Are you waiting for Suraj-Chakor’s love confession in Udaan?

Colors’ Udaan has another love story brewing. Vivaan and Imli’s cross pairing made by uncalled marriage reached the destination when they fell in love. They started looking good together. Similarly, Suraj and Chakor are now turning up into intense lovers. They always had enmity between them. Still, Chakor’s selfless and not hating nature has won Suraj’s heart. Chakor has saved Suraj’s life many times. Even, Suraj paid her favors back by being her support in tough times. They have now realized their love for each other, but are unable to speak up.

Like every lover, they are also afraid of rejection. They show attitude sometimes. Their cute arguments, eyelocks and romance are always enjoyable to watch. Suraj and Chakor will be confessing love to each other soon. Recently, Chakor’s love confession was shown, when she had drunk Bhaang on Holi festival. Chakor tells Suraj how she told Kamal Narayan that Suraj is her love and life. She then tells Suraj that she did not mean anything such in reality. This ends Suraj’s happiness. Suraj and Chakor’s dating and romance phase will be seen. Viewers are waiting to see their happy lovey dovey moments. The show is going well with much drama around Vivaan’s newly developed hatred towards Chakor. Vivaan’s move to threaten Chakor’s life can push Suraj and Chakor towards love confession. Are you waiting for Suraj-Chakor’s love confession in Udaan? Let us know your opinion on the show’s track.

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  1. Ofcorse but i’m afraid of one thing that after their love confesion story’ll should hapen on one condition that story not’ll end.please do whatever u want bt story shouldn’t end after this confsion.otherise cute arguments are enoughf for me.

  2. I don’t want want their love confession soon. Once you get love confession there is always and separation. The stories when both lovers know they are in love but can’t declare their feelings are far more enjoyable.
    Still, I don’t like the current track, Vivaan turning negative does not make sense and the track is irritating. I want Sukor fighting KN, Ragini and Ranjana together and beating them even once for a change.

  3. sruthisreeya

    I want their love confession soon… And they should be with each other in All odds.. They should trust each other and care each other.
    But I want their nokjhokes too… That’s their uniqueness

  4. Yes eagerly waiting for their romance

  5. love confession soon or later that doesn’t matter; they love each other madly that’s what most important. I want them as a very unique couple on mini screen industry. Please don’t create misunderstanding between them, whatever happens they should keep trust on each other against all their enemies KN, ragini, renjana and now Vivaan.

    Vivaan track is not that much interesting, sometime feel simpathy to him, poor vivaan and poor imly too. If vivaan becomes a reason for sukor confession, then its ok, but make him too a positive charecter. May be its vivan’s frustration coming out against sukor. And the most important thing is Vivaan cannot become like our old Suraj Narayan Rajvanshi.

  6. yes i want

  7. Suraj and Chakor not confessing is now becoming too stretched. They should confess and take their marriage to the next level. Also take the fight against the evil trip to another level Unitedly. Now it is the same thing again and again,
    Chakor and suraj plan to confess their love but don’t. Very stretched.

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