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The Episode starts with Bebe asking Amba where did she go. Raavi says Amba lied hat she went to Jasbir’s house. Amba asks why is Raavi asking her. Raavi says Jasbir’s mum died yesterday, so where did Amba go. Bebe says I did not know this, did you go there in these clothes. Jagan comes and asks Raavi to get water. Raavi says I feel Amba is hiding something, from where is Amba coming. Amba gets thinking. She asks did Jasbir’s mum die yesterday, we should have gone there. Bebe asks where did you go. She says I went to other Jasbir. Jagan murmurs Amba is cleanly lying. Raavi asks Amba to think well, else she may need to change words again.

Jagan scolds Raavi for questioning Amba, stop it fool. Amba thinks what happened to Jagan, he is saying from my side. Bebe asks Ravi to get a kinner and

ward off bad eye. The eunuchs slap the evil eunuch Dhaniya to kidnap the kid and get her here we take kids who is like us, but with parents permission, you defamed our community, Suraiyya take the kid to his family. Suraiyya leaves. Dhaniya says I will get more kids, then my value will increase.

Mannu asks Amba can I go school alone. Amba says no, don’t be adamant. Bheeru says let him go, don’t scold him. Mannu says I can take care of myself if I can save Simran from Chandar, I will go with Simran and take care of her and myself. Bheeru says I think Amba should agree. Amba says fine, Mannu will go and come with Simran, else I will send Bheeru. Mannu smiles.

Raavi is upset as Jagan scolded her and cries. He hears FM. She says you can’t hear me now. He pulls her in lap and says Amba did not go to Jasbir’s house, she went to hospital to see an ill person. Raavi says you did not support me knowing this. Jagan says Bebe hates the untouchable disease stricken people, Bebe hates such ill people, think what can be big lie, I have seen Harjeet Bajwa. Raavi asks is she having affair with Harjeet, since when. He says no, its nothing like that, I know Amba since childhood, she can’t do this. He says you are praising Amba. He says think if we make such fake story of Amba and Harjeet’s affair, what will happen then. She says Bebe will make Amba out of this house. Jagan says I will raise another question of Mannu’s birth, if Bebe believes this affair news, she will believe that Mannu is not Charan’s son, but Harjeet’s blood, then see Amba will go along with Mannu Shah. Raavi smiles and says you are great. Jagan says then just I will remain, this is called big lie. She says understood.

Gunjan plays with a doll. Amna makes Mannu ready. Mannu turns and sees the doll. Amba asks what are you seeing there. Gunjan asks for new bridal dress for doll, I will do her marriage. Amba says yes, I will get everything. Mannu says I will also come. Gunjan says boys don’t play with dolls. Mannu says I want to play with doll. Amba saks Mannu to play his game. Mannu says I wish to play with doll, buy a doll for me. Gunjan laughs. Amba says its not for boys, you play with gulel. Mannu says but I wish to. Amba scolds him. Mannu and Gunjan leave. Amba says Mannu will wish to play with doll as she is my daughter, but I have to keep Mannu away from all this, I have to keep him just as a boy.

Simran is in her class. Teacher asks the girl to read Mirza and Sahiba’s story. The girl does not read well. Teacher asks Simran to say Sahiba’s lines. Simran says the lines. Teacher says great, you will play Sahiba’s part in this play. Teacher asks who will read Mirza’s lines. The boy recommends Raman as he is hero and plays flute also. Raman comes. Teacher asks Raman to read Mirza’s lines. Raman reads the lines. Teacher smiles and says great, you will play Mirza’s part. His friend says setting, Sir made Simran Sahiba. Raman asks are you mad. Simran and Raman refuse to do their roles. Teacher jokes I will ask my mum and dad to play roles. He says its decided, you can talk to principal. Simran leaves.

Raj and Mannu meet at the shade. Raj gives him dolls. Mannu gets happy and likes the dolls. He asks how did you know I wanted to have dolls. Raj says you told me you want to play. Mannu says its pretty, Amba tells Bebe that she will come till 6pm. She leaves. Raavi and Jagan sign each other. Ravi says whom does Amba meet everyday. Bebe does not answer. Raavi says I know Amba was lying that day. Bebe gets angry. Jagan stops Bebe and asks Raavi is she doubting on Amba, I was so little when Amba came home, I can fight with her, but I will not hear anything against Amba. Raavi says I mean its woman’s heart, Charan died many years ago, loneliness will be troubling her. Bebe asks are you mad, I will not leave you, jealous woman. Jagan says don’t listen to Raavi, I know Amba, she will not do anything wrong, she knows meaning of being elder bahu, Raavi is mad, I will see her, you sit there.

He shows the hospital pic and says I want to have Charan’s status when we make a hospital, we will name hospital on Charan, we will have one room on our name, I have much work, I will come till evening. Bebe gets emotional. He signs Raavi and goes.

Harjeet asks Raj are you mad, to make questions on my papers, I told you not to touch my papers. Amrit says he did mistake. Harjeet says this was hospital tender papers. Harjeet walks upstairs and falls down. Amrit gets worries and run to him. Raj looks on.

Dhaniya comes to Bebe. Bebe says Suraiyya used to come here, do you know to ward off evil sight. Dhaniya says don’t worry, I will ward off evil sights. Raavi says I like Dhaniya. Bebe says I m getting a grandson. Simran and Mannu come. Dhaniya sees Mannu. Bebe tells Mannu to go and change, Simran will give him food, Amba went out. Dhaniya thinks this boy is here, Lord has send me here. Raavi asks Dhaniya to ward off bad sight. Dhaniya does the rituals. She sees Mannu going.

Mannu goes to storeroom and plays with the dolls. Simran goes to Mannu. He hides the dolls. Dhaniya goes to see him. Simran asks what are you hiding. Mannu shows dolls and asks will you not tell mummy and Gunjan, they will scold me, I like all this, mummy says girls play with this, not boys. Simran hugs Mannu and says I won’t say anyone. Dhaniya says he plays girls’ games with dolls, I have to tell Champa that his mum lied that she gave birth to a son.

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