WAJAH TUM HO (ShiVika,GauRika,RuMya,PriVeer) character sketch

Hello guys… I m misbah…

Character sketch??

This story s different…. This s not as serial… U will see just rom-com… Romantic n comedy….

So mainly I will introduce d character…


RAJ KAPOOR- Raj kapoor s business man.. he n his step brother hate each other….
He’s company name s ‘KAPOOR & SONS’

RAM KAPOOR- ram Kapoor s also a business man as his brother… He also hates Raj….

His company name s ‘REAL KAPOOR AND SONS….


RASHI KAPOOR – wife of raj Kapoor… Hates her sister in law.. bcoz of his husband…..

GAURI KAPOOR- daughter of raj Kapoor… Hates her chacha.. Chachi n cousin sister….


RAMYA KAPOOR- wife of ram kapoor… Hates her rashi….

ANIKA KAPOOR – daughter of ram kapoor… Hates Raj , rashi n Gauri….


TEJ MEHTA: a business man lives in India…

PRIYANKA MEHTA: daughter of Tej… An add director in UK…


Soumya Khanna: a reporter in UK….

So guys… May be u will like d story…

Our heroes will introduce soon ???

Plz comment yaar??❤

Till than bye ???

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  1. Radhika.k

    Nice intro misbah!!!!Sounds very unique n interesting!!!!!!So,all girls r frm different family!!N i loved the khanna family most………………….
    All the best for ur FF!!
    Eagerly waiting dear!!
    Post soon(urs radhika).

    1. Misbah4

      Thanks Radhika… Yeah willl try to post soon as possible…?

  2. Radhika.k

    Title bhi bahut acha laga-“WAJAH TUM HO”!!missed this point!!

    1. Misbah4

      Thanks alot… It’s ok…


    1. Misbah4

      Thanks UF..

  4. Misbah4

    Guys.. its a mistake…

    Soumya Khurrana not Khanna…??
    Plz comment…

    1. Radhika.k

      Khanna bhi acha hi tha!!i had said it!!

  5. Fenil

    Nice intro.

    1. Misbah4

      Thanx fenil bhaiya…?

    1. Misbah4

      Thanks alekhika?

  6. Lauren

    NYC intro… looking forward to it…

    1. Misbah4

      Thanx Lauren…

  7. Nikita_jai29

    Good one dear

    1. Misbah4

      Thanx Nikita?

  8. Ananyagour

    Wow!! Character sketch is so impressive ??? waiting for our hero’s!!!???this story is similar to house full 2 ? one of my faivraiot movie!!
    Update soon?

    1. Misbah4

      Thanks Ananya… Yup.. this story wud be similar to housefull 2… High five?? it’s my favourite movie too?

  9. Sairish

    the title is very catchy ..i liked it ..and the intro as well…post soon plzz ?

    1. Misbah4

      Thanks Sairish?

  10. Fffan1234

    Seems very interesting. Looking forward to next part

    1. Misbah4

      Thanx fffan…

  11. AnahitaAnnie

    Yipee, the story is a little similar to houseful 2 and I love that And that is giving an awesome intro.. I can’t wait to the chapters.. Fantastic..

    1. Misbah4

      Similar???? Annie u could say full… Actually this story wud be like housefull 2.. romantic n comedy…. Btw thank u so much for commenting??

  12. Sagithya

    Awesome yaar.. interesting n different too.. waiting for the next part.. post it soon..

    1. Misbah4

      Thanks sagithya….

  13. Awesome intro dr….. Waiting 4 nxt…

    1. Misbah4

      Thanks Anita ??

  14. Niriha

    Awesome concept was?

    1. Misbah4

      Thanx niriha… I hope u remember me?

      1. Niriha

        Of course my sweet sisy

  15. Drama queen;-)

    Awesome sketch.. Very interesting!!!well when I just read real ‘s poor and sons houseful 2 banged in my head and good news is this that I love houseful 2 so,I am loving the story…

    1. Misbah4

      Thanks drama queen… Yeah same.. I also love housefull 2.. this story will be similar to housefull 2… I think u wud love this ff..

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