Waiting for that moment : OS by Sachu

It was the day she was waiting for since long. Today she ll get to know her fate….. the meaning of her life…. She got up early that morning n finished all her daily chores n then sat awaiting for that moment to come…… The most special moment in her life……

Suddenly the door bell rang…. She sat silently for some time because she did not want to meet anyone and spoil her special feeling…. But the bell would not stop ringing…. Finally she got up and angrily opened the door to find her uncle standing before her with tearful eyes…. Still she did not feel pathetic. She just stood there looking at him scornfully. `I…. I came to….. I called u many times…. But u did not.. ‘ `I did not hear…..’ she said carelessly, while her mind very well remembered frequent ringing of the telephone which she had ignored whole time. Her behaviour seemed to be wierd n harsh.

‘ I just came to say my sister ie ur mother died today morning. If u dont mind will u come there to see her once before funeral ?’
Not a single nerve on her face shivered. It was such a big shocking news for her. Still, she did not feel anything.

She was impatiently looking at her watch all the time on her way n when she reached she just looked at her mother for formality and left from there making petty excuses. She ignored the scornful, disgusting looks on the faces of all assembled there. She did not even see her husband standing nearby and weeping. Her mind was completely lost in the thoughts of that upcoming moment. She drove back home frantically, continuously looking at the time. When she reached, she found her son standing at the door….
‘Mom, I need ur help.’ ‘Not now….. I ve some work to do…. ‘ ‘Mom please Iam nt able to study. I think I ll fail in tomorrow’s exam. Help me mom.’

She just grabbed a handful of money from her bag and shouted, ‘Here take this and get lost. Like last time u did, go and try to get a copy of the question paper. Now dont disturb me.’
Saying so she stormed in n shut the door. She rushed into the living room. It was going to strike 8’O clock. The moment had arrived. With shivering hands, she switched on the TV. Today her favourite serial was coming to an end. Long 11 years she followed the drama. She did not even wink her eyes for a moment in case she d miss out any moment. All was going well…. It was going to be a happy ending. Suddenly….. What was happening….. Noo….. Lead actress was going to commit suicide…..

Did she die ? Who knows ? The one who can tell us was sleeping due to heart fail….. A sleep from which one never awakens…….

So guys this was a different story from me for u all. I dont know how u ll accept this one. But I have a small message hidden in here for u. Hope it ll reach u all. Let me know ur response in the comments section. With lots of love, a caring sister…..

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  1. Fenil

    Wow…very shocked reading os.
    Brilliant…msg I got.

  2. Sachu

    So glad to know that u got the msg bro. Thnx for commenting …..

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