratating
sanskar looking at his mobile
she leaves
after she leaves
sanskar open her pic n smile’s
sanskar:u r not iratating u great feeling for me
@swara’s apartment
she went inside her room n on the lights
her room is fully filled with sanskar pic..even bedshit was also printed
his pic was printed even in single pencil also..
She lies on her bed n starts to talk with his pic
swara:u know what i naver ever thinked that i will meet with u n will be ur star
i just love u…Yes i love u but u r very arrogant..i hate it but ur angry bird look makes u more handsome just unbeliveable handsome…
“beeb beeb”
he thoughts were broken by her mobile vaibarating
prsn:hey new face
swara:oo ullu bander m iratating na then y u called me
sanskar:wo i was telling dont were any ghagra wagra wala skirt were something tight
sanskar:my wierd by found a wierd shooting sport which is in so high
sanskar:y didnt u asked anything
swara:coz i trust u ullu bander
sanskar:fresh face all girls die at me but y u call me ullu bander yaar
swara:m not like others huh
they both brust on laughter
swara:y r u laughing
sanskar:dont know..u
swara:dont know
they again sleep while talking..
Next day
swara enters studio runinng n dashed with some one
she said “sorry”

n was about to leave without seeing the person
the person almost shout from back
swara turns
swara:u ullu maheswari
sanskar:well ur looking great today
she was wearing black te-shirt n black lejeans
swara:u r not less
sanskar smile
he was wearing tee n jeans n lethr jacket
Sanskar:so y let
swara:its 7 in morning n we talked last night untill 2am
sanskar:oh sorry now bus is outside
he held her hand n start walking
swara stare their hand n a smile apears on her face

@ bus
(its their bus only)
sanskar was sitting at last
his girlfriend kavita was about to sit beside him but
sanskar:kavita she is my co star na so she should sit with me
kavita gives a forced smile to sanskar n biter smile to swara
swara was about to sit beside him
he sit in next sit beside beside window
n swara sit beside window site
swara how u know i like this sit
sanskar look at her blankly
sanskar:i donno
swara smile n sit beside him…
After sometime swara was feeling sleepy
she dont know when she sleeps putting her head on his shoulder
sanskar was staring her with smile
After they reach
sanskar (softly):Swara
unknonly wraping her hand arounf his neck
he fells the most plesure
sanskar:bhai will shout
swara jerks
swara:omg sorry sorry how can i sleep
she feels akward seeing him so close n runs from there
sanskar also feels embreased n leaves from bus
Swara was standing in down of hill tupe place n the shooting shot is on upper
swara:what i have to walk this much
sanskar:that was ur choice only to become lead agaisnt me n bhai’s choice is this type of place
saying this he starts to walk
swara also starts to walk
after sometime she becomes tierd
swara:oo bander stop na plz my legs r paining
sanskar:uff u r really iratating
saying this he pick her in his arm
swara was shocked with this
they both r stare each other n was lost fully
They reach fter sometime
swara n sanskar was standing at side
swara was breathing heavily
laksh:so u both have foll froom here
swara lookas down
swara:what with how diffculity i reach here n now..
Sanskar:ya bhai this nanni gudiya will get hurt
swara:what m not that u idot maheshwari
she sliped her leg n some how held sanskar but for bad luck sanskar also slipped due to sudden jerk
laksh quickly manges camera insead of saving them
swasan fell rolling over each other
sanskar held her tightly like a sheld
swara opens her eyes n find sanskar on him…fully blood on his body but swara didnt get lil heart
laksh shout from upper:great job its really good wala romance
swara:sir dont insult romance…aise hill se gidke ise awsome kehna to romance ki baijaati hogi
swara gets up n sanskar also get
swara:uff how get hurt
sanskar was numb
but every one was the witness how sanskar saved swara
suddenly swara hugged him making him shock
he feels his back geeting wet
sanskar brokes the hug n cupped her face
sanskar:what happend swara see m fine y r u crying
swara:u get hurt only becuse of mee
sanskar huge her again
sanskar:no stop thinking rubish
plz for me stop na
he wipes her tears
sanskar:now its ok n smile
swara some how smile he again picked her up n goes upside..
Everything went soothly..

After nearly 8 month
swara and sanskar r bestie..
Sanskar truly deeply love swara but unkown to himself
swara simply have just same crush on him she loved him as friend no best friend
swara was draiving her car
“beeb beeb”her mabile starts to beep
srcen flashed
“ullu bander”
she picks the call on loud speaker
swara:ya ullu bander
sanska:what is my star doing
sanskar:where r u
swara:bazar road
sanskar:ok bye
suddenly a bike comes to midile n
she stop the car wih jerk
swara come out of car n shout
“ullu bander why u like this”
he was wearing hoodie n sun glass
swara very well know that he wont answer her so she parked her car n goes near him
swara:u have a punnishment
swara:come with me

After some time sanskar was standing in a bazar
sanskar:whats this uu ..middle class mans come here not sanskar maheshwari nor swara malik should come here
swara:chup just shut up
she took him near pani puri stall
sanskar starts to read the chotu sign bord
“adu mama ki pani puri”
reading this he wide his eye’s
sanskar (under his breath):what a name
swara smile with his antic’s
swara:bhai 1 plate
the man gives her pani puri
swara with own hands feed sanskar:ahh pani pani
swara makes him drink water
sanskar:whats this today our trailer is going to lunch n gifted me this
he angarly said
swara starts to laugh
sanskar melt seeing her laughing
Swara was wearing a read gown n sanskar was wearing a bussiness suit
the trailer was supper hit
swara was smiling seeing the respone
sanskar comes from back hugged her
sanskar:swara u proved me wrong u r really telented see the responce
swara (smile):n u only saport me na when all asked question how i come against like this
sanskar:all is ur telent
her phone starts to ring
she pick the call
swara:hello (pouse) what papa r u serious (pouse) plz give me time na (pouse)
she cuts the call
sanskar:what happend
swara hugged sanskar while crying
swara:sanskar papa has fixed my marrige date with my fiance sidharth
sanskar jerks her n leaves
swara bend down n..Starts crying
swara:sanskar y leave me i dont want to marry sidharth

Sanskar was driving rushly
he’s eyes were blood shot
sanskar:y swara y u did this to me i dont know i will not able leave swara
he finds swara sitting beside him
swara:y sanskar
sanskar:becz i love u damn it
swara smile n disapeared
sanskar while crying:i love u Swara ha i love u
suddenly a horn sound enters in his ears
before he scense anything his car bang with lori
n everything turns red n black..

“sansskaaarrrrr” Swara shout
swara:i sanskarr he is fine no no
“y do u care for me swara”
swara find sanskar smiling beside her
swara:becz i
sanskar:what u
swara:i love u
sanskar disapeard from there..

Swara went to hospital for some work
swara to recepsonist:dr. Diyaa
“she is in her chember u can go”
swara was about to go but some thing made her shock
” he is Sanskar maheswari”
swara turns n find a body talking by word boys
some one removes
the white cloth from his face he is none other sanskar
he is directly shift in to ot
swara run there
doctor:we want sign of his family member or friend in this papers
swara while crying: i-i wil-l sign
doctor:we dont know u
swara removes her scarf
doctor:swara ji here u go there
she signed them..

3hours passed doctor is not coming out nor any nurse
after sometime doctor comes out
swara run to him
swara:h-o-w is he (in cracked voice)
doctor:his kidnies are damaged now we want kidnney doner in one hour or w’ll not able to save him
swara:no no i will donate
doctor:swara u r already suffring from cancer if u donate kidney then u have low chance
swara:doctor m on the last stage..n he is my life..mere jineki WAJAH HAI
doctor:ok as u wish
swara:can i meet him once
she went inside
swara to unconcious sanskar: sorry if u r angry…with me but i promise i wont truble u…n plz naver cry u know na mre sab kuch ka WAJAH TUM HO mere sucsess ki WAJAH TUM HO mere jine ki WAJAH TUM HO bass tumhari iss halat ki wajah mai ho
she leave from there

1 weak later
sanskar open his eyes n find every one of his family his eyes start to search for swara
sanskar:bhai umm swara
laksh (dishearted):today is her marrige
sanskar close his not able to hear the word
sanskar:m getting sleep m sleeping
he turns n act to sleep
every one leave from there
he weared his tee n pant n jumped from window

Sanskar pov
once i gifted her a ss pendent
there i put gps in that..i dont know will she wear this or not coz today is her marrige..but still i tried to track her…
Hotel blue bery…
Pov ends
he was running like mad not careing about himself
Swara’s pov
i was getting ready for the unwanted marrige…i know i will not live for long but there was a peace that my sanskar is alive..then what i want..
“bang bang”
my chin thouhts were broken by knock on the door
i opened door n find mom n ragini
mom”beta pandit ji is calling u”
swara nods n leaves with them
pov ends
they made her sit beside siharth
swara was seeing everything blur
pandit ji was chanting mantra
pandit:do no apna hath badhaiye
they both foward thier hand
pandit chant mantra’s
pandit:ab phere ki liye khade ho jaiye
they both start to take phere
at last phere
sanskar reach at the entrence
swara was feeling dizzy n every thing turneinb blur to black
she was about to foll but sanskar run their n held her
she fainted on his arm…
He carried her in arm
every one is shocked but he didnt heed to anyone n takes her to hospital

sanskar was shouting like mad
sanskar:doctor doctor
they shifted swara to ot
dr diyaa goes there running…

Sanskar was crying like mad… Tears were not folling from his eyes..blood were coming out from his eyes

They took 9 hours to oparate her
sanskar dont rised his head from floor for once..blood not stopin once.. media was the witness… Or can sey every one was the winess of thier love
dr.diyaa comes out
sanskar runs to her
dr. Diyaa:she is in sence but she h-has less time
sanskar was broken fully
nurse come there
nurse:doctor she is calling sanskar ji
sanskar without saying anything goes to her cabin
@swara’s cabin
swara was breathing heavily
sanskar was broken seeing her
swara;i love u sanskar
sanskar:i love u too
he hug swara
sanskar:plz dont leave me
swara:sorry m sanskar
her hand sliped from his hand…
……..sanskar took the knife from table n stabed himself…….

so guys tell me how was it… Plz not tomato anything else,,,

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  1. Praju


  2. Samaira, everything was rit.. i loved d story.. loved Swara’s sacrifice for Sanskar.. but what was the need to show Sanskar stabbed himself at last..!!
    What about Swara’s gratitude that she donated her kidneys to give him a better life.. Iit was totally waste.. somehow i didn’t like this point at all..
    Don’t mind for my words.
    overall nice os.Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Samaira

      Nai nai nai not at all i didnt felt hurt….kaku di i was confuse about sanskar….but this os is trial of some thing…. M just seeing every ones reaction…

  3. Soujanya


  4. Simi

    Nice one..
    But sanskar should not have done suicide.. What about Swara’s sacrifice.. ??

  5. Tamil


  6. Diyaaa

    Wow it’s awesome
    But awww so sad ending

  7. Independent

    nice but i agree with kakali

  8. Nice.
    Bt last part was nt good..I mean suicide isn’t a solution..it’s unacceptable..tc..

  9. Raina

    you made me cry…….toooooooooooo good

  10. How emotional yaar . Something hurting in heart while reading

  11. Rabia0032

    Awesome dear ?

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