Waaris 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Chandar keeps his conditions

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The Episode starts with Mannu fighting with Chandar’s men. Raj comes to save her. She gets shocked seeing him fine. She kisses him. He says I got fine, a beggar lady has fed me medicine. She cries and thinks Maa has done this. She ties chunri to him. They beat the men. Mannu holds Raj and says we will never get separated. She asks who took you out of hospital. Raj thinks you can’t bear Amba’s truth, she made me our of the hospital, I don’t want to hurt you more. Chandar’s man takes a sword. Someone shoots him. Mannu asks who was it. Raj says I went out to find you, forget it, we are together. They hug.

Amba gets Gunjan home. Aman takes her. Jagan and Chandar come to taunt. Amba asks Chandar to get out, before she throws him out. Chandar says then even you are culprit, you have thrown

Raj out, if he dies, you will be called his murderer, if Preet knows this, will she stay with you. She asks what proof do you have, I didn’t do anything. Chandar says every crime has a proof, someone to find should be there. He shows the pictures. Jagan jokes. Chandar says Raj would have died till now, you made Mannu a widow like yourself, don’t worry, I have changed, your truth won’t come out. Amba says I m not scared of your threatening, I did this with Raj, as he did this with everyone. Chandar says fine, we will go, if Preet knows you have thrown Raj out to die, will she see your face. Jagan says Preet…..

Amba sees Mannu and Raj. Chandar hugs Raj and says you have come, you changed the game, where were you, you got saved from us, it will be fun now. He asks Amba what happened, is she not happy, welcome Raj. Mannu takes Raj. Chandar says congrats Amba ji, Raj got saved, did they hear everything, they looked angry, Bajwas are mean, Raj will take Mannu away, just I can help. She asks him to stop drama and say what does he want.

Chandar says sarpanch election is going to happen, I have saved everyone’s lives, so I should become sarpanch, you have to keep Preet away from my way, its good for us, you will get your daughter back from Bajwas, think and tell me. He leaves. Amba thinks of Raj. She goes and sees Mannu taking care of Raj.

Mannu sees Amba. She asks how dare Chandar come here. Amba says same way like Raj came here. Mannu says Raj is my husband, he is son in law of this house, what’s Chandar’s relation with this house. Amba says your senses got ruined in Raj’s love, the villagers’ life was in risk because of Raj, Gunjan’s baby died. Mannu and Raj get shocked. Mannu runs to see Gunjan. Raj goes after her. Aman gives medicines to Gunjan. Gunjan cries. Mannu hugs her. Amba comes and drags Raj out. She scolds Raj. She says I told you don’t come to my house, you stayed here, I will not leave you today. She slaps Raj. Mannu stops her.

Amba asks Chandar to make Raj fall in Preet’s eyes. Chandar asks her not to worry, he knows what to do with them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Boring….????

  2. Very boring, just going in circles. Writing is very bad.

  3. Worst serial
    Specially amba character feel like kill her she is such a cruel person ….

  4. Bansari Patel

    How can amba do this to her own daughter?

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