Waaris Review: Excellent drama bundled up with power-packed performances


And Tv’s new show Waaris will showcase the problems arising by such wrong mindsets around a girl’s birth. It is a tale of Amba who she gets a third daughter instead the expected male child. It shows a story of both rival families Pavaniya and Bajwa. Pavaniya family’s elder son Charan wants a son desperately so that he remains the head of the village to maintain peace and happiness. Whereas, his younger brother Jagan wants to become the head of the village to fulfill his revenge with the arch rival Bajwa family. The story brings many emotions linked with hatred, enmity, revenge, forgiveness and joy.


The show will be a mirror to the ongoing issues with a girl’s birth in a conservative family. Charan gets shot by his rival Harjeet Bajwa. The twist of fate affects Amba, who again delivers a daughter. In order to fulfill Charan’s dreams, she lies to the family that she gave birth to a Waaris/a heir of Pavaniya family. Amba determines to maintain peace in the Pind, just like Charan always dreamt. Amba’s struggle to fulfill Charan’s dreams and hide her daughter’s truth will form the rest of the story.

Main Characters:

Charan Panaviya:waaris3

Charan is the elder son of the Pavaniya family. He is the heir of the family and is crowned the Shah/head of the Pind. Charan always tries to maintain peace and prosperity in the village. Charan stays with his Biji/Deena Pavaniya, brother Jagan, wife Amba and his two daughters. Charan believes in non violence. He has belief that a true man is the one who knows to protect his family, rather than showing off power and killing other’s family. Charan is loved by everyone, but is often humiliated by his family for not having any son. Charan loves his daughters and also maintains the fact that if he gets a son, he would be able to retain peace in his village.

Amba Pavaniya:waaris2

Amba is Charan’s wife. She is his moral support. She always makes him take the right decision. She has been a strength for him always. She is proud of be Charan’s wife. She respects Charan as he is a peace lover and honest man. Amba went through constant pressure to deliver a male child. That made her lie to everyone about she gave birth to a son. She is forced to make her girl child live a son’s life. Amba lives with her ethics and portrays a strong mother.

Lala ji:waaris20

He is the head of Bajwa Family. He wants to end the rivalry with Pavaniya family by forgetting the past incidents. Lala ji joins hands with Charan to retain peace and brotherhood in the village. Lala ji is a good hearted man, and holds much power in his hands. His son Harjeet is a peace breaker and often creates troubled for Bajwa family. Lala ji wishes all the fights in the village to end soon. He regrets for Charan’s dad’s death happened many years ago.

Jagan Pavaniya:waaris18

Jagan is Charan’s younger brother. He is power hungry and wants to become the Shah of the village. He wants to fulfill his revenge and settle scores for his father’s death. Jagan believes in violence and is always on toes to kill rival people. Jagan likes to show off power and believes he is the real man of Pavaniya family. He sides with his mother Deena always. Jagan stays with his wife Raavi and a son.


Mohammed Iqbal Khan as Charan Pavaniya
Aarti Singh as Amba Pavaniya
Sania Touqueer as Manpreet Pavaniya
Mukesh Khanna as Lala ji
Anand Suryavanshi as Harjeet Bajwa
Akshay Dogra as Jagan Pavaniya
Swati Bajpai as Raavi Pavaniya

Story So Far:

waaris10Amba dreams that everyone is pressurizing for a male child and wakes up by the scary dream. Then happens the Pavaniya family’s introduction. Amba is seen taking care of everyone. Her mum in law Deena/Bebe talks about the two enemy clans Pavaniyas and Bajwas. Amba fails to live upto the expectations of the family who wants her to give birth to a son. Amba, who is pregnant for the third time is assumed to give birth to a daughter again, just like she gave two daughters before. Amba is saddened by the constant taunts by everyone. His sister in law Raavi has a son and feels very lucky.

waaris7Amba is certain that she will be giving birth to a son this time. Nekiram tells everyone about the prosperous harvest this season. Jagan’s entry happens and his flirtatious side is shown. Charan gets dressed as Shah ji. He thanks the farmers for their hardwork. He promises the farmers about giving their wages in the evening. Charan’s big heart and good behavior with everyone is seen. He wishes all a Happy Baisakhi. Jagan meets Amba on the way and later drives her to Charan. Charan is pleased to see Amba and hugs her. Jagan is unhappy seeing Charan’s kindness towards the farmers.

waaris12Jagan asks Charan to rule as Shah ji and use all his powers. Jagan feels that the Bajwos will take advantage of his kindness. He alerts Charan not to get friendly with Bajwas. Charan announces the fair to celebrate Baisakhi and invites Bajwas there. Charan takes Amba through Bajwa’s fields. Charan is surrounded by his enemies, who insult him badly. Amba shows her strong side and defends Charan. She tells them that Charan is a man of power as he wants peace and end all the fights, Charan wants to protect families than killing others.

waaris34Harjeet Bajwa insults Charan by making him dress up in Amba’s jewelry. Charan bears everything to maintain peace. When Harjeet orders his man to take away Amba’s dupatta, Charan loses his temper. He starts beating them to save Amba’s respect. Harjeet’s father Lala ji arrives there and scolds his men for insulting Charan and Amba. Lala ji apologizes to Charan and accepts his invitation to the fair. Charan reaches the fair and asks Amba not to tell anyone about the incident.

waaris19Jagan gets the news of Charan and Amba’s humiliation and rages. Charan and Amba lie and dismiss the news. Jagan gets angry seeing Lala ji and Harjeet coming there in the fair organized by Pavaniya family. Charan and Lala ji talk peacefully. Lala ji faces Bebe’s wrath and bitter words. Bebe curses Lala ji for killing her husband. She wishes to see Lala ji’s family dead.

waaris21A kabaddi match is announced between Jagan and Harjeet. Harjeet tries to overpower Jagan and humiliates him. Jagan makes Harjeet bite the dust and wins the game. Jagan dances with his wife Raavi. Just then, Jagan gets the shocking news that Bajwas burnt their fields and harvest. Jagan breaks this news to Charan. They all rush to see the burning fields.

waaris24Jagan gets raging seeing the field burning down to ashes. Charan shatters seeing the entire harvest burning. Jagan decided to kill Bajwas and ruin their fields. Charan stops him. This leads to an argument between Charan and Jagan. Bebe cries seeing the harvest ruined. Jagan does not stop and rushes to take revenge from Bajwas. Jagan goes to burn Bajwa’s house. Harjeet celebrates Pavaniya’s destruction.

waaris26Lala ji slaps Harjeet and locks him in his room, so that Jagan does not kill Harjeet. Lala ji does not wish Jagan and Harjeet fight and make the matter worse. Bebe is angered with Charan and his peace talk. She asks Charan to kill the Bajwas if he wants his mother’s dignity to remain intact. She curses him to die better than joining hands with her enemies. Charan gets emotionally hurt with Bebe’s bitter words. He asks Amba where did he get wrong.

waaris27Amba consoles Charan and asks him to be strong. Amba makes him wear Shah ji’s Pagdi. Charan decides to take up his position as the Shah ji again. Charan stops Jagan and tells his village people that he will seek police for help. Police refuses to help Charan, saying about the crimes Jagan did till now. Charan announces that he will pay all the farmers who have lost their harvest.

waaris32Jagan gets angry seeing Charan’s foolishness and prepares for a big fight with Bajwas. Charan tries to stop the violence and follows Jagan. Jagan goes to open the dam water into Bajwa’s fields. Charan stops Jagan and shuts the dam valve. Harjeet gets news about Jagan and arrives there. Charan pleads to Harjeet to maintain peace in village. Harjeet shoots Charan down. Charan takes his last breath.

Our Take:

waaris1Waaris gives the earthy feel of the pind locales. Everyone seems to be perfectly sketched in the story. All the characters are played by well cast actors, who are good in form. Iqbal Khan and Aarti Singh portray their roles flawlessly. The show gives you a Hindi film feel. It has everything packed so well that raises interest. The show has heavy dialogues, effective performances, full on drama and lots of earthy action. All this comprises a perfect blend by getting the fine actors in a social cause drama around a girl’s birth.

waaris17Waaris has a different concept, which is seen on Indian telly after a long time. It maintains the same intensity of drama in every episode. Iqbal Khan rocked the screen with his powerful presence. With his character Charan ending in first week itself, Iqbal definitely took the show to great level by his acting prowess. The story is weaved beautifully. Every scene would win your heart. The show looks very promising. A good attempt by And TV.


waaris15Viewers can find a good change by watching this show. The concept is very fresh. It is better than long running family dramas and supernatural conceptual shows. Waaris will truly win your interest. A thorough family entertaining show.

Our Rating:

4 out of 5

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  1. Really wish this show stays as good and has rocking run! Has a crisp story so far and a strong concept!

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