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The Episode starts with Sukhi asking Mannu to come and dance. Mannu dances and takes a dupatta. Suraiyya comes and gets worried. She thinks she was fearing for this, Mannu is getting attracted to these things, I have to tell Amba. Amba comes home. Suraiyya says I was going to find you, Mannu is playing with dolls, doll marriage is going on inside, his heart is wanting to do all this, this is age to know things, Simran studies in high school, her books will have body parts pics, if Mannu sees those pics, he will understand and raise questions in mind, tell him before he knows on his own, think will Mannu forget you, you are his mum, if you tell him everything by explaining with love, he will not feel bad.

Amba says you know the result will be bad. Suraiyya says bad is happening with Mannu, tell

him truth else I will tell him, I won’t let him get worried. Dhaniya hears them and says I was thinking right, this boy is not as world sees him, he is not a boy. Suraiyya asks Amba to do this, its imp. Amba says maybe there is someone. Dhaniya goes. Suraiyya and Amba do not see anyone. Amba says I felt someone is listening our conversation. Suraiyya says Mannu is at this phase, where anyone will hear it or know, say truth to Mannu, so that he can help you, if you try to hide him, people will ask questions, if any question gets in his heart, your lie will hurt him, it won’t be good. She goes.

Amba sees Mannu dancing with everyone and wearing dupatta. She calls him out. Mannu gets shocked. Raavi hears Amba and says what happened to her now. Amba scolds Mannu and asks him to come with her. Dhaniya comes and says he is a kid, let him play with all kids at home. Amba recalls Suraiyya’s words. She sees Raavi behind and leaves. Dhaniya asks Mannu to play, I will play with you, all kids will play. She gives him dupatta. Mannu and everyone dance.

Mannu goes to storeroom and keeps dolls. Amba looks for him. She sees him hiding something in storeroom and asks what are you doing. He says nothing. She sees the dolls and gets angry. She asks whats this. Mannu says I like doll. Amba says I told you not to play with doll, can’t you obey me, you did not agree to me. He says I like to play with doll, so I did this, you always stop me, you don’t let me do what I want, you don’t understand, I will do what my heart wants. She angrily slaps him and says you like doll right, I will show you. She throws dolls in the well and asks him to do what she tells him. Mannu cries. Amba goes.

Dhaniya sees this and thinks don’t know how much will his mum make him cry, she is not understanding Mannu, he is alone, if I get him to my side then it will be good. Dhaniya asks Mannu why does Amba do this with you, its just kids toys. Mannu hugs her and cries.

Bheeru talks to Amba and says he felt to let Mannu and Sukhi play in the doll marriage, I did not know Mannu will stop agreeing, its my mistake. She says no, its my mistake, its our world, not world of a 7 year old kid, he is very small, he does not know why his mum lied, his heart is of a girl and will wish to do this, I also wish to make him ready as a girl, but I have kept a stone on my heart, Suraiyya maybe saying right, I should say truth to Mannu. Bheeru says this will be right, Mannu can live openly, but what will we do of Daima, I met her, she feels we moved her from hospital as we don’t have money for treatment, she said she will tell Mannu’s truth to everyone so that Lord makes her fine. Amba says I don’t want this truth to come out infront of the world, this should be secret. He says I will go to Daima tomorrow. She says you have to go to city for work, your work should not stop, I will manage.

Its morning, Mannu is annoyed with Amba and goes not greet her. He leaves for school. Bheeru asks Mannu are you angry and annoyed with Amba. He says you will feel Amba does not love you, she gets angry for some reason, she will tell that to you one day, you will love her even more. Simran asks Mannu to come.

Amba sees Charan’s Kalgi and thinks she can’t sell this in village, jewelry will not identify this in city, this is Charan’s last sign, but maybe I can save my children by selling this, this is last way to get Daima’s treatment done and hide Mannu’s secret.

A man Ramakant is a drama teacher and tells Simran and Raman that he has come to direct the play. Simran says I can’t do this play. Ramakant asks why. She says my mummy has sent me to school to study, if I do this, I will get away from my aim, I did not do friendship with anyone. Raman says tell him that you have problem with me, she is having enmity. Simran says its not like that. Ramakant says stop it, this is part of school course, so Simran’s request is not accepted, and Raman keep this Shah ji at home, this won’t work here. He goes.

Amba says its less rate, its costly. The man says I agree, but I can give less rate if you keep this mortgaged, I will give good rate if you sell this. She says fine, I will sell it. He gives her money. She says no, I can’t sell it, sorry. She leaves.

Dhaniya meets Mannu at the shade. She asks are you sitting alone, for whom are you waiting, you are angry, what happened. Mannu says its because of my mumma, she has thrown my doll and scolded me. She says mummy did wrong, come with me, I will take you to place where you get all answers, my mummy did same thing and I went to that place, come with me. Mannu agrees to go. Raj comes and asks Mannu where is he going. Mannu says I m going with Dhaniya. Raj asks her to go later, its time for us. Dhaniya gets angry and says Mannu, I will become your friend. She goes. Mannu tells Raj that he is upset because of Amba. Amba apologizes to Daima. Daima says I want to tell your family member this truth. Amba cries and signs no.

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