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I was as usual busy waiting for him at the dining table. The clock struck 11… he was late like alwaz…may b busy in wrapping up his left over work. My Jaan… he is such a workalcohlic that he even forgets about me sumtyms. Huh! now u all must think that why am I then waiting for him?? Then let me tell u that my stomach’s starving mouses don’t get satisfied until and unless he feeds me with his own hand. It’s somewhat an unconditional reflex same as my sleep… I won’t get sleep anywhere else except my cosy comforter i.e. His Arms… sometimes I think how will I b able to live without him? Even tis thought makes my heartbeat sink…

During my this analysing session on him the clock struck 12. Now this was enough it for me… I was hell angry on him. And then I heard the most pleasant sound… his car’s engine screeched… I know some of u may feel that I’m mad as how could a noise made by car b pleasant to someone then let me tell u that his car’s sound is so pleasant to my ears coz it signifies his arrival which is the most awaited moment for me. Oh my God!! I’m literally mad for him… it doesn’t means I’m obsessed but he is somewhat lyk drug to me without which I will die. I literally slapped my mind, thinking of my madness for him. And there entered my handsome… Oh! He is such a majestic creation of God that he could make anyone fall for him. Sometym I myself wonder how I got him. It was he only whose presence made me believe that my stars are really best.

I shrugged away my thoughts when he came into my eye’s visible zone. He looked so tired but his eyes alwaz had a spark in them that made my heart go zooo… haha… I know I’m crazy but only for him.Even though laughing inside on my stupid thoughts I maintained an angry look outside. He as usual immediately guessed it… he kept his lappy aside and approached me I turned my face continuing my fake drama of being angry. He very well knows how to tackle my fake anger… I don’t know how he does it. He came near me telling it was necessary to complete the file as tomorrow it’s gonna b an imp meeting. I still didn’t turn my face. He sighed… came near me and turned me towards him and gave his killer look. Why? Why, I alwaz fall weak in front of his intense look but to b honest I love his intense gaze… it makes me feel like heaven. He slid his hand across my bare waist sending shivers to my spine. I felt my knees going weak. He reduced the distance between us making both of us crazy. Yes we both become crazy in each other’s embrace. Our touch are intoxicating for one another. He then asked me,”whether I’m angry”? I remained quite and that was it for him. He started his sweet torturers. He drew me more close making the space btw us negligible and then leaned towards me… I closed my eyes and he lightly brushed his lips near my ears and asked me in his husky voice whether I’m still angry, as he knew I won’t b able to answer him. He knew the effect of his touch on me. Now he was enjoying his sweet torturers and it’s effect on me. He kissed my eyes then cheeks and continued his journey of exploring my face via his lips; holding me tightly and caressing my waist sending unbearable shivers to my body. But there was a fact that can’t be neglected that I was also enjoying his way of showering love.

Now he started teasing me by kissing corners of my lips. He knew that I will definitely loose my control now and yes he was perfectly right. I forgot my anger drama and smashed my lips on his. We were lost in each other tasting the essence of love through our lips and showing the passion we had for each other. We finally parted after few minutes,breathing heavily. He smirked asking whether I’m still angry or not. I shyly hid myself in his arm and hit him on his chest asking him not to repeat this mistake of coming late. He bowed down in front of me and murmered,”As u say My Highness”. And we dined together discussing our day and finally slept in each other’s arm cuddling tightly as if our life depend on each other.

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  1. dreamer...arundhati

    Savanshi such a cute 1

    1. Savanshi27

      Thanks arundhati and ya dear do once read my other os… hope u will have a nyc time readi

  2. DivzS

    Wowwww sooooooooo cuuuuteeeeeeeeee!!! Nice, the story of presence and feel! Awesome

    1. Savanshi27

      Thanks Divz

  3. Manolove

    Such a cute update I truly loved it ??? brilliant one

    1. Savanshi27

      Thanks manolove… glad u liked it

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