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The Episode starts with Bebe holding Mannu’s hand. Mannu gets shocked. Jagan comes that way. Mannu cries and takes hand away. He hides. Jagan comes inside room and gets shocked seeing medicine bottle gone. He calls Sushila and asks her about the injection bottle. Mannu hides under the bed. Sushila asks why are you shouting. He asks about the medicine, its not here, I told you someone came, Raavi shut door and windows, Mannu is here. Sushila says calm down. Jagan says if I don’t get the medicine, I will kill Amba and her family, Mannu did this. Mannu keeps bottle. Sushila says see its there near your feet, I told you.

Jagan laughs and says you say we are seeing what he is seeing, I told you I want the medicine, see how it came near my feet, how did this happen. I will show you, it happened because

Mannu is hiding here. He looks under bed and does not see Mannu. Sushila says you are seeing his ghost, where is he. Mannu jumps down the balcony and runs.

Swaroop scolds Raman for getting mad after Simran. Raj comes there. Swaroop explains Raman that they can never get friendly with Pavnaniyas. She leaves. Raj tells Raman that plan will get spoiled if you don’t give letter to Papa ji.

Amba asks Mannu does he really feel Bebe is unwell by that medicine. Mannu says yes, I was getting medicine today, we could have given it for tests, but Jagan came. Sushila comes there with tiffin and says Amba and Mannu will not get saved by my plan, truth will come out. Amba says Sushila can’t do anything, we have to get that medicine tested soon.

Sushila comes to them and they get shocked. Sushila says she got tiffin for them. Mannu goes and hugs Sushila, saying you are so good and take care of us. He says I don’t want Jagan to scold you, if he knows you got food for us, he will scold you. Sushila says no, keep it, he will not know. Mannu refuses. She asks him to take it. Gunjan shouts to Mannu, and asks why are you refusing to Sushila. Sushila asks Amba to keep food, if Bajwas sent food once, its not necessary they send food every day, you should not believe enemies.

She says I know you told that to Jagan in worry, its not true. Gunjan takes tiffin from Sushila and says we all will eat. Mannu says no. Gunjan says I will eat the food. She sits to have food. Mannu says Raj will get food. Sushila asks Amba is this true. Gunjan tells Amba about the food. Mannu runs to stop Gunjan. Gunjan shouts stop it, we know nothing will come from Bajwas, we are dying here by hunger, you are stopping us, let me eat food. Sushila smiles. Swaroop comes and stops Gunjan. Sushila gets shocked seeing Swaroop. Swaroop says sorry kids, I got late, see I got food for you. Amba and Mannu get shocked.

Swaroop asks Gunjan to have food made by her Bua. She says sorry Parjai, I got late, Harjeet went to city to gets weets for you, see. Sushila gets shocked. Swaroop says I was ready, and waiting for him, Harjeet likes Amba a lot. Mannu packs Sushila’s tiffin and returns it. Swaroop asks Amba to have sweets. Sushila gets angry. Mannu says Harjeet has sent food for us, I don’t want Jagan to get angry on you. Sushila goes.

Swaroop says Amba you said right, maybe I don’t want to help Pavaniyas, I hate Jagan, whats wrong, you are fighting a war, enemy’s enemy is a friend. She asks Mannu did I say right, Mannu is doing a big work. Gunjan says yes, mummy is insulted because of Mannu, he found good way to get mummy’s respect back. Amba asks Gunjan why is she saying this.

Mannu says Gunjan is saying right, but I can just say that don’t leave supporting us, we can become something if we are together. Raman goes to Harjeet. Harjeet is drinking and asks did you come to fight with me. Raman says Amba has sent a letter for you. Harjeet gets shocked. Raman says yes, here it is. Harjeet gets angry and says Amba will ask for help. He throws letter. Swaroop comes and Raman signs her to see fallen letter. Swaroop asks Raman about Amba’s letter. Raman says Papa ji has thrown it. Swaroop says this is difference in men and women, men are more foolish, if bird is coming to get trapped, Harjeet is making her fly away, I would have used this letter and get powers from Pavaniya, everyone knows Amba has Shah’s powers, what can we do. She jokes on Harjeet and asks Raman to come. Harjeet picks letter. Swaroop and Raman smile.

Sushila goes to Bebe and says I m trying to make my daughter Shahni, your grandson is failing me. She says I want to make Jagan Shah, he will lose again, no…… She takes a knife and says I will kill you, then I will see how Mannu saves you, how Amba gets saved by this blame, how she gives powers to Bajwas, everyone will see my Leela now.

Amba says meeting Harjeet at night, I can’t do this. Mannu says this is only way. Sushila says Amba and Mannu are ruining my dreams. Jagan says I told you about it, see what I do now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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