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The Episode starts with Sushila asking Jagan why is he worried. Jagan says did you not see what items Harjeet got for Amba, he threatened me when he lost tender, that he will prove my lie about Amba true, he said he will get Amba on his side, he is doing that. She asks did you see dog. He says you made me duck and now dog. She says its easy to explain. She says how dog does when you kick him, become a big dangerous dog instead a puppy.

She says you are thinking what Mannu wants, how can you do this. He says I trust Amba, but not Harjeet, no one from Pavaniyas will help Amba, some Bajwa did this, he will help when Harjeet agrees, if Amba melts seeing her children hungry. She says just focus on your mum, I m sure its not true.

Its morning, Raj, Raman, Mannu and Simran meet in school. Raj

says we have to make my dad sure that Amba likes him, how will we do this. Mannu says we will do that, leave it on me, I will take Sukhi’s help. Sukhi sees Mannu and Raj together. He says we are enemies, how are they together. Mannu makes Sukhi hear them. Mannu says we all will have icecream together, see Simran and Raman are also together. Raj says we will be like brothers. Mannu says yes, I will share everything with you. Raj says yes, all family together. Sukhi says Mannu, I m your brother, take me along to have icecream. Mannu says no, we can’t take any enemy, your Papa made us out of house, so you are my enemy. Raj says Mannu is going to become Bajwa, you are Pavaniya, you are my enemy, go from here. Sukhi goes. Mannu says he will help us. Raj says now Sukhi will tell Jagan, but how will my dad come to get icecream for us. Mannu says he will come when he knows Raman is helping Simran, this plan has to workout. They all leave from school.

Sukhi goes home and says I want to have icecream. Jagan calls him mad. Sukhi cries and says Mannu and Raj are going. Raavi says he fooled you, he has no money. Sukhi says no, Raj’s Papa is getting icecreams for them, everyone will go there. Jagan says who told this to you. Sukhi says I have seen Mannu and Raj talking, they said just family is going and I can’t come. Jagan asks Sushila did she hear this. Sushila says no, I can’t believe that Harjeet and Amba can unite. Jagan says we will go and see, its small thing. Sushila says I think Mannu is fooling you, have rest, take this lassi, there is nothing, trust me.

Harjeet asks Raj why did you get me here. Raj shows the piggy bank and says I have saved money in this and want to buy something for my hero. Harjeet asks which hero. Raj says you are my hero, I have seen a beautiful pagdi for you, Mannu’s Papa’s Kalgi is on it, it will suit you, I want to show my hero to everyone. Harjeet gets pleased and asks do you want something. Raj says no, I came here with you for the first time, I don’t want anything else.

Harjeet lifts him and drops him down the car. Amba asks Mannu why did you get us here. Mannu sees Raj and Harjeet coming. He says you said yes for our plan. She asks what plan. He thinks it will be in trouble if Jagan does not come.

Sushila says Mannu is fooling me. Jagan asks her to understand. Mannu asks Amba are you ready. She asks what are you doing. Mannu puts her dupatta inside the sugarcane juice machine and asks Amba to shout for help. She says I can get this out myself. He asks her to shout. Amba shouts for help as Mannu and Simran ask her to shout. Harjeet sees Amba. Mannu signs other man not to help Amba. Sushila and Jagan come there and see them. The man greets Jagan and asks what happened, shall I help.

Harjeet says mad Pavaniyas. Mannu says someone help. Is there no man in this pind? Raj says my dad is hero, he does not want to stain hand by helping Pavaniya, there is no one better than him. Mannu says people have to help others to become man. Harjeet says stop it and goes to help Amba. Harjeet stops the machine and holds Amba’s dupatta to pull it out of the machine. Jagan and Sushila look on.

Sushila says how can this happen. Mannu says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Amba says lets go home. Mannu makes her fall. Harjeet holds her hand. Harjeet and Amba see each other. Jagan and Sushila get shocked. Amba sees the Kalgi on Harjeet’s Pagdi. Mannu signs Raj. They both smile. Amba goes with Mannu and Simran. Simran asks Amba to turn back and see Harjeet. Amba refuses. Mannu asks Amba to see atleast Raj, Harjeet has lifted him for the first time. Amba turns and sees Raj. Harjeet also turns and sees her. Sushila and Jagan get shocked. Amba says what are you guys making me do.

Jagan says how dare Harjeet did this. Sushila asks him to call Amba back home. Amba leaves. Jagan stops Amba and says you showed your status, is there any shame or not, you are doing this with Harjeet in the middle of the market. Mannu thinks I did not think that, what will mummy do if Jagan reacts like this. Amba says why are you having a problem, its happening which you told the entire village, I have nothing to lose, you have made me reach this place, I will do anything to raise my children, you have no right to say in between. Mannu says you can’t talk to my mummy like this, our relations ended after you made us leave from the house, you don’t have signing authority too, if you want that rights, call panchayat and say anything you want. Jagan fumes.

Amba asks Mannu to promise to bring Charan’s Kalgi back. Mannu promises to get Kalgi back. Sushila asks Jagan to kill Bebe. Jagan gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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