He is Waiting for her LOVE: Ahaanthi – EPISODE-2

Hello !My dear tellyupdate readers .l am here to present a new episode .my self VasaviNS welcome back to AHAANTHI FF …..??

Please ignore grammar mistakes. ….


Pankthi was selected for the competition. The principal and the students feel proud of pankthi. The program was postponed by some reasons. Every day pankthi was going to the clg .one day her frnds discussing about their prince charming.they asked pankthi about her opinion she revealed her past to them….


A beautiful family is shown which was filled with only happiness.there are two beautiful souls in their family who are made for each other. They  love each other so much .they use to sing songs together .they created one song which is only for them .their souls get together in childhood .unfortunately because of some circumstances they separated.

I am that girl who was separated from the family and I still love him very much .and waiting for him..

After listening that .pankthi’s frnd monty ( principal son) ask

Monty:  first l have a crush on you .after listening the story i melted .l hope you met him soon good luck.

(He feel so sad)

Monty’ father convinces him ..

After few days ..

Monty’s marriage is fixed with Purva( ahaan’s principal daughter)

All students of both clgs were attended..

Pankthi, ahaan and Richa also attend the marriage. Richa and pankthi become frnds.

They both are planning to hide the slippers of groom.but ahaan and his frnds are trying to find them.ahaan and Richa fight each other  for slippers ..

At last Richa and pankthi win ..

They enjoyed a lot..fighting with each other..

Ahaan and pankthi become frnds..??

Precap : Anitha was trying to marry pankthi and jd

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