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The Episode starts with Yuvraaj coming to Amba. She says I called Mannu, you leave from here. He goes. He gets a call from a man who calls him to meet. Gunjan asks whose call was it. He says it was blank call. Raj says I don’t think Yuvraaj is a nice boy, he has seen Bebe walking on road before all of us, but he did not help her. Mannu says no, this can’t happen, maybe you are mistaken, Yuvraaj would have not seen Bebe, he is a nice guy, he stays with me, I have to support him, I don’t want Jagan to get any chance to hurt Yuvraaj.

Yuvraaj is on the way. An old man stops him and says Charan can’t do any wrong thing, you can’t be his son, you are cheater. Yuvraaj scolds him and goes. The old man calls him liar. Raj looks on. Yuvraaj gets angry and hits the man with head. Raj thinks my doubt

was right, Yuvraaj is not a nice boy. Yuvraaj goes. Raj thinks to find out truth. He misses Yuvraaj.

Yuvraaj meets someone and says Mannu is helping me, he will make me Shah. Amba sees some food left. Raavi comes with plates. Raavi says I made food for Jagan and Sukhi. Amba asks what about us, you just cooked for yourself, food is made for everyone, who told you to cook, I was going to cook for everyone, wait, its not right to have food separately, even if there is annoyance, food should not be cooked separately. Raavi says when Bebe throw Jagan out, did you call him home to have food, now you are saying this, I cooked food, whats the big thing. She says Mannu will not become Shah. She goes.

Bebe looks for wine bottles. Amba comes with food, and says I have thrown all bottles, I will not let you drink poison, have food. Bebe says I m drinking poison of Mannu. Amba says then go and tell everyone. Jagan comes with wine and says Charan ruined our family name, so wine is needed to forget that sorrow. Yuvraaj comes and argues with Jagan, saying Charan did no do anything wrong, you are wrong, you are giving wine to Bebe knowing she is unwell. Mannu looks on. Jagan scolds Yuvraaj and pushes him. Bebe gets angry. Jagan says I m your son Bebe. She says I don’t need anyone, get out.

Yuvraaj asks boy to give chit to him, he will give it to Mannu. Yuvraaj reads chit from Raj. Raj complains about Yuvraaj. Mannu comes. Yuvraaj hides the chit and asks whats Yara da adda. Mannu asks why. Yuvraaj says you went to meet Raj, I did not tell anyone, if I have to reach you soon, where will I find you. Mannu tells address. Raj waits for Mannu. Yuvraaj comes there. Raj asks where is Mannu. Yuvraaj scolds him. He says I read the letter, I will show your place. He scares Raj. Mannu talks to Simran. She says Bebe looks better today. Mannu says yes, she felt bad when Jagan scolded Yuvraaj, she will accept him as heir. She says you think everything can get fine. He says yes, Yuvraaj is a nice boy, he can become Shah. Raj crawls to get his walking sticks. Yuvraaj beats him. Raj gets hurt. He warns Raj not to come in his way. Yuvraaj sees that man and says you here, don’t worry, everyone will be with me, just one step, all game will end.

Yuvraaj wins Bebe’s sympathy. Sushila asks Jagan to do something to stop Yuvraaj. Mannu stands against Amba to make Yuvraaj as Shah. Amna says Yuvraaj is nothing for us. Mannu says Yuvraaj is better than Jagan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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