Waiting for my soulmate (Ragsan) Epi 1


Hi guys ,thanks for all Ur support. Really it means a lot to me…I promise to update 3to 4epi a week since I’m a medical student I have tight schedule….

It’s been a month Im away from my grandpa after my marriage.what to do?  It’s the culture that we the Indian peopls must fillfo. Every girl who is married should leave her home to be in the part of her husband home. Coming to my fate, it really played a worded game with me. It’s took away my parents from me at the age of 1. From that moment my grandparents were everything to me. They were the real world to me. I lost my grandma a years before. But now the problem is my heart is aching very badly,bad thoughts and dreams about my grandpa is disturbing me. The fear of losing grandpa like how I loaded my grandma is irritating me. I just want to see my grandpa.

I had spoken to him through phone.it doesn’t make me satisfied. That the reason I’m going to my grandpa s house along with my hubby. The way to my grandpa’s house is really special because it’s give lots of my childhood memories with my grandparents. It’s beautiful full moon night.where the stars are totally vanished in the beauty of the moon. The river is reflecting the beauty of the moon.it resemble like rivers full of crystals and diamonds. Myself and my grandpa were standing and admiring the beauty. Grandpa it’s really amazing,wish to have every night without fading of moon. But my grandpa didn’t reply me. When I turn to see him. He is no where. I searched him everywhere but I couldn’t found him. “No grandpa”.

I shouted from my sleep. My hubby who was near me looked at me. My face was completed covered with sweat and breathing heavily. He gave me some water. It’s really a worsed dream. After few mins I reached my grandpa’s home. I ran inside shouting ‘grandpa’. But no response. I was literally scared. I aseas the servant about my grandpa,he replied he is in upstairs in his room. I ran to his room and found him with a diary in his hands. First I thought he was sleeping so I slowly went near him and placed my hand on him.

That’s the moment I realized my grandpa is no more  because his hands were cold. I was literally broken into pieces. Eventhough my brain is saying my grandpa is NOMORE,my stupid heart is not ready to accept it. I just stood there like a lifeless soul being alone in this mystery world. My whole world got collapsed,means I’m orphan now no one is there for me in this world. Even if the truth is Infront of me,I’m not interested to face the truth. I would raterr run away or die before getting to know about the truth. I’m completely hopeless. What should I do now?

To be continued….

That’s it guzs completed

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Since I’m a medical student I would like to give some tips…

Reducing weight

Peal the cucumber and grind as juice add little honey and ginger water(4spoon of ginger water needed)..  drink this juice in morning everyday in empty juice and go for joking…it will help not only in reducing weight but also helps in reducing sugar for diabetes patients….

See u soon till that take care and be healthy….

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    Give tips for increasing weight 🤔

    1. Meetushri

      To increase weight
      Drink lots of fresh juice,eat sprotes and go for walking in early morning ,you will have brisk and weight gain
      There r some people who will eat lot but they won’t gain weight.if Ur under that categories,them I’m sorry I won’t gain weight…

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    Give tips for increasing weight 🤔

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