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The Episode starts with Bebe telling Raavi that Bajwas tried to kill Mannu. She praises Amba and says you gave good reply to Bajwas today, you showed you are tiger’s mum. Amba goes to her room and cries hugging Mannu. She wipes her tears and goes to terrace. She leaves Mannu. Bheeru comes there and asks what are you doing, Mannu just got saved from death. Amba says stop, Mannu has no rights with her, I m her mother, I know whats good for Mannu, let Mannu cry if she wants to live as helpless, she won’t be left alive, its important that weak words are not used for Mannu, did you not see how Mannu was attacked, who did that, Bajwas or Pavaniyas, Mannu can’t be helpless girl, she has to become son, people say sons are strong, I will make her strong, I have to do this, let Mannu cry now. The people wait for

Jagan and miss Charan, as Charan used to pay all their loss. Nekiram tells Jagan that everyone is asking for more money.

Jagan asks everyone to home and rest now, they have to start work in fields tomorrow. He asks Nekiram to fire the laborers who want more money, its loss and they will get less money, its their wish to sit at home. Amba comes. The men greet her with respect and ask about Shah Mannu. They all give fruits to Amba and complain about Jagan giving them less wages, Charan used to pay full amount. Amba says Charan used to pay for loss too, why is Jagan cutting wages now. Jagan gets angry.

Amba says farmers can take this decision in Panchayat, I have trust on Panchayat, they will decide. The farmers leave. Its morning, Jagan goes to Panchayat. The man says we are needed here, as you can’t take decision of Shah ji. Jagan smiles and says then call Shah ji, we will see what happens. The man laughs and says Shah can’t decide now, but his mum can decide. Amba comes there. Jagan gets shocked. The man tells Amba that Panchayat decided that till Shah does not get capable to take decisions, till baby grows up, Amba will take decisions on Shah’s behalf. Amba says my husband was the Shah, he would have not cut farmers wages, my decision is also same, their wages will not be less, they will be paid full. The farmers get happy. Jagan gets angry. The men cheer for Shah ji. Amba looks at Mannu.

Later at night, Amba sits and recalls Mannu. Waaris…….plays…………. Amba sings and makes Mannu sleep.

After 5 months, Harjeet is bidding for the land. Jagan comes there and bids high. Jagan shows the papers with Amba’s sign. Harjeet laughs and says it will be a woman’s sign, as women are doing all the work in Pavaniyas. They all laugh. Jagan fumes. The man says Jagan’s village is progressing, what are you then. Harjeet says tell them Jagan, that you are servant of women. He laughs and asks Jagan to keep his name Jugni, maybe he can become something of Pavaniyas. Jagan gets angry and beats Harjeet. They have a fight. The man asks them to stop the fight, else he will cancel everything. Jagan and Harjeet stop the fight as the bidding officer goes. Jagan says I will see you Harjeet. Harjeet asks him to leave.

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