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The Episode starts with Simran getting shocked seeing Raman. He says you said we are enemies, so I have come in enemy’s area. He gives his hand and says I came to do friendship. She asks why did you come. He says because you did not come to school. She asks will you enter my house if I don’t come to school. He says yes, maybe. She says you are Bajwa, you came in Pavaniya house, if I give a call, they will kill you. He says fine, I will tell them, if I die, maybe you will get peace. She says no, listen and gets up. She falls down and Raman gets shocked. Everyone hear Simran’s scream. Chandar asks is Simran fine. Bebe says yes, her foot is hurt, but she is fine. Chandar asks shall I go and see her if you permit.

Raman makes Simran get up. He holds her in arms. They look at each other. Bolna mahi

bolna…………..plays………….. Chandar says she is my would be wife, if I don’t care for her, who will care then. Jagan signs Bebe and says he is right. Bebe says fine, go. Chandar says I will go and see. He goes upstairs. Amba feels angry.

Raman flirts with Simran, calling her a candle and himself a fly. He says I came to tell you, that I love you. She looks at him. He smiles. Chandar is reaching her room. Simran asks Raman to go. Raman says I won’t go without getting your answer. She says you go, else they will kill you. He says I don’t care and does shayari. They hear footsteps. Chandar comes to the room and holds the door. Simran sees someone outside. Chandar opens the door and gets in. Simran gets shocked seeing Chandar. Raman hides. Chandar smiles and shuts the door.

Chandar says you did not come to sit in my car, I thought to meet you in your room. He stares at her. He says I heard your voice and came here, you don’t care for me. He sees her foot burnt and holds her foot. She gets ache. He says you did not tell me about this burn wound. She sees Raman hiding outside the room. Raman thinks who came, I can’t see or hear anything properly, Simran may fall in problem because of me.

Chandar gets close to Simran. Amba enters the room and asks is everything fine Simran. Chandar gets away and says you should have told me about Simran’s wound, I can’t bear to see her like this, I don’t like any stain on her. Chandar says we will go downstairs, you came to say this, don’t explain now, you don’t trust me, if you dislike me, why don’t you tell Bebe, you stay silent. Chandar goes. Amba thinks don’t know what will Chandar say downstairs. Amba leaves. Simran shuts the door. Raman comes to her. She asks why did you not go. He asks who was he. She says anything would have happened, you think this is joke, this revenge is not a game, keep your heropanti to yourself. He holds her hand and says I came to tell you that I love you, I know you too love me.

She gets her hand away and says I saved you for humanity, don’t get mistaken. He says this is first step of love to see enemy as human, one day you will know what your heart wants, I will wait for that day. Mahi bolna……………plays…………… He leaves. She cries.

Chandar tells Bebe that he wants to ask something. Amba looks on. Chandar asks do you all like me, I mean its no pressure. Jagan says what are you saying. Bebe asks did Simran say anything. Chandar looks at Amba. Bebe asks him to say did anyone tell anything. Raavi says don’t get shy, tell us. Mannu comes and says I m saying this, this man is not a good person. They all get shocked. Amba asks Mannu not to talk like this, don’t you have manners, apologize. Mannu says my sister can’t marry a bad man, she can’t marry anyone, she is not 18 years old. Jagan says I will beat you. Amba asks Mannu to say sorry, else you will get slap. Chandar says let it be, don’t scold him, he is little boy, we did not get friendly yet. He twists Mannu’s hand. Amba sees this. Mannu looks at her.

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