Waiting fruit is sweet Twinj os

Waiting fruit is sweet
Twinj os

Here Iam with my os

Big college is shown and everyone is shouting Kunj Kunj and yes the guy is non other then Kunj Sarna

The reason why his friends was shooting is uv has given him dare that if any girl is coming from that gate he have to ask her to kiss.

Just then how can our hero say no to his dare. So he said bring it on bro let the fun began.

Just than a beautiful girl shown in her one piece and ever boy was like aww seen her and all are focusing on her. So let figure out who is she.

Chinki : Twinkle finally u come to meet me thank u for taking time to visited me.

Twinkle : come on Chinki your my one an only friend so how can I deny your wishes. I came here directly from airport I haven’t been to my love u know my bedroom.

Chinki : let go I will intro u with my group the crazy group.

Twinkle okay let go. Just then Chinki drop her book and she told twinkle to walk ahead until she brought her book from floor.

Twinkle enter the place Kunj and his friends their and

uv said bro their she is carry one all the best

Kunj : with fake smile give them thump
Kunj pov : what I did to my self that I agree for this stupid dare how will the girls will think about who ever that I will kiss may be she had boyfriend.

Twinkle pen drop and other side Kunj close his eye for kiss and when twinkle get up and she was shock her lip was lock with unknown person which even she don’t see his face.
Kunj : feel like she test the lip before also and he look at her and was surprised to see her.

Kunj : baby your here

Twinkle : baby did u just kissed me or am I dreaming

Kunj : baby I kissed u and why don’t u tell me that your com to India

Twinkle sorry baby and you make up for my mistake throw kisses it been 2 years that I haven’t kiss u

Kunj : yeah that wright. Let go I will introduce my team. Who give me this dare.

Other side gang was thought that Kunj will get slap but shock as they birth are deep in convocation.

Uv : with our seen the girl who Kunj kiss wow bro you did it so here is your money ? just then he was surprised to see his sister their with him.

Kunj : meet my love of my life as she just come from USA and we kiss now I was waiting for kiss since 2 years. Thank uv for this dare.

Uv : what you have kiss my sister how dare u kissed her. And twinkle u never told me that u and Kunj love Each other.

Twinkle : bhai I want to tell u but when I return from USA so now I will tell u we have be in a relationship since long time like 3 years.

Uv : pov what just happen I give him dare to kiss a girl and look what he did he kiss my sister from now I will never give a dare to people.

Uv : Kunj u come have dinner with us today’s as my sis come back to India and I will intro u to my parent. And also talk about u and twinkle relationship.

Other side twinj saw smiling and holding their hand.

Chinki : I heard a guy kiss a girl for dare how cheap is that.

Twinkle : and the girl is me uv bhai give dare to my love and he kiss me when ur busy picking up your dropping this from floor.

Chinki: teasing twinj so when is the weeding.
Uv : who was smiling seen Chinki.
Twinj so guy are u all coming with us or ur okay
Groups said cheers your time with Kunj as u love birds meet after long time so chill we are okay.
Twinj and uv Chinki left to tanega house.
Lela : Have a seat beta I have bring you snack and she help.

Twinkle I will be back in a minute.

Kunj got her clue so he will in need to used washroom.

Uv washroom or u need to check out twinkle.

Kunj think like that u too carry on with Chinki as he know both like each other.

Uv and Chinki bluss

Uv : Chinki will u married me plz I love u when I saw u with Twinkle.

Chinki : I love u too uv and share hugs.

Twinkle room Kunj sneak into it. She was changing her dress just then she was Kunj was lost in her.

Twinkle : Kunj back up don’t come close to me now I only in a towel.

Kunj : it will benefit me I don’t have to hard work undressing u saying this he winking ? at her.

Twinkle was all shock with his behavior.

He hold her to kiss her but she cover his lip with her hand. But he kiss her hand and she understands that how much he miss her in 2 years gaps.
Twinkle let him come to her and he kiss her neck and said I missed u my love. And she moan his name and said Kunj now we can’t take this relationship to next level U have to wait until our marriage.
Kunj : but I can still kissed u and oh yeah uv already talk with Lela maa for u and me so we are going to be married soon. Would be Mrs. Sarna
Twinkle : bluss and she allowed Kunj and they both continued with their romance and they heard a knock on the door and it was uv who was knocking the door.

Uv : bhai if u done using washroom then coke I will drop u

Kunj : being frustrated and said what is this uv u know my would be wife cam just come and u don’t want me to spend sometime with her. As she is going to be Would be Mrs twinkle Kunj Sarna.

Twinkle: Kunj what are U talking he is my bro.

Kunj oh sorry baby and one kiss and I will go.

Twinkle come close to him and kiss his nose and eye and his check and finally part was about to come when again door knock.

Kunj : uv u should know now i in no mood to come leave me and my wife here and we are busy in romance now see u later bro.

Uv yaar he is to fast one and here Iam still waiting for Chinki permission to have romance.

Uv : okay twinj take your time in romance

Twinkle : bhai who is this twinj

Uv : from outside of door u and Kunj = twinj

Other side bye uv now leave us alone said Kunj.

Twinkle at least feel shamed he is my bro what will he think of me.

Kunj : he will think that how much I love u. Saying this he locked ? the door ? and he pick twinkle up and place her to bedroom and cover them self.

Twinkle : thank u for waiting for me i miss u in those 2 years.

Kunj : smile and are u ready to be Mrs Kunj Sarna.
And he cover themselves in a blanket as u know twinkle in only on her towel.

here is my first try in os and my ff Is fake married turn into love

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