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The Episode starts with Amba telling Bebe that Resham has fed poison to Mannu. Bebe asks Hakim to save Mannu, he is the Shah. He says Lord is the Shah, I don’t believe anyone else, go out, just baby’s mum will stay here, baby has less time. Amba asks Bebe to go out. Bebe and Bheeru go out. Hakim starts treating Mannu. Amba, Bebe and Bheeru cry. Hakim makes some herbs powder and applies on Mannu’s chest. Amba worries and prays. Mannu is still unconscious.

Raavi is at home and stays with Amba’s daughters. Jagan comes home and asks about everyone. Raavi says everyone is gone, its just me and my Shah. They smile. She holds his hand and takes him to room. She calls him Shah and says I killed Mannu, see this Shah’s kada and Pagdi. She makes him dress as Shah, and smiles seeing much jewelry. She

says all this will be mine, where were you till now. He lifts her and says if I came early, I would have taken Mannu to hospital, now Mannu will have poison spread in body and won’t survive. She calls him smart. They smile.

Amba tells Hakim not to give her false hope if her baby can’t survive. Bebe cries and waits outside. She says its going to be morning now.

Jagan comes there. Bebe sees him. Jagan asks what happened to Mannu, my car broke down and I reached home late, Raavi told me everything, how is Mannu. Bheeru says his state is same since night. Jagan says lets take him to hospital. He gets shocked hearing Mannu’s cry. Amba, Bebe and Bheeru get glad seeing Mannu fine. Amba hugs Mannu and shows Bebe. Jagan gets angry and asks them to come out, I m waiting outside. Hakim says someone fed poison to baby while feeling milk, baby has returned from death. Amba and Bebe thank Hakim for saving Mannu’s life. Bebe goes. Hakim says it’s a baby girl. Amba and Bheeru get worried. Hakim gives medicine to Amba and says you can feed your milk after few days by taking these medicines. She thanks him.

Amba goes out to Jagan and tells him about Resham, who has fed Mannu the poison. She asks him to take him to Resham, I got Mannu from death, I will not leave her. Bebe says even I have to meet her, she cheated me and backstabbed me, she broke my trust, I promised to give her everything and she did this. Jagan worries and takes them. He wakes up Resham’s father in law and alerts Resham. He asks them not to make a sound, and gives money, asking her to run fast. He tells the man to tell them that Resham met Bajwas yesterday. Bheeru comes there. Jagan sees Bheeru and beats the man, asking about Resham. He says you will give poison to Mannu. The man apologizes to Bebe.

Bebe says I trusted you, tell me why did you do this. The man says my bahu did this, she met Harjeet Bajwa before going to your house. Jagan smiles. Bebe and Amba get shocked. The man apologizes. Amba goes and stops Lala ji and Harjeet on the way. Harjeet asks her to go and die if she has sorrow to become widow. Lala ji scolds Harjeet. Amba tells Lala ji that Mannu was attacked at night, I got to know who did this attack. She looks at Harjeet and says I don’t know its true or not, Harjeet did this or someone else. Harjeet laughs. Lala ji asks Harjeet what did you do this. Harjeet asks will I try to kill this baby, and laughs. He tells Amba that the day I have to kill your baby, I won’t give you chance to talk. Bebe and Bheeru come there with Jagan. Amba scolds Harjeet and says if you think to do this again, I will kill you.

Lala ji says I don’t know who attacked the baby, if Harjeet did this, he would have boasted about it in the village, he will not deny it, you are the one who can save this baby from everyone, think about my words. He signs towards Jagan. Lala ji and Harjeet leave. Jagan comes home. Raavi sees Jagan and smiles. She asks is everything fine. He asks her to see there. Amba and everyone come home. Raavi gets shocked and asks did Mannu survive….. Bebe and Amba look at her shocked reaction.

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